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Cute Boots for Skinny Calves

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Mary likes to share her beauty and fashion finds for her body type.

The Solemani "Gabi" is one of the tightest-fitting riding boots I've found.

The Solemani "Gabi" is one of the tightest-fitting riding boots I've found.

Handpicked Styles for Thin Legs

Like many women, I love shoes—and boots in particular. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pair. What makes the quest challenging is that although I run a few times a week and try to build some muscle, my calves remain chicken-leg scrawny. Their circumference at the widest point is a bit shy of 12 inches. Most knee-high boots, by contrast, are sized at 14 or more inches around. So they flop around on me in a way that's appropriate for, say, a fun pair of wellies, but not for styles meant to be snug.

Several years of online research tell me I'm not the only woman with this problem. There is a small but determined sisterhood of scrawny-legged women on the web. Unfortunately, many recommendations run toward the fiscally impractical, like four-figure Chanel, Prada, or Jimmy Choo boots. I can't spend a month's mortgage on boots, and if you can't either, you've come to the right place.

I've done the legwork (so to speak) and found an array of styles to fit slim calves on a non-millionaire's budget—though, unfortunately, truly modest pricing in a slim shaft boot is extremely hard to find, as mid-priced to upscale labels, for whatever reason, cater much more to thin-legged shoppers.

Boots Made of Stretchy Material

Stretchy leather or faux leather, suede, and fabric boots generally have a smaller circumference. They rely on their give to accommodate a range of sizes, which is helpful for legs on both ends of the spectrum. I've owned four pairs of stretch boots and found them cute, comfy, and versatile.

The Pliner Nellie

This pretty boot measured 14 inches around at the very top, but only 12 3/4 inches where my leg is fullest. Hard to do much better than that.

This pretty boot measured 14 inches around at the very top, but only 12 3/4 inches where my leg is fullest. Hard to do much better than that.

The Solemani Gabi

The Solemani Gabi is one of the snuggest-fitting boots I've tried.

The Solemani Gabi is one of the snuggest-fitting boots I've tried.

Solemani is one of only two brands I know of that have produced a specifically labeled "slim calf collection" of boots, aside from custom bootmakers. May they inspire others to do the same! Their Gabi riding style (pictured above) was a winner for me in terms of calf circumference. And now there's the Gabi 2!

The Aquatalia Oralie

The Oralie on my 11.9-inch legs—pretty, no?

The Oralie on my 11.9-inch legs—pretty, no?

While not specifically "slim calf," Aquatalia boots tend to run quite narrow, and every year this brand offers a few styles with a small base circumference and some stretch to accommodate average-sized legs as well.

I loved the Chanel-like quilting on the Oralie Equestrian Boot pretty boot—and of course its slimness. A very elegant choice, and weatherproof, too. It's perfect for wintertime.

In love with Aquatalia—arguably the most consistent slim-cutting bootmaker out there—but can't stomach the cost? Most of this brand's styles are weatherproof (check the description to be sure), so much like a stylish down coat, a classic leather riding boot could function as your fall/winter one-and-only shoe. No need to buy wellies or snow boots, all you need to buy is a $10–$20 fleece boot liner.

Lace-Up Riding Boots

Tighten to your heart's content with lace-up styles. The extra minute it takes to tie them up is worth it for a custom fit, although some of them have zippers on the inside for a speedy custom fit. Make sure to check that the lace-up boot also features a narrow calf circumference, and you shouldn't even have to tighten them all that much. Lacing can only go so far if the circumference is large, so if your gams are quite thin, avoid styles over 15 inches around, or you might get some gapping.

The Mullen Spice

The Mullen Spice on me. So comfy, so cute.

The Mullen Spice on me. So comfy, so cute.

Like lace-ups, these are adjustable for a custom fit. The buckles also add a bit of edge that can be very appealing. Some of these also have quite narrow calf circumferences to begin with.

Buckles enhance so many styles, from classic riding boots to trendier moto styles. I'm happy to see brands known for comfort and durability (e.g., Clarks) offering thin calf styles.

Non-Stretch, But Slim

Not everyone wants a wide swath of their boot shaft dedicated to stretch fabric, no matter how stylish the overall shape. The problem is, it's very hard to find non-stretch designs that hug our skinny gams, but I have found a label that does this well.

La Canadienne makes stylish and waterproof boots that have earned quite a following among thin-calved ladies. "A great fit for chicken legs!" cheers one reviewer, with others seconding her impression. Most styles will break the $300 mark, but for a good fit, it might be well worth a try.

Having road-tested the La Canadienne Sandra, I can vouch for their versatile, comfy beauty. The calf in my size was a bit bigger than listed (so am assuming the listing is for a smaller shoe size than my 8).

In addition to the sleek Sandra, look for the Paige, Galaxy, May, Stefanie, and Passion styles.

How Snug Should They Be?

  • Not so snug that you can't fit tights, jeans, whatever you plan to wear under them.
  • At least 1/2 inch larger than your calf circumference to allow for jeans or tights.
  • Very snug if they are sleek and especially high-heeled boots.
  • Not especially snug for slouchy styles.
  • For "tougher" styles like motorcycle or combat boots, you can go either way.

The Frye Taylor

My Frye Taylor cowboy-style boots.

My Frye Taylor cowboy-style boots.

Above are my 11.9-inch calves in 13-inch-circumference Frye Taylor boots. So this is what an inch (almost on the dot) of space looks like over skinny cords. With skinny jeans, they'd be a bit tighter. Wearing a dress or skirt, they will be a bit looser, but the one inch of space does look good with any of these options. I personally wouldn't go with less than a half-inch of space, which for me would be a 12.5-inch boot circumference.

Budget-Friendly Stretch Boots

On a shoestring budget for footwear? The BCBG Jericho is going for under $100 in some sizes!

This simple, budget-friendly style is 13.75 inches at the midcalf measurement, which makes for a nice fit, but in my size (8) it was over 15 inches at the opening. So keep in mind what you'll wear with these.

Skinny Calf Rain Boots

So here's the deal with wellies—these boots aren't supposed to be fitted. They're supposed to flap around on your legs and it's cute. But with many rain boots measuring 15 inches or more around, if your calves are very thin, the flap factor can be extreme. Basically, you want about one to two inches of space around your calves for a cute rain boot fit. I've been pleasantly surprised with the thin calf wellies available.

Just in time for September rains, I grabbed the Kamik Heidi in glossy black. I have to admit the teal appealed, but I figured the black is a bit more versatile. The gray would be perfect too if it weren't sold out in my size—funny how a matte gray rain boot seems kinda sad but when glossy it's chic.

My tape measure says these are more like 14 inches around than the advertised 13.5 inches, but a wellie looks cuter with a little breathing room. And the extra couple inches around my just-under-12-inch calves distribute fine; it's only really noticeable when I'm sitting down.

