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5 Reviews of the Best Minimizer Bra With Lift or Strapless

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Looking for the best minimizer bra? Here are five reviews of the best ones that have a lift and are strapless.

Looking for the best minimizer bra? Here are five reviews of the best ones that have a lift and are strapless.

Top Minimizing Bras: Give Yourself a Lift

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced any of these scenarios:

  1. You find a shirt that fits perfectly, except the buttons are popping off.
  2. You notice permanent grooves in your shoulders where your bra straps reside.
  3. You feel frustrated that you don’t feel comfortable wearing certain styles of clothing because of your ample chest.

If any of the above sound familiar, you must own a minimizer bra. No, scratch that, you must own more than one. This little feat of architecture will save you a whole lot of grief when getting dressed (and it just might be your dream bra).

So, What Is a Minimizer Bra and What Will It Do for Me?

Simply put, these bras are designed to manage your breasts and make sure they behave. They function on the simple idea of redistribution. This bra is not going to squash your cleavage, nor leave you breathless; it simply directs your assets towards your chest rather than away from it. You see, most bras are designed to do the opposite—to push breasts forward and lift them up. But if you have an ample bust, you don’t need to worry about doing that. What you need is help with management so that the girls don’t take over the show and decide which outfits you’re wearing.


Wearing a minimizer bra can actually change your silhouette. The Best are designed to reduce your bust by one full cup size—which translates to your silhouette being a full one inch smaller. They will create a streamlined effect, making your clothes fit better—no more button gaping! They will also make you appear slimmer—reducing some of the bulk attached to your chest. Plus, are designed to be comfortable; they’re available with and without underwire, and usually feature a strong back clasp and easy-on-the-shoulders straps. Convinced? Let’s take a look at a few.

1. The Best For Comfort & Coverage: Vanity Fair Smoother Minimizing Bra Review

Supportive, comfortable, smooth… the Vanity Fair Smoother is one multi-tasking bra.

It features molded cups designed to lift and shape your bustline, yet still give a natural look. The cups are lined for full coverage in the event of—shall we say—chills. The Beauty Back also has a perfectly smooth cup so you can wear it under any type of clothing, even t-shirts. Another reason this bra earns its ‘smoother’ name is the wide back band, which is smooth and eliminates the dreaded "back rolls."

Above all, this minimizer bra is best known for comfort; it is completely wire-free, which is great if you dislike underwire. The straps are wide, offer a bit of stretch, and are completely adjustable—not stopped halfway like some undergarments—which is a really nice feature for flexibility. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and most focus on how comfy the bra is—it is quality at an attractive price. Definitely worth trying!

2. Best Minimizing Bra With Lift: Glamorise MagicLift Support

If a bra that lifts is a top priority to you, consider the Glamorise MagicLift Minimizing Support Bra It is designed to do three things: lift, separate, minimize.

This bra sits higher up on the chest, and keeps your assets lifted and out front, yet under control. Keep in mind, this bra doesn’t work well with low necklines—so plan your outfits accordingly. But it will make your chest look great and reduce your bust by at least one cup size. MagicLift bras are designed with a unique "criss-cross" design that is meant to lift and separate all at once.

The best thing about this minimizer bra with lift is the wire-free construction thanks to an inner-bust band—that provides all the support you need without sacrificing comfort.

The cups are not molded but rather lined with cotton; the straps are wide, cushioned, and positioned to take strain off your shoulders. The back features a sturdy 4-hook clasp.

Overall, this is a hardworking bra that will keep your assets at attention. If you need further proof, just glance over the hundreds of great reviews. This bra is Glamorise’s number one seller; that says a lot.

3. Celebrity Favorite: Wacoal Elegance Hidden Underwire—A Sexy, Superstar Performer

No minimizer bra roundup would be complete without a Wacoal.

This has long been regarded as the top brand in this category; so good, in fact, that it has been featured by both Oprah and The View as the best reducing bra.

Wacoals are on the pricey side, but for good reason; investing in one means treating yourself to quality, comfort, and style. The brand offers several types of undergarment but my favorite for this round up is the Embroidered Underwire Minimizer, which is both beautiful and performs perfectly.

This bra does have underwire, but it is hidden—sandwiched between interior layers so it promises not to dig in. It is not lined. It is lacy. In fact, looking at it you’d never guess that it is designed to wrangle a substantial bustline. Yet it gets spectacular reviews for doing just that—all while looking pretty. You really can’t go wrong with a top Wacoal minimizer bra—treat yourself!

4. Your Go-To Favorite, Bali’s Best: "Passion For Comfort" Seamless Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali is the other brand that has earned a name for itself as a maker of top minimizer bras.

The Seamless is a perpetual favorite—and for many well-endowed women it is their staple undergarment—reliable, comfortable, and goes with anything—the perfect T-shirt bra.

This bra does have underwire, yet it is extremely comfortable. It provides great lift and support and is made of extremely soft fabric—and better yet, it’s tagless. The cups provide full coverage along with the comfort of a soft lining. My favorite thing about this bra is that it looks like a regular, comfy bra—not armour.

To top it off, this minimizer bra with lift is quite inexpensive—definitely a staple piece.

5. A Strapless/Convertible Bra To Best Control Your Tatas: Lilyette Tailored Minimizing

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a great strapless bra - and here is the ultimate strap-free option. The Lilyette Tailored Minimizer offers unprecedented support and control, along with comfort and versatility.

This top strapless minimizer bra is known as a ‘convertible’ because it comes with optional straps that can be worn in halter, criss-cross, and demi-styles. But most women hail it as the perfect strapless - no easy feat for a bra designed for large busts! This gravity-defier manages to lift, separate, and reduce your chest—all while avoiding the dreaded uni-boob. It gives full-cup coverage and passes the ‘bounce’ test with flying colors.

A surprising feature of this bra is its comfort level. Despite the underwire, many women report it as being the best, most comfiest minimizer bra they’ve ever worn—and many love that the strapless design means they don’t get shoulder strain. It is made of smooth material with the perfect amount of lining - not enough to add unnecessary padding, but enough to provide coverage under clothing.

A 4-hook-and-eye closure makes The Lilyette reliable under any circumstances; and it does not slip, thanks to a silicone "grip" lining the inside of the lower band and the top edge of the cups. Many reviewers note a visible reduction of 1-2 cup sizes—in that regard, it’s likely the best strapless minimizer bra on the market.

Overall, this unit is comfy, versatile, supportive, and keeps your assets under wraps while still providing that curvy silhouette you love. It’s a must-have for any well-endowed woman.

A Great Selection Of Minimizer Bras - Worth The Effort

When all is said and done, buying a minimizer bra is much like buying any other undergarment; there’s no perfect fit across the board. I encourage you to first get yourself properly measured; then, try out a few bras (remember, you can always return them if purchasing online) and see which ones fit best. It’s worth the effort; a minimizer bra will certainly change your feelings about getting dressed, and if it makes you feel comfortable and confident—well, that’s priceless.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on minimizer bras and these brands—have you tried any? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Do you have a favorite to recommend that I haven’t mentioned here? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


Jennifer Kessler on October 02, 2018:

Love the Lilyette Tailored Minimizing for its support and surprising features. Thanks for your tips! Another Lilyette minimizer bra that works is the Lilyette Enchantment Three-Section Unlined Minimizer Underwire Bra. Check it my 10 top picks for more details

MizBe on October 17, 2016:

I took your poll and said I'd never worn a minimizer, but then I discovered that I own the Wacoal. A friend of mine bought a known minimizer and she looked like she was wearing a wrong-size bra (not good), so I swore I'd never own one. I do like the Wacoal Hidden Elegance, though.