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What Style of Shoes to Wear With Leggings

What Style of Shoes to Wear With Leggings

What Style of Shoes to Wear With Leggings

Picking the Best Shoes to Wear With Leggings

Leggings are comfortable and trendy, and they work as a great styling piece. They also obscure flawed legs. They look good on almost all body types and come in a variety of styles including leather, shiny, neutral, or patterned. You will mostly find them at ankle-length, although they also come in mid-calf and below-knee lengths.

Paired with the correct shoes, you can turn your outfit from daytime casual elegance to a sexy look for a night out. But there are so many choices to make that choosing the best shoes is not a simple task. The trick is to play with various styles. You can create many different looks with the same pair of leggings if you pair them with different style shoes. For example, wearing tall boots or high top Converses will create a look that is very different from wearing leggings with open-toed heels or sandals.


How to Wear Leggings With Heels

Heels are the ultimate feminine shoes. This is a very sexy combination that makes your legs look wonderful. You can try different types of heels to see which ones produce that magnificent leg-lengthening effect.

For a Daring Look

Try stiletto pumps with shiny or leather leggings. Pair the bottom ensemble with a flowy top, like a tunic, to balance the outfit. Most types of heels will work, but a number of girls stay away from pointy-toed pumps because they are afraid this style might quickly fade. But even the pointed-toe varieties are worth experimenting with. If both the shoes and the leggings are dark, then chances are the outfit will look put-together. However, take care when mixing colors as they might clash and look ridiculous.

For a Special Evening or Night Out

Try patterned or ornamental heels with neutral leggings. Different heights of heels will have varying effects on your look, so try out high heels, wedges, or mid-heights to see which ones are best for you. Also, assess the gap between the heels and the bottom of your tights. Though a smaller gap looks better, you can still wear mid-calf leggings with heeled footwear.

For a Sophisticated Look

Try low heels with a tank top or a wrap dress. Kitten heels are great for spicing up casual bottoms. They are simple but fashionable enough to style even plain outfits. This look can be dressed down for casual outings or dressed up for the office.

Shoes to Avoid

Heels with ankle straps do not go well with leggings. If you must choose this type of shoe, make sure they closely match the color of your tights. Otherwise, try mid-calf or over-the-knee hosiery.

How to Wear Leggings With Boots

Leggings are perfect with boots provided they fit nicely to avoid gathering when tucked into the boots. Although any height will do, tall boots are extra cute. The style you choose will mainly depend on the shape of your legs and your personal preference.

For a Stylish and Laid-Back Look

Knee-high or calf-length boots will do. Heeled boots are also elegant for ladies who are stuck on heels. This outfit pairs well with long sweaters or cardigans. Play around with different styles, such as riding or classic boots.

For Winter and Fall

Knee boots with leggings under a skirt or dress will look wonderful. For a casual look, wear mid-calf or knee-high flat boots and pair with a long sweater or cardigan. Combat leather boots are especially perfect for the winter, but avoid wearing them for sunny outings.

For Summer

During the summer, opt for lace-up boots or ankle booties. These styles are cute and will not make your legs unnecessarily hot. For day wear, evening, or a night-out, pair with a long top, such as a tunic or button-up shirt. You may add a necklace and a belt for a more stylish option.

For Skinny Legs

If you want to create the illusion of shorter legs and thicker calves, choose ankle or mid-calf boots. Boots that cover only the thinnest part of your lower legs are particularly good at camouflaging thin legs. Shorter boots look better when paired with mid-thigh or longer tops. If you want to add some accent, wear bright socks that are two inches or so higher than the boots.

For Thick Legs

To avoid making your legs looking thicker, wear ankle boots with a looser opening. Mix and match colors the way you want but avoid pairing very light or toned leggings with very dark ankle boots. A black pair of tights with black or brown ankle boots is a great combination for women with wide legs because darker colors create a slimming effect.

How to Wear Leggings With Flats

Flats are probably the most popular shoes to pair with leggings for ladies who don’t like heels. They offer a simple way of playing around with colors and styles without looking too dressed-up. You can try different textures, adornments, and beadings. Animal prints are also very bold and stylish. Oxfords, ballet flats, flip-flops, or gladiator sandals are all great with leggings and a cute tunic.

For Special Occasions

Choose high-quality pointed flats. They have the elegance of pumps without the discomfort of heels.

For Casual Wear

Opt for ballet flats. They are great for a laid-back look. Smoking flats are also cute, particularly with dark leggings. This makes for a fabulous evening outfit. If you want to create a more trendy appearance, go for metallic ballerina flats in silver or gold.

For a Feminine Look

Try ballet flats in eye-catching colors or details. Experiment with colors like red or patterns like polka dots. You can pair them with a spectacular summer dress or floral tunic for a brilliant summer look. Add a cardigan or sweater to switch to cooler weather.

For a Slimming Effect

If you want your legs to look slimmer, choose flats that are dark or similar in color to your leggings. You can wear a dark but ornamented pair to break the monotony.

How to Wear Leggings and Sneakers

For a casual look, pair your tights with stylish sneakers. Either wedge or flat sneakers will do. Select a pair that is tastefully cute because leggings will not cover any part of your shoes.

What Style Sneaker Should I Wear?

Although all types of sneakers are great for the gym, you should be more selective when choosing sneakers for going out. Sneakers that are sportswear will look ridiculous for street or party wear. If you must wear sports shoes with your leggings, choose generic ones that are designed for casual wear.

For Summer and Winter

Canvas sneakers are the best type for warm weather because the fabric is breathable. They are also comfortable due to their softness, and therefore, ideal for a weekend outing. In the winter, you can layer them with thick socks. For contrast, you can wear socks that hit higher than the shoes.

For an Athletic Look

Wear leggings with Converse sneakers and a graphic tee. You can also pair them with a sports jersey or casual T-shirt. Converse footwear is great for toning down shiny or ornamented hosiery. Converse high tops are ideal due to their boot-like appearance.

How to Wear Leggings and Sandals

This combination can be very tricky. To pair them, you must have really nice feet and toes. A good pedicure with daintily painted toe