There are pull tabs at the back, but they're quite tiny, so I probably wouldn't recommend this boot for calves much over 13 inches. I'm gonna miss my decade-old green Hunters, but they were always ginormous on my legs, giving me a noisy gait that was a little too noticeable at soccer games! Plus, I personally find the slightly shorter shaft on the Heidi more flattering than the tall Hunters, which never really worked with skirts.

Kamik Brand Rain Boots

Kamik brand makes some lovely waterproof smaller circumference rain boots. Look for these online.

  • Kelly: Fleece-lined for winter months.
  • Annabel: A houndstooth print.
  • Cynthia: A floral print.
  • Naomi: Cool solids.

Made-to-Measure Boots

UK-based DUO is well known in the scrawny-calf community for offering boots you can customize by calf size. Choose from more than a dozen boot styles in 21 calf sizes, most offered from 30 centimeters (about 11.8 inches) up to 50. DUO's stores are in Britain, but the company now offers free shipping worldwide. The only drawback is the price. It's not a month's mortgage, but a bit splurge-ish at $250 to $400 a pair.

About $400 USD will also get you a beautiful custom pair from the Canadian company Poppy Barley. I've seen very few reviews and stories about this brand, but you may find it worth exploring.


I was intrigued by a tip from one skinny-calf sister who says she always buys vintage boots, and they fit great. I'm kind of assuming you'd need to seek out styles from the 1970s or earlier for a significantly narrower fit than we find in today's marketplace. It's definitely worth a look on eBay and Etsy. Happy hunting!

3-in-1 Thigh-High to Mid-Calf?

The ultra-slim, sleek celeb cult classic Stuart Weitzman 5050 can be folded from its over-the-knee style to create a knee-high or even mid-calf look.

Even as is, the 5050 streamlined riding boot is classy enough to convert even an over-the-knee-allergic boot lover like me. (Think prosecco with Clooney, not Jell-O shots with Kid Rock.)

I've seen the circumference listed anywhere from 12–14 inches, but if they fit Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, it's a safe bet they'll work for most of us. The price is rough for all of us without Jolie-level income, but (silver lining) you can find savings online at different retailers.

I called and asked Stuart Weitzman about folding down the 5050, and a very courteous customer service rep said it can be done but might not be as aesthetically pleasing as going with the shorter, but otherwise identical Mezzamezza boot, which he said "measures in at about 12 inches" around the calf.

What If I Can't Find Any Boots That Fit Perfect?

Found your perfect pair of boots, but they're too floppy? Contact a cobbler about narrowing the calves. I haven't done this personally, but I know it's possible, but it may be a bit pricey.

Some Skinny Calf Boot Options

Aquatalia Deliver

DV Tison

Madden Reggo

Ralph Lauren Rossalyn II

Aquatalia Orso

ECCO Saunter GTX

Mia Bold

Sesto Meucci 81207F

Aquatalia Unity

Enzo Angiolini Zareh

Mia Ursela


Aquatalia Wasabee

Eric Michael Shannon

Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe

Steve Madden Candence

Ara Frances

Frye Carson

Miz Mooz Kelsey

Stuart Weitzman Grounded

Ara Tilly

Frye Chelsea Riding

Miz Mooz Oakley

Stuart Weitzman Halftime

Arturo Chiang Celeen

Frye Sabrina Inside Zip

Modern Vintage Diana & Olympia

To Boot Avery

BCBG Erinn

Isola Claris

Naughty Monkey Risk It


Bogs Alex II

Joan & David Zadarah

Nine West Elspet

Under & Diane Styles

Coclico Otto

Kors Arley

Not Rated Shast

Vaneli Rian & Vimy Styles

Coclico Seaghan

KORS Porter

Paul Green October

ZiGiny Knowing

I'd love to hear about your dream boot—whether you own it or are still in coveting mode. Special thanks if you find a cute one around 14 inches! Please share your finds here.

Questions & Answers

Question: My calf circumference is 11" at a stretch. Stuart Weitzman seems to be my only option for a minimum of a $500 boot. Are you aware of any other vendors that make a boot with a more narrow shaft?

Answer: If you want a truly fitted calf, you may have to consider lace-up styles, where the full-back or side of the boot laces up for a custom fit. (I'm talking about true functional laces, not just decorative.) Bed Stu and Sofft are two brands that have offered that type of boot before and may still. The Sofft Sharnell, in particular, has answered many thin calf prayers :) Sometimes La Canadienne, Cole Haan, and even Frye have narrow-ish circumference boots, as well as Aquatalia. (But Aquatalia is in the same price range as Weitzman.) The knee-high version of the Vagabond Amina boot is worth a look as well. (I've got pumps by that label that I love.)

Question: I need skinny calf boots that are sexy, with a heel, but walkable, any ideas?

Answer: Try the Jeffrey Campbell Hot Lava boot for a block heel with a touch of curve to it. Dress up or down and look fierce!

Question: Has anyone found narrow calf boots in colors beyond black and brown? How about pink boots?

Answer: The pink boots of your dreams could be the Comess by Silent D, which also comes in green, coral and an animal print, as well as basic black and tan colors.

Question: Do you have an update on slim calf boots?

Answer: Yes, I have a more upscale and a more budget-friendly recommendation for slim calf boots this month: the Vince Nella in buttery soft leather and the Doric boot by Soda in faux leather. Happy new year to all!

Question: What boot would you recommend for 13.5 calf, narrow ankle and foot with a bunion?

Answer: Bunion would require more of a roomy, rounded foot than almond shaped right? Check out the Sofft Sharnell, a favorite for many. Its latest iteration is the Sharnell II, but that looks identical (or close to it) to the original Sharnell. Frye boots, too, sometimes feature a rounder foot shape.

Question: Where can I find a narrow-calf high heel boot with a circumference of 13-14 in.?

Answer: A 14-inch circumference is easier to find than a 13-inch one. Some suggestions in your circumference range are the Lamari by Bandolino, the Rochelle by Solemani, the Elena by Linea Paolo, and the Parker Moc by Frye. If you've got big bucks to spend, Stuart Weitzman and Aquatalia always carry narrow-calf high-heeled boots. The Aquatalia Rumba was made famous by its high-profile, slim-legged fan Kate Middleton and is still floating around in limited size and color combinations, now under the name "Rhumba 2."

Question: What about boots for those of us with a skinny calf AND a very narrow (AA) width foot?

Answer: Unfortunately, as hard as it is to find skinny calf boots, it's even harder to find skinny calf boots in AA width. Stuart Weitzman is the only brand that comes to mind. I'll keep my eyes open for more and post if I find any.

Question: What about those of us with skinny calves AND narrow feet? Stuart Weitzman works but doesn't make waterproof boots. And it's impossible to find rain boots.

Answer: I've found Michael Kors boots to run narrow sometimes in the foot, but perhaps not *extremely* narrow, if that's what you need. Maybe try on an MK pair next time you're out shopping, just to see.

