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Why Do People Wear Crocs?

Crocs helped me alleviate foot pain I was dealing with, and I own 15 pairs.

Get a load of these bad boys, literally.

Get a load of these bad boys, literally.

Are Crocs Good For Your Feet?

My first pair of Crocs were the clunky ones most people are familiar with. My husband thought I could use them while gardening and brought them home to me. I wore them around the yard and occasionally out when running errands.

They weren't very fashionable, and I really didn't like the way they looked, but I did like the way they cleaned up, and I didn't have to worry about dirtying other shoes. I now keep them by the back door and appreciate that they are there ready for my feet at any time.

Crocs Brought Me Pain Relief

A few years later, I started a new job where I was on my feet a lot. As an elementary school librarian, I am on my feet all day. With 6 classes and a large room full of over 10,000 books, I am constantly on the move.

This fact didn't sink in until I was gifted a Fitbit and saw that I always walk a minimum of 6,000 steps each day at work! Over time, I had gotten into the habit of wearing flat shoes, including flip-flop type shoes when weather permitted.

After a little over a year of this, my feet began to hurt terribly. It felt like the tendons that stretched from my heel to my toes were torn. I found it very difficult to walk by the end of each day at work and each morning when getting out of bed as well.

I began to research what could cause this and concluded that I had plantar fasciitis. I tried to do stretches, taped my feet and bought inserts for some of my shoes. These things all helped but only temporarily. Then one day, I wore a pair of flip-flop Crocs I had purchased that I really liked. I hadn't worn them since the summer before at a time when I wasn't having foot pain. That day my feet were comfortably happy. I couldn't believe it! When I got home, I took my comfy Crocs off.

My feet began hurting almost immediately, so I put my Crocs back on and wore them around the house that evening. Since that day, I have purchased as many Crocs as I could find in different styles and at low prices. I was really surprised at the variety of shoes available and even more surprised by the low prices I found on Amazon.

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Are Crocs Good Shoes to Buy?

Now 15 pairs of Crocs later, I have learned a few things that will help you in your quest to buy comfortable shoes that can be worn all day and leave you pain-free. There are so many pluses to owning Crocs besides the ones I have mentioned already:

  • They are light-weight, easy to pack, and amazingly easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are hard to damage, will last for a very long time, and are affordable.
  • The most surprising plus though is the wide variety of designs there are to choose from. From casual to elegant, simple to glitzy, and bland to colorful, they're all here

How to Shop For Crocs

The following tips are sure to help you in your quest for Crocs, so don't wait.

Crocs Are Not Consistent in Size

My true size is a 6 but depending on the Croc, I can wear a 6 or a 7. I always read the comments about the shoes before I order them online. If they run small, I order a 7. And if they run large, I order a 6. If they run wide, I don't get them because my feet are very narrow.

All of My Crocs Are Super Comfy (Except For One Pair)

This one pair has a hard sole and doesn't seem like a Croc at all. I do love the design of that shoe, so I was disappointed in this shoe's lack of comfort.

Crocs Are Expensive Stores

They are normally $40 and up. Even the Croc outlets are expensive. The best deals are on Amazon. There are several companies selling Crocs on Amazon, so the prices are competitive. I have purchased a pair of Crocs for $7 before! They still had their tags and were brand new in the box. The only trouble you may run into is the availabilities of your size. I recommended waiting it out and checking back every few days when your size is not immediately available; the sizes usually come available over time.

Yes, you can absolutely work hard and play harder in Crocs.

Yes, you can absolutely work hard and play harder in Crocs.

Do Crocs Come in Flip Flops?

I now own several pairs of Croc flip-flops. I am actually getting rid of all of my once beloved Nike flip-flops as they are flat as a board. Personally, with the plantar fasciitis, it is absolutely necessary to have the arch support the Crocs offer or I experience ongoing pain. So here are the facts about my favorite Croc's flip-flops that I now own:

  1. My all-time favorite pair of flip-flops are the Crocs Sanrah Circles. These are the perfect design for dressy or casual wear; they literally go with everything. I love the height of the wedge and they fit my feet perfectly. I could wear these all day and night and never feel the least bit uncomfortable. They come in espresso/walnut, black/graphite, navy/smoke, oyster/chai. The heel measures 2 inches high.
  2. My second favorite pair of flip-flops are the Crocs Capri Shimmer. These are extremely cushiony and comfortable! I love the way they look with summer dresses and glitzy tops with jeans. Add some silver jewelry and the shimmery look is a hit! This style of Croc comes in black and silver with shimmer detail.
  3. The Platform flip is a great height and yet super casual. They do run short in length. The size 6 is a little bit short on my foot, leaving my heel edge slightly past the edge of the flip. I did not return these though as the rest of the flip fit me perfectly and I feared that the larger size would be too wide. These Crocs come in black and bronze and are 1.5 inches high.

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