Real Women's Boxer Briefs

Are you a woman who wishes she could find genuine boxer brief-style underwear that is made to truly fit a woman's body? Get rid of your panties and boy shorts and try real long-legs and cotton-comfort.


Men in Lingerie: Lace Bras for Men

The lace bra has become one of the biggest lingerie icons of our time, and it is little wonder that some men like to wear lace bras as much as women do. Learn about the different versions of this undergarment and how to choose the right one for yourself.

Just some of the panties from Pantiesformen.com

Men in Lingerie: Panties for Men

When a man decides to wear panties, he is faced with a decision. Either he purchases women's underwear and wears it, or he purchases specialty underwear that is made of the same fabric as women's underwear, but is cut to accommodate the manly parts. Read on to find out more.