Stuart Weitzman always has at least a couple of narrow calf styles on offer, and if you find that brand works well for your foot width, my suggestion would be to choose leather, not suede, Weitzmans and give them a good massage all over, before first wear, with something like a Frye Conditioning Cream or Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam. I've used both of these successfully, many times, to make smooth leather boots & shoes more water resistant. Essentially these treatments help raindrops bead on the leather, buying me enough time to get indoors and wipe it dry, minimizing further damage.

I remember asking a Weitzman store clerk about this at one point, and she suggested just using a drugstore brand waterproofing spray. That could work too. I just prefer the feel and, by far, the smell of the Frye cream & DM balsam. The sprays tend to provoke my chemical sensitivities, though airing the boots outside post-spraying can help. (Not that I'd want to leave Weitzmans outside for long, lest they walk away with the wrong owner!)

For rain boots, I'm partial to Kate Spade brand, and I've more or less given up on full-length rain boots unless they lace up for calf adjustability. My Kate Spade rain boots are somewhere between ankle & midcalf height on me and don't look too sloppy despite the extra circumference space. I also love my UGG brand duck-style rain shoes, which eliminate the skinny calf issue entirely. Not sure if either of these brands would be narrow enough in the foot for you, though.

For a very affordable option, you could try the Kamik Ellie rain boot. I've not tried this firsthand but have seen reviews claiming a snug calf fit -- probably slimmer than Hunters, at least.

Question: My calf measures 14” -- but I need a rounded toe and want (boots) to look nice with skirts and jeans. I’ve bought and sent back no less than 1/2 dozen pairs in the last few years. Any suggestions?

Answer: A 14" calf is actually within normal range, so not my area of expertise, I'm afraid. A nice boot I saw recently that might fit your needs, though, is the Gentle Souls Ella. It's quite pretty and could be dressed up or down.

Question: I have a 12 inch calf and a 14 inch shaft. I want a good looking riding boot that fits to my leg and hits where it should right below the knee. Any suggestions?

Answer: Hmm, the 14-inch shaft is a challenge. That's shorter than almost all riding boots I've tried. Two to check out are the Bos. & Co "Rebel" and the Toni Pons "Tacoma" -- but both may still be too tall for you. Most riding boots have a 15.5- to 17-inch shaft. You could look at "midcalf" styles that might be closer to knee-high on you, but most of these will be too short. I'll keep my eyes open and circle back if I find anything.

Question: Any new boots with narrow calves to check out for the holiday season?

Answer: The Louise et Cie Tiley comes in a really pretty eggshell color as well as black. Louise et Cie is an offshoot of the Vince Camuto brand, apparently.

Question: Any new thin calf boots for fall 2021?

Answer: Good news: the Kenneth Cole Levon looks like it has a pretty narrow calf!

Question: Can you please help me find a 4"+ utlra-high-heel women's boot with a calf circumference of 13 1/2" and a 12" shaft height; in a size 6, 6W or 6.5; in black, espresso or brown?

Answer: Wow, that's tough. The Chinese Laundry Everley style meets some of your criteria but not all. (It's a hot boot, though, so you might want to check it out anyway) There's also the Cambridge Select Women's Stretch Mid-Calf that is perhaps worth a look. Solemani might run too narrow in the calf for you, even in the relatively small 6-6.5 size range you requested. Still, you might want to see if Solemani has a stretch style that could accommodate your 13.5" calf and wouldn't be too tall for you, in terms of shaft height.

Question: How about a boot for calves 14 inches, but feet on the wide side? I don't need a true wide, just something that runs wider.

Answer: Well, 14 inches is a pretty standard calf size, so you should have tons of choices on that. You just need to look for a brand that runs wide or offers wide-foot sizing that isn't too extreme. I would look into Naturalizer, maybe Clarks. Another tip, though: About 4 years ago I invested in a wood-and-metal shoe stretcher from Amazon, and boy has it been worth its weight in gold. For boots, it only really works for full-zip ones where you can easily access the foot part -- if that makes sense. But I've used my stretcher for MANY shoes and boots that, before stretching, painfully pinched my wonky right-side little toe. This has rescued a bunch of fave footwear from the Goodwill box.

Question: What are some slim calf boot styles for 2021?

Answer: A reader asked for this update a while back; sorry it's taken me a while to respond! I recommend checking out the Solemani Venetian, Valent, and Gabi styles; the Lanie from La Canadienne; and from Cole Haan, the Isabell, and the Lexi Grand Stretch. If anyone has found additional in-stock styles very recently, please post here to let us know!

Question: What are some more thin calf boots for 2021?

Answer: The Kenneth Cole Levon looks very promising! Also check out the Volatile Chellin boot, the Blondo Gallo Waterproof, the Seychelles Itinerary, and the Steve Madden Dexie.

Question: Every boot you recommended seems to be no longer available or sold out. I’ve used your links and have also google-searched the brand/style. Any suggestions for up-to-date, available options?

Answer: So sorry I haven't had a ton of time recently to update. I recommend you take a look at the Solemani Venetian, Valent, and Gabi styles; the Cole Haan Lanie, Isabell, and Lexi Grand Stretch; and the La Canadienne Lanie. Please let me know if any of these work out -- or if you've found another slim calf boot you love!

Question: Have you tried secondhand boots?

Answer: Yes! I got a steal of a deal on some super narrow calf boots by Prada, made in Italy and of indeterminate year, from The Real Real. I also have a rugged pair of Fryes from ebay that I love. But for an abundance of gently used/like-new, high-end skinny calf boots, my top recommendation is probably Poshmark. In a 10-minute browse just now for Aquatalia boots, inaffordable for most at retail prices, I found a ton under $100: A size 6.5 Rhumba (Kate Middleton's fave, retailing $695) in great shape for $99, a barely used size 7 Oralie for $79, a new-without-tags Florienne, size 10.5, for an outrageous $55--and many more. A couple sprays of disinfectant inside the boot and you're good to go!

Question: Which boot would you recommend for less than 12-inch circumference and skinny ankles?

Answer: In my experience, the Solemani brand of boots is a good fit for both skinny ankles and skinny calves.

Question: Are there any new narrow calf rain boots?

Answer: I should have known about these already! The Hunter Refined boot is made with a slimmer calf than original Hunters and, from the videos I've now watched, looks great on thin legs! It still has room for a cozy, warm sock you'll need for early spring in most parts of the country. A caveat: these rain boots for small calves are described as being made of thinner rubber than the traditional Hunters, so if you've got serious wet-weather gardening and other outdoor work to do, with lots of kneeling and bending, they may not be the best choice. Still, I'm glad they exist!

Question: Any stretch boots to recommend?

Answer: Diesel makes chic stretch boots, the D-Venus -- pretty pricey, but look for holiday season sales!

Question: Are there any over the knee narrow calf boots you can recommend?

Answer: Try the Naturalizer Janna, with one caveat: per reviewers, this style may require slim thighs as well as calves, which isn't always the case.

