How to Wear a Backless Dress With a Normal Bra

Updated on November 13, 2019
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Backless dresses necessitate the use of custom backless or low-back bras. But these bras are mostly expensive, hard to get, and sometimes don’t offer the required support. That’s why wearers need to craft ways of wearing low-back dresses with the ordinary bra.

Here are simple bra hacks that you can use with your low-back clothes and get good support. At the same time, you will not compromise on the backless look. Scroll through the list and select the option that seems best to you. You can also try different options for different outfits.

Low back bra converter
Low back bra converter | Source

1. Bra Strap Converter

A bra strap converter links to your bra closure to pull down the middle of the band by up to 10 centimeters. This enables you to wear some backless outfits while still giving you support and hiding the band.

When using a low-back bra converter, the bra hook part links to the eye part of the converter and vice versa. The converter strap then wraps around your belly to close near the navel. this type of bra converter might not work well with some very thin clothes as the outline will show around the abdomen.

2. Clear Back Bra

A clear back bra is very similar to an ordinary bra. The only difference is that the straps and part of the band are made of transparent non-stretch plastic. The straps are also thin so there are barely any visible lines.

The band closure is not in the middle of the back but on the side. Straps are usually set wider than other bras so that they are not likely to show despite them being invisible. If you want support in discretion, this is the ideal solution.

Clear back bra
Clear back bra | Source

3. Clear Bra Band Replacement

A bra band replacement is used in place of the existing band. Removing the current band to fix the clear one requires diligence so as to ensure the bra will still look good. You can do it yourself or use the services of a dressmaker.

The clear bra band replacement transforms your regular bra so that it looks just like a clear back bra. As a result, it becomes suitable for all backless clothing. Replacement shoulder straps are also available.

Clear bra band replacement
Clear bra band replacement | Source

4. Convert Your Ordinary Bra (DIY)

You can make your own low-back bra converter. All you need is your bra, a piece of elastic, and the hook and eye closure from an unused bra. Here are the steps:

  • Sew the hooks onto one end of the elastic to the eye part to the other end of the elastic.
  • Wear your bra unclosed and fit the hooks of the elastic to the eye side of the bra.
  • Wrap the elastic around your torso and do the same to the other end of the elastic.
  • Massage the bra in different places to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Adjust the elastic length if needed.

5. Sewn-In Bra Cups

If your dress is super low back that even a bra strap converter won’t work, you can sew bra cups to your dress. This method works well with dresses which are form-fitting, halter or have wider shoulders. Take you old bra and the dress to a tailor and have the work done.

If you want to do the work yourself, first attach the cups temporarily and try on the dress before sewing. This strategy might not work if you are D-cup and above.

4. Multi-Way Bra

Because of its detachable straps, a multiway bra can be configured in different ways. This enables you to wear it under almost anything. When the straps cross at the back or mimic a halter style, the bra seems to be part of the dress.

Convertible bras are perfect for dresses with a wider opening. But the back should not be too low. With a completely open-back or super-low dress, a multi-way bra’s band closure will be visible.

Convertible bra
Convertible bra | Source

7. Wear a Matching Bra

It is utterly cute to show off a cute bra. You can wear an attractive bra with a backless dress and still look fashionable. If the look is good for you, it will most likely look gorgeous to other people.

Some of the bras you can use in this way are halter and strappy styles. To look even more stylish, ensure that the bra matches the outfit. Avoid poor quality dresses as they will make you look odd even if the bra is nice-looking.

Backless outfit
Backless outfit | Source

Whatever you wear under your backless outfits, the key is to feel comfortable and look good. If you can’t get the necessary support from backless bras, these tips will help you wear your backless dress with a normal bra. You will therefore be supported and still look elegant.

© 2017 Maina Ndungu


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