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What Color Pants Go With a Grey Shirt?

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Grey Shirt and Pants Combination

Gray shirts in general get a bit of a bad rap for quite frankly being a bit boring. So when it comes to trying to work out what color pants to go with a Gray, usually it is in the effort to try and spring some life into the overall outfit.

The good news though is that because Gray is a neutral color there are a lot of different pants colors that can work and won't break contrast, as it is a monochrome color. So, really it's hard to clash too much wtih anything.

The only aspect you really have to take consideration is the shade of Gray. Is it on the lighter side or the dakrer side and then keep that in mind when choosing the color of your pants, and what is the overall look that you're trying give.


Black Pants

If are wanting a safe option to go for, which is what I like lead with first. Then black pants are definitely the way to go, they work pretty much with any shade of grey, and as it is monochrome in nature, they work really well together.

It's definitely going to provide a sophistiacted and clean look finish. The only risk is of looking a bit boring color wise, if it is something where you are going out and there is going to be a lot of fun to be had, this can be a bit bland. That said, it is a great look, and can look pretty smart as well.


White and Light Grey Pants

Another safe look that is quite a refreshing one with a Gray shirt is to opt for White, Crean and even Light Gray pants. Again, as they are all quite monochrome in nature, the overall look will blend quite well.

It works better when the Gray shirt tends to be a distinctively darker shade than the pants. You don't really want to have it all the same shade, so make sure there is some distinction there when pairing up the Gray shirt and pants combination. Pair this with a Brown leather belt and some Brown loafers or Chukka boots to complete the overall look.


Now if you have read about what color shirt goes with Navy pants, then you will know that Navy Blue is also a great option for those wearing a Gray shirt. This is a nice level up from the playing it safely above, however, is not too out there either. This is a go-between for those who want to inject a bit of life and color into their outfit, but don't want to go too far with it either.

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The Navy Blue pants option works very well if the pants are on the darker side and the Gray is on the lighter side as it creates a nice natural contrast there. If the Gray shirt is on the darker side, I'd recommend flipping the Navy Blue pants for a lighter shade of blue to create this nice balance when trying to combine them together.


Khaki and Biege Pants

Another option that adds a bit of flavor into the outfit but is not completely out there is a pair of Khaki and Beige style pants. They complement Gray shirts very well given their somewhat neutral tone and it can be something that works very well given its versatility across a whole range of shirt styles.

They work particularly well when you match them up with Brown shoes such as Loafers or Brogues as well as a leather belt as well to bring the whole outfit together. Match that up with a brown watch as well to offer a more complete look too.


Ripped Jeans

Now depending on you definition, these aren't strictly pants but they are a great option to pair with a Gray shirt. Plus, if you are after a lot more of a casual look that's easy to pull off but it is a classic go to, then you can't go far wrong with a Gray shirt and the ripped denim jeans look. Again, you can opt for Black jeans but personally a proper blue denim can be a really good look as the jeans actually pop the color whereas the Gray helps to neutralise it.

Then if it is completely casual opt for a pair of dapper trainers, but if it is somewhere where you need to a look bit more presentable opt for some boots to give a more sophisticated look to your appearance.

Remember to style up the rest of the outfit too, you don't just want to be concentrating on a gray shirt and what pants color combination to go with. Are you going to wear a jumper over the shirt, perhaps a blazer? Then what shoes are you going to wear? A pair of loafers for somewhere that's a bit more sophisticated, chuck on a pair of Chukka boots for a place that's a bit more casual. Even a pair of Jordans for a much more casual setting, there are a lot of options available to you to explore with Gray pants as they are so versatile in nature.

To be fair, you can throw on any color shirt really, even Salmon and still have Gray there to help it base it and you could very well pull it off. Especially, if you are on the more adventurous side with your style.

Go ahead and let us know about the color options above that can go with Gray shirts, are the combinations what you were thinking? Do you have any other options that you were thinking of that you think should be mentioned? Plus, if you have a go to outift, that involves a Gray shirt, perhaps you sport some Plum purple style chinos? Then do let us know down in the comments section just below, we will definitely be interested to hear about your fashion choices and future readers will be able to benefit as well us.

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