Question: What are your favorite narrow calf boots for spring 2022?

Answer: I'm not even close to being able to afford this one, but the Edie boot by By Far is gorgeous!

Question: I want some pointed toe boots for fall! Which styles are good for skinny calves?

Answer: From Dolce Vita I like the Nathen and Shiren boots. The brand's Solida style might also be slim enough to flatter thin calves.

Question: Regarding cute fall boots for narrow calves, what's on trend for 2022?

Answer: Lug sole boots! Look for lug boots that lace all the way up, for a great fit on skinny legs. The Larroude Lara is a higher-end example, the Charles David Hound is more affordable, or for a truly cheap option try the ASOS Design Connect boot in faux leather plus knit material.

Question: Any great boots for skinny calves in an over the knee style for fall 2022?

Answer: Yes! You've got to be well-to-do for these, but the Simon Miller Hustler features a 12.5" circumference and is super cool and stylish.

Question: Where can I find a knee-high riding boot that really fits?

Answer: I just discovered Adalante for custom made boots! They have 2 classic riding styles, and you can choose from calf circumference Narrow I (10.6 inch to 11.4 inch), Narrow II (11.4 inch to 12.2 inch), Narrow III (12.2 inch to 13 inch) and Narrow IV (13 inch to 13.7 inch). That should cover pretty much every slim calf, right? Bonus: These are are ethically made boots, per the founder, who shares his interesting backstory on the shop's website.

Question: Any slim calf snow boots out there for 2022?

Answer: It's not the most appealing name, but the Original Muck Boot brand Chore style has a 13.5 inch circumference, which is pretty narrow. I'll look for more choices!

Question: Where can I find stiletto-heeled boots for skinny calves?

Answer: Try the Schutz Mikki Up, in three great colors.

Question: I want some white knee-high boots for my skinny calves, any suggestions?

Answer: Yes! You might like the Matisse Ryder, a sleek leather boot with a mildly lugged sole, or the calf-hugging Sam Edelman Lila.

Question: Are there any mid-heel boots for skinny calves you can recommend?

Answer: Try the Franco Sarto Tribute, in several cute colors and textures. The heel is 3 inches, but it's a block style so not too hard to walk in.

Question: What are some vegan leather skinny calf boots that don't look cheap?

Answer: I love the Simon Miller tall boots, both the Scrambler and Mojo styles. The drawback is that they not only don't look cheap but truly aren't cheap. Look for these on sale!

Question: Where can I find cute but cheap boots with small calf?

Answer: Keeping in mind you generally get what you pay for in terms of materials, the Vandal by Dirty Laundry is a fun lace-up style that's been well reviewed by numerous gals with skinny calves. Enjoy!

Question: What about a non-riding-boot recommendation?

Answer: KG Kurt Keiger makes a cool pair of boots for slim calf -- the Trekker. These are described as "sock boots," but the exaggerated treads make it clear these babies are not messing around! It's a fun look to suit the young and young-at-heart.

Also, a thin calf trivia tidbit: Did you know that WW2 era pinup girl Betty Grable had 12-inch calves? Yes, those famous legs, insured (as a movie-studio publicity stunt) for $1 million, were just as skinny as ours -- from the knee down, at least!

Question: Boots for slim calf ideas for the holiday gift season?

Answer: I didn't know clothing designer Eileen Fisher made boots, but her Alas narrow calf boots are a great stretchy knit style with only a 12" circumference!

Question: I'm looking for affordable boots with narrow calves; can you help?

Answer: As of December 2021 these promising picks are all discounted: White Mountain Meditate, Charles by Charles David Guilty, Volatile Midtown and Loeffler Randall Leighton. Good luck!

Question: I need truly narrow calf boots, what's your skinniest recommendation?

Answer: Try the Avigail Super Slim from Solemani, with calf circumferences ranging from 11.5 to 12.25 inches, depending on shoe sizes, or the Solemani Gabi Super Slim. If you need boots with skinny calves in the 12-13 inch circumference range, which is still quite slim, try the Solemani Valencia or another of the brand's styles in "Extra Slim" rather than "Super Slim."

Question: How do stiletto boots work for skinny calves?

Answer: While stiletto boots are not my style, they look great on those with the confidence to pull them off -- and apparently making a comeback, trendwise, for fall 2022. Patent stiletto boots in particular may be having a moment. For a slim calf pair that won't break the bank, track down the Brit by Song of Style.

Question: It rains a lot where I live, any waterproof boots for a slim calf?

Answer: Well, I've found truly waterproof to be elusive, but the Sofft Sharnell is an all-time favorite style of thin calf boots that is now offered in water-resistant leather and suede shades. (I especially love the Coffee and Cashmere ones.) Says a reviewer, "very pretty boot but the shaft is very very narrow, so your calves need to be thin." This is the type of unfavorable comment that is favorable for narrow calf boot lovers -- and it's echoed, more favorably, by other reviewers who tout the customizable fit of this style on their thin legs.

Share your quest...

Mary (author) from Chicago area on October 25, 2021:

Donald Pliner has for many years offered narrow calf boots -- and this season the brand has the Cassidy, with a reportedly 13-inch circumference, and the higher-heeled Expo, with an even smaller circumference of 12.5 inches

Mary (author) from Chicago area on October 18, 2021:

I found a new boots for slim calf source! Check out the Boden Round-Toe Stretch Boot, well reviewed by several slim calf shoppers.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on October 14, 2021:

Solemani now differentiates some of its best boots with skinny calves into "slim" (13 to 14 inch calf circumference) and "extra slim" (12 to 13 inch circumference). This is the case with Solemani's Abigail and Venetian riding boots with narrow calf, as well as their Noosh higher-heeled style.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on October 09, 2021:

New boots with narrow calves:

The Vagabond Edwina is a statement maker, very mod

The luxury-brand Clergerie Octavia and Loanea styles are boots for a very slim calf (and a not-so-slim budget)

Mary (author) from Chicago area on July 17, 2021:

Rain rain go away? If that's not possible, I recommend the Sofft Sharnell II Waterproof, with its lace-up back to customize calf circumference. With narrow calf boots getting harder, not easier, to find in recent years, I'm grateful to this brand for reissuing this style, with the added benefit of water resistance.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on April 04, 2021:

Spring is here, and that means plenty of rain where I live and in many other places! Italian-made Aquatalia boots are still among my favorite weatherproof options, but they are expensive. For spring 2021, it looks like the Ocala and Gracelynn knee-high boots are on sale as of early April. Some online reviews for the Ocala complain about too-tight calves, which is always a good sign for those of us who need thin-calf boots! The Gracelynn appears to have a slightly larger calf circumference but is still worth a look, especially in the gorgeous cream color that is offered along with espresso and black. I hope others will also post their narrow-calf waterproof boot finds!

Nikki Gilbert on December 22, 2019:

There is another option. I have just discovered an online seller - the They make boots to your exact measurements, not only the calf, but also the ankle measurement. You can also choose from a huge range of colour leathers and suede.I have a 12" calf and tiny ankles too. I used to buy from Duo but many of their boots were like wellies because they were huge around the ankles.

The made to measure boots are a bit pricey but great quality. They also have a clearance section where I bought my books - absolutely amazing value. I would definitely recommend the

Arbana on October 25, 2018:

I bought the holly grail of skinny boots around three years ago: VC signature Naya tall boots, 12in circumference, almond toe, low block heel, stretch leather on the back (not fabric), waterproof, warm and luxurious. Sorry for the tease, but they have disappeared and I hope someone at VC is reading skinny legs girls' plea to bring them back. overstock had a taupe pair but not my size.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on May 02, 2018:

Darlene & Cathy -- so sorry I didn't see these comments earlier; there must be a glitch in comments moderation for my articles. I post a ton of reviews, with detailed circumference measurements and on-leg photos, in my blog -- so maybe check that out. Cathy, some of the Frye styles I've reviewed are more Western or "cowgirl," though those styles tend to be a little roomier around the leg than the classic streamlined, equestrian ones. Nicole, I'm sorry I'm not as current on narrow calf wedge boots, which seem harder to come by these days than a couple years ago, but you might want to check out the Lars by Volatile, Mes by Fly London, Blanche by La Canadienne (not a full wedge, but close), and my fave the After Hours Mid boot by Sorel. Darlene, you've got a tricky situation and may need to invest in a shoe/boot stretcher for the footbed, so you can buy a narrow calf boot but get your wide foot. I've had tremendous luck with wooden shoe stretchers purchased on Amazon -- I don't have your fit issue but have my own, with a pesky right foot wider than my left -- but for the stretchers to work with boots, I think you'd need boots that zip all the way down, so you can insert them into the foot. For folks like you and me with fit eccentricities, I can't recommend stretchers enough -- they've allowed me to customize so many great shoes to my feet!

Happy boot hunting to all! Bear in mind that spring & summer are great times to shop for tall boots, as they go on sale in the warmer months before bumping back up to full retail in early fall.

Darlene Deats on February 19, 2018:

I have returned more boots than can count. I need a 14" calf but size 11 wide shoe. I have inserts that I need to put in all of my shoes. Everything!!! that I have seen are wide calf. HELP I do not need wide calf just the shoe.

nicole lee on February 09, 2018:

Looking for mid- calf wedge boots that are narrow

Cathy on January 16, 2018:

I am looking for cowgirl boots with 12 inch circumference I prefer 14 to 16 inch height.

Jackie on December 06, 2017:

Hi Mary,

I loved your article! Just like you I love shoes and have very thin legs so it is very hard for me to find boots that fit! I am 5 2 and wear a size 7. I am looking for knee high boots with a flat 1 inch heel. My calf size is 12". I checked on the slim calf boots website but a lot of the Sole Mani x-small calf are sold out in my size. Please let me know which you recommend!

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 27, 2017:

oops - one more to check out, Lisa -- the Solemani Zipora -- in your shoe size, will probably be about 14.5" tall but is shorter in back than front

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 27, 2017:

Hi Lisa --

Are you sure you want a shaft height of 12"? That's probably going to be more of a midcalf boot on you than knee-high. But maybe that's what you are looking for? Not sure of your budget, but I would check out the La Canadienne Blanche & the Dr Martens Caite. Good luck!

Lisa on October 19, 2017:

HELP! I am looking for black, flat 1", 12.5" shaft circumference (my calf is 12"), and a shaft height of 12" since I am 5' 3". My foot size ranges between 7 and 7.5.

Any suggestions? I have spent days looking for these! Thanks:-)

Fahsionboots from Australia on October 24, 2015:

wow, great hub and so many comments here too. I have found that in general tall boots without a zipper are better for the skinny leg and tall boots with a zipper are better for a wider fitting leg calf.

Michelle Keahey on May 20, 2015:

This is great information...but what size shoe do you wear? I wear a 10, so often even narrow-shaft boots start getting too wide at that size.

Laura on November 13, 2014:

Hi, Your columns for skinny calves is great. I am looking for a simple, flat black boot that is midcalf. Most of the boots you review are taller. What do you recommend for a 3/4 boot. Thanks so much

williamslaw on May 06, 2014:

Awesome boots!

teelover on February 17, 2014:

Great lens! Its always hard to find boots for thin legs :)

AnonymousC831 from Kentucky on January 20, 2014:

Love boots. Great lens.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on January 17, 2014:

@KellyMR: Hi Kelly - sorry I didn't see this sooner! (for some reason...)

The last F Sarto boot I tried on was the Cipher, and was 14.5 around for me, vs. the 13-14 it's generally listed at with the online shops. I did check out the Cymbols at Macys and could tell without even trying it on that it was going to be too big for me, but my calves are just under 12", so for 13" maybe it would work. Did you ever try those out? Let us know...

anonymous on January 17, 2014:

I always hated the extra room left whenever i bought a pair of boots. Your lens was really helpful.

KellyMR on November 29, 2013:

Has anyone tried the Franco Sarto Cymbols? It claims to have a 14" cirucmference but I never know if that's for a really small shoe size (I'm typically an 8.5). Reviews are mixed. My calf is around 13"...I'm so happy I've foudnt his blog, so helpful!

Stanley Green from Czech Republic on November 08, 2013:

Great lens! Lovely selection of boots... My wife is going to love it too!

Mary (author) from Chicago area on October 16, 2013:

@jmills1976: Thanks J for that info! The Kayce boot lists a 14 in circumference, online anyway -- that that would likely not work well for 11.5 inch calves, so you must have found it was really smaller than 14, right? Or maybe it's possible to tighten quite a bit with the buckle?

jmills1976 on October 15, 2013:

I am an avid shopper and have spent a lot of time and energy attempting to find knee high boots that fit my tiny calves (around 11.5, definitely under 12 inches). In the past I have spent the money to have a cobbler taper the top of a boot, but alas the proportion to the ankle looks pretty bad. Still use that boot (a cognac Guess 3 inch heel) at times with skirts. The search, however, continued for the perfect everyday boot. I stumbled across a knee boot from Target, that's right Target. Of course I bought both colors available. This year the quest began again for the perfect cognac low heeled riding boot. I found the perfect one in Clark Mullen Spice. Fits true to size and has buckles that are adjustable. Between adjusting the buckles and wearing with skinny jeans I am more than satisfied with my purchase. But wait, I found myself in Target again and could not resist trying on this year's version of my prior knee boot purchase and boy am I glad I did. I ended up buying those too... in 2 colors of course. They are the Kayce tall boot with back studs. Bought black and brown during a buy one get one half off sale and paid $60 for both. They are motorcycle chic for this suburban mom. Just enough edge to them without being too young or costumey. They are comfortable and fit true to size. Do not hesitate if you have a skinny calf. I have never met an adult woman with skinnier calves then me and these all work!!! Happy shopping :)

modstyl on October 14, 2013:

Thank you soo much!!! I'm a tall gall with big feet and skinny calves (12.5â) - last years version of these are the only pair of boot that fit without requiring alterations. (It looks a lot like the Aquatilia Upswing Riding Boot at a 1/3 of the price). It's on final markdown so don't know how long it will last but they are comfortable waterfproof and instead of a cloth it has a vinyl weave all around the calf that's pretty too me. It started at 13" and stretches from there (This year's version has leather on top so I don't know - the description states 14"): (Also FYI Corso Como Women's Sutton Riding Boot per Amazon review are actually 15")Thanks again for your dedication for all slim calves!! Please keep your insights coming!!!

Mary (author) from Chicago area on October 04, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi Carole -- I just tried the Franco Sarto Cipher, and it's too wide for me, but not by as much as most boots. I measured it at 14 1/2 in. circ. for my size (8), so if I had to guess, I'd say the circ. would be maybe 14 for sz 7, 13.5 for sz 6. Can see how this would be a great pick for those with 13-in. calves like yours, if they're ok w/ faux leather. One inch extra is good for wearing over jeans & other skinny pants and will still look good over just tights/stockings. Thanks again for the tip.

casquid on October 04, 2013:

Great job! I enjoyed this walk. . .us skinny calved girls need to know these things. Thanks

Mary (author) from Chicago area on September 24, 2013:

@Lilysmomma: you get the wittiest comment prize :) -- I think I'd dine w/ my cats too for those boots, except they eat Newman's Own! I'd have to downgrade them first, or maybe go with oatmeal or generic Cheerios...

in some style-related article I read years ago, this woman said she had a Clergerie jar where she dumped all her change; each time it filled she could get a new pair of Clergerie shoes. how big a jar would we need for those 5050s??

Mary (author) from Chicago area on September 24, 2013:

@thin_legs: ok good - thank you! at least the 13.5 is from a size 8 .... more manufacturers need to be listing circ. at size 7 or 8 -- middle-of-the-road -- rather than sz 6.

Lilysmomma on September 23, 2013:

I found my Mr. Right & Left at Macy's about 3 years ago - just like the Stuart Weizmann 5050 but about 1/3 the price. They are comfy, snazzy and durable - walked me all over (sigh) Paris and still bring in heaps of compliments. I would give a significant body part to find another pair in brown. I may have to share dinner with the cat for few weeks and go for the SWs - the reviews are SOOOO persuasive - but will spend more time delving through your wonderful site before I belly up to the kibble dish. Thank you!

thin_legs on September 23, 2013:

@verymary: Yes, directly from aquatalia.

Dulcy Kozlowski

Mary (author) from Chicago area on September 23, 2013:

@thin_legs: Thanks - did you get that info from Aqu. directly? Sometimes stretch styles don't vary as much by shoe size, in their circ. Because the stretch material already allows for expansion, they don't feel the need to increase it by shoe size very much, if at all. (This is what I heard, anyway, from another high-end shoe co.)

thin_legs on September 23, 2013:

The Aquatalia Upswing and the Upstart have a 13.5" shaft circumference as measured on a size 8. The calf measurements will change approximately 1/4" per half size.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on September 21, 2013:

Not sure why this comment wouldn't post -- but thanks thin_legs for the tip on Aquatalia Orso & Deliver, both of which fit her 12-inch calves but unfortunately are in the $500 range. Some more slim cut Aquatalias I'm looking into are the Upswing (like the old "Under" style), Darla & Diane. Keep the tips coming, please!

thin_legs on September 21, 2013:

The Aquatalia deliver & orso are VERY narrow. Fit my 12" calves nicely. Unfortunately, they are in the $500 range. :-(

IreneL11 on September 16, 2013:

This lens it was very helpful. I love Nine West boots and bags.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on September 13, 2013:

@anonymous: Carole - thanks for this great info; very helpful! I didn't even know Tahari made boots. I've had good luck with my Franco Sartos in the past but love the Tennley style too. Good luck choosing!

anonymous on September 06, 2013:

@anonymous: Also, except for the Cole Haans, all of these boots were under $200.

anonymous on September 06, 2013:

OK ladies, I ordered 6 pairs of boots after reading this article and doing a lot of digging online. Here are the results:

Narrowest calf was a tie between the Franco Sparto Cipher

and the Cole Haan Tennley. Both boots were so similar I had on 1 of each and couldn't even tell. Biggest difference is the Franco Sparto has a full length zipper, which may be helpful when wearing with skinny jeans, although I was able to pull the Cole Haans over my jeans. The Cole Haans have more style, with the double buckle and embossed leather on top.

The other 4 I tried, which were all about 2 inches too big for my 13" calves were:

--Ecco Hobart Harness (this one has a short shaft as well)

--Nine West Partay

--Bandolino Countless

--Tahari Karen

All of the boots promised 14" or less calf circumference, but that was definitely not the case. I wanted boots that will look good with tights, so was looking for the narrowest possible. I haven't yet decided which of the 2 that fit to keep, but either one would be a great choice for a classic black leather riding boot if you have small calves.

Meganhere on August 29, 2013:

I loooove boots!

vanthang012 on August 23, 2013:


Birthday Wishes from Here on August 18, 2013:

My wife loves this lens! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

Mary (author) from Chicago area on May 22, 2013:

@anonymous: try - some of these have more fitted ankles, or at least not huge. the ecco hobart harness has lots of good reviews & doesn't appear baggy. maybe others too.

anonymous on May 22, 2013:

I've been searching (exhausted!) for a low-mid calf boot that actually fits, but doesn't have the sky-scraper heels, and does not have a lot of bling on it. Just a nice looking plain-ish black boot that isn't clunky. My lower calf is around 11", but there is always too much room around my ankles too.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on March 11, 2013:

@anonymous: wow, yes, I'm afraid you need alterations. with a 10-inch calf you'll probably want an 11-inch circumference (remember there needs to be some space with a slip-on boot; your ankle needs to be able to move around; and a truly skintight riding boot looks weird) -- which is almost an inch smaller than even DUO offers. the good news is that if you have no choice but to take it to a cobbler, you can pick out the boot you really love, regardless of its circumference. best of luck!

anonymous on March 10, 2013:

I'm tall and skinny (5'9"). I've been looking for the perfect flat riding boot for years. My calf is about 10 inches. I refuse to purchase a boot for the leather cobbler to cut down, but it seems I may have to.

SianaL on February 24, 2013:

Love these!

June Campbell from North Vancouver, BC, Canada on February 20, 2013:

First I would have to get the skinny calves. Once that little item is out of the way, the rest will be a cakewalk LOL

Mary (author) from Chicago area on February 14, 2013:

@anonymous: ok, check out the new section above, just for shorter legs :)

tall ladies, let me know if you want me to split out some extra-tall boots, like 17+ inches -- there are some good ones

Mary (author) from Chicago area on February 13, 2013:

@anonymous: actually there are about 20 shorter-shaft boots (under 15 inches) on this page. I'll add a section soon that highlights them. in the meantime, check out the La Canadienne Galaxy, Jenny & Viola styles in addition to my other recommendations :)

Mary (author) from Chicago area on February 13, 2013:

@anonymous: thanks for the input! right off the bat, 2 great boots come to mind -- under More Thin Calf Boots, check out the ECCO Hobart Harness and the Frye Taylor Pull On (I have and LOVE the latter, and the Hobart is very well-reviewed). will have to think about how to make these & other shorter-leg options more obvious on the page.

anonymous on February 13, 2013:

Hey there, I would love to see a selection of boots that are shorter in shaft height - i.e 14" or less as while these are a great selection of boots for my narrow calves, they are all impossible due to the shaft height.

Cyrus Solomons on February 10, 2013:

pretty cool lens.

anonymous on January 26, 2013:

I like these boots for my wife. Looking for a good valentines day gift.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on January 19, 2013:

@Ksal99: thanks; very courteous -- have a great weekend!

Ksal99 on January 19, 2013:

@verymary: Kat, my sincere apologies. I absolutely love your blog!!

It won't happen again.

Ksal99 on January 19, 2013:

@verymary: Kat, my sincere apologies. I absolutely love your blog!!

It won't happen again.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on January 19, 2013:

dear Karen -- pls stop spamming the guestbook here! thanks hon!

Ksal99 on January 19, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi Lace, I totally understand your frustration. I'm 5'9" , wear a size 11 and have a 13.5" calf. Size 11 boots are brutal! The only boot I've found over the past few years has been the Stuart weitzman 50/50 boot. All other boots are egregiously wide.

I'm doing research for a line of narrow calf boots. Please post your size (shoe and calf) on my fb page. Search for skinny calf boots on Facebook and like my page/group. I Tried posting the link, but it won't let me. Try cutting and pasting this: I look forward to hearing from you. Thx!!, Karen

Ksal99 on January 19, 2013:

@WillowSkye: Hi everyone, I totally understand your frustration. I'm 5'9" , wear a size 11 and have a 13.5" calf. Size 11 boots are brutal! I'm doing research for a line of narrow calf boots. Please post your size (shoe and calf) on my fb page. Search for skinny calf boots on Facebook and like my page/group. Tried posting the link, but it won't let me. Try cutting and pasting this: I look forward to hearing from you. Thx!!, Karen

Mary (author) from Chicago area on January 14, 2013:

@anonymous: WHOA, you got an Aquatalia boot for 82 bucks? all hail the Boot Ninja!

the Mona Beam is great for skinny calves, though can be hard to find. you did great!

anonymous on January 14, 2013:

Just got 2 pair of boots that touch my calves and they are under 11.5"! I got the Gentle Souls Mona Beam as a black boot with a 2.75" heel and super comfy. I also got the Aquatalia by Marvin K Crystal on clearance (I wear a 5.5) on Amazon for $82!!! Best boot every purchased.

New-Shoes on January 05, 2013:

Very nice boots, however amazon is a bit tricky if you order from Greece like i do :(

For ordering boots from Greece we prefer our very own new-shoes

anonymous on December 26, 2012:


anonymous on December 24, 2012:

Leather is still the best for our feet

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on December 22, 2012:

Our daughter in law has skinny calves and would love these boots

andrew69 on December 20, 2012:

Very cool looking boots for the ladies! Nice Lens

anonymous on December 20, 2012:

This is great information, I like them very much. :)

Mary (author) from Chicago area on December 18, 2012:

@Frischy: There actually are more choices for wide calves. But iI hear you - when we find something that fits, it can look very nice. Wide calf boots can also look great, though - don't give up! :)

Frischy from Kentucky, USA on December 18, 2012:

I have very thick calves. I have always loved boots, but never been able to wear them. Women with slender calves look great in all kinds of boots! Very fortunate ladies!

WillowSkye on December 07, 2012:

You have put together a great list of boots! It is very difficult for me to find boots that fit right because my calves are so small...I will have to check more of these out.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on December 07, 2012:

@anonymous: good one!! similar style to the Aquatalia Under & the Vaneli Vimy. nice find; glad it fits ya!

anonymous on December 07, 2012:

@anonymous: Size 9

anonymous on December 07, 2012:

@anonymous: Should be waterproof "boot" and tall sock "touching" all the way around. :)

anonymous on December 07, 2012:

Okay - got another one. Blondo "vergara" waterproof book. After I went to Nordstroms and tried on the really expensive Aquatalia I came home and searched more online - and found this one. It came in the mail today and it fits on my 12 1/2 in calf with a tall sock toughing all the way around. I'd say it is about a 13 maybe a tiny bit shy on circumference. Cute boot - I'm wearing it around the house.

HairBowHanna on December 06, 2012:

My boots are always falling down my legs - this is a great lens!

anonymous on December 06, 2012:

@verymary: It's on sale now for $199.99 on Timberland's website!! In my boot quest, I saw (only online) the Robert Clergerie Passacd as having 11-12" circumference. Nordstrom lists it as 11" and it's on sale now for around $417 from $695. But still too high for my budget.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on December 06, 2012:

@anonymous: I'd heard good things about the Stratham Heights but saw it on amazon listed with a 14.5 circumference, so that doesn't meet the criterion for this page. You measured it at 13? Maybe it's 13 in 6.5 but 14.5 at a more average shoe size like 8 ... ? I think I'll contact the manufacturer and find out for sure, as that's a nice boot. Thanks for the info! You've had quite a boot adventure!!

anonymous on December 06, 2012:

This is gonna be long, sorry...I started searching for skinny boots this past Oct. and have spent hours reading forums like this. (We even had a little exchange below.) My original search was for dressy mid-heeled boots. For the first time, I ordered footwear online and now I am a happy owner and wearer of Timberland Stratham Heights boots with 3" heels. It's regularly $240 but the website gave me $20 off and free shipping. A few days after I received them, the website had a 20% off sale. When I called to request a price adjustment, the person said she couldn't do it. I called the next day and another lady gave me the difference, excluding the $20 discount I got. Not bad. My right calf is 12" but my left is slightly smaller. I have teeny-tiny 6" ankles. I wear a 6.5 shoe size. The Stratham heights has 13" circumference so it's huge when worn bare-legged. I just wear it with jeggings and skinny jeans and it looks great. The ankles are wide but because the leather is thick and not shiny, it doesn't wrinkle on me. IMO, the style in black or brown is more on the casual side, despite the heels.

Returned the FS Yoni bec it was actually too high (heels) and the calf circ was 13". It was shiny so the ankle wrinkling really showed. I really liked how dressy it looked in taupe! Ordered LC Dorina from Zappos (great customer service) but the heel was too low for me, the calf circ was really 14" not 12.5" as listed on website, and the shaft was 14" which reached the biggest part of my calves. I didn't like the look. Now the ankle wrinkling wasn't bad perhaps because suede (again not shiny) doesn't make it obvious. I must say the workmanship was tops. Well, the price was also high, $305.

Then I decided to try Duos but had to waste $20 to ship it back because the ankle wrinkling is really bad. I ordered the smallest calf size (30 cm) and it was tight at first then I got used to it. i forgot my right calf was 12", which would translate to 31 cm. Also, the shoe part ran big. Maybe it's the UK sizing. Their customer service is awesome, though. And $20 is not bad considering it's international.

Stumbled upon a past season Tahari Karlene riding boot at Marshalls ($63) which had 13" calf, leather front and stretch back and if it had been a 6.5, I'd own it now to wear with jeans and leggings.

I've concluded that matte leather would reduce the presence or perception of ankle wrinkling. As for dressy boots, I'd have to go with suede like the Rhumba--on my wishlist for now.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on December 03, 2012:

@anonymous: I haven't come across any boots with a circumference under 12 inches, sorry! Will certanily post if I do. DUO goes down to 11.8, which I think would work for you if you factor in skinny jeans, leggings or thick-ish tights -- but I've heard they don't tailor down the ankles accordingly. Aquatalia boots may be better for you, with legwarmers hidden underneath if need be. Not only are Aquatalia styles like the Rhumba, Mona & Rap quite thin in circumference, but they're also cut slim through the ankle.

anonymous on December 03, 2012:

i have been in love with boots for all my life and i dream of perfect boots.... But lets be honest here not many people have an 11 inch calf and even less have a 7 inch ankle.. So my quest for a perfect boot with a not so imaginary price continues...

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 29, 2012:

@anonymous: congrats on your big purchase; wear them in good health! sometimes ramen for style is a good trade.

personally I can't imagine needing more luxury than Stuart Weitzman - and a couple of those are on sale now for $356!

anonymous on November 28, 2012:

OK, I've been a thrifty, off-price shopper all my life. But I fell in love with the Gucci high heel riding boot. Going to the store to try it on. Thinking, checking my balance and finally, taking the plunge - four figures!!! But I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve them. (The most for one item since my wedding gown) And to have a smooth leather boot with a calf that fits (12.5 - 13 in a 71/2) is sheer heaven. I don't mind eating ramen as pennance. :-)

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 26, 2012:

@anonymous: you're absolutely right; the calves do get wider as foot size goes up -- which is kind of nuts, as there are plenty of thin to average calved women in the larger shoe sizes ... as well as small-footed women with wider calves.

anonymous on November 26, 2012:

My calves aren't that small for the average girl but I am 5'8", wear a shoe size 10 or 11 and my calve size is about 14 inches. I think if I was shorter and wore a size 7 I would be set but for some reason it seems calves sizes greatly go up with shoe sizes. :) I did find some chinese laundry heeled tall boots that fit my leg well. They are a black leather strechy material and I can wear them with a dress and they look great! I pretty much buy boots by whether or not they fit my calf not which ones look the best. :)

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 14, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Jan -- What you need is a short shaft boot as well as narrow shaft. Click on these boots and in most cases in the info section there will be a line that says "Shaft measures approximately __ from arch." I would think best bet for you would be to click the styles you like and see if any of the shafts are under 15 inches tall from the arch. Some that are: the ECCO Hobart Harness, La Canadienne Galaxy, Frye Taylor, Miz Mooz Oakley, and Santana Angela. There are probably others, too, so check whichever ones you like. GL!

anonymous on November 14, 2012:

@verymary: I'm so happy I stumbled into your column. I, too have the skinny calves. However, I have another problem, 5' 1" which means short calves also. On top of that, I can't wear too high of a heel, wedge is great, but some are 3". Any additional suggestions? I live in Atlanta, GA if that matters. Thanks y'all - stay warm.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 13, 2012:

@verymary: ooh! check out the La Canadienne Jenny boot -- narrow calf & does come in AA sizes, though limited available on amazon. if you like it, maybe google around & see if others have the AA in your size. also look for the Munro Sophia boot and the Blondo Vallera.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 13, 2012:

@anonymous: I haven't seen that, but I'll look.

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 13, 2012:

@anonymous: My boot collection was already too big (ask my husband!) when I first wrote this page, so I haven't acquired the exact styles here -- but I have 3 Aquatalia boots that fit VERY well, one similar to the Charm featured here, one like the Cara, and one that actually looks more like the MK Brandy w/out the faux fur at top. My other snuggest boots are Franco Sarto stretch (but I still have to put thick socks underneath), a Modern

Vintage pair that I think have a smaller circumference than the MV Olympia shown here, and a pair I got at a small shop in Canada -- unfortunately there's no brand label in those :( My advice is if you find a pair that really fit and are relatively classic in style, try to get an extra pair for the future, or the same boot in another color....because they do run out & are rarely reproduced. If I could justify adding to that large collection today with any boot here, I think I'd get one of the slimmer calf Fryes like the Melissa laceup, the Taylor, or the Jenna -- or one of the gorgeous smaller-label designs made in Italy, Spain or Portugal.Thanks for stopping by!

anonymous on November 12, 2012:

I dream of finding skinny-calf boots that come in a narrow (2A) width. Do such boots exist?

anonymous on November 06, 2012:

Hi! We have the same calf circumference and I was wondering which of these boots do you own. Thanks!

Mary (author) from Chicago area on November 05, 2012:

@anonymous: hi Jane -- those boots @ top are the Frye Chelsea Riding Boots -- 2nd pair under "Stretchy Boots"

anonymous on November 05, 2012:

At the top of this article, under the heading, "100 handpicked styles for thin calves" are a pair of boots, but there isn't any indication as to the brand name. Does anyone know? I don't see them listed under any of the headings below. Thanks.

anonymous on November 03, 2012:

@verymary: Leather slouches, too. My daughter rides, and they deliberately get taller boots knowing they will "drop" an inch or more after breaking in. And these are super stiff, hunter/jumper riding boots.

anonymous on November 03, 2012:

I found two brands of flat boots (like riding boots) at DSW that are 13" and 14" in circumference and fit my 12.5" calves very well when I tried them on with skinny jeans. They're very cute, too. Calvin Klein (I think the Tamryn, but Zappos says that's 15-inch and it was definitely 14-inch) and Vaneli Replay . I wound up buying the Vaneli because they fit a little more snugly, and the Calvins were kind of tight for a 7.5 (I usually wear a 7, so this surprised me). If I wear them with leggings or tights, I'll put boot socks/leg warmers on to close any slight gap. I was just thrilled to find these. I have dress boots from Bootmakers with custom calves, so I just needed inexpensive boots for jeans. (btw, Don't buy from Bootmakers. My boots are gorgeous, but there is absolutely no padding in the foot, and they hurt in 10 mins. of walking. I had to get super, high-arch, padded insoles. Go to Duoboots for custom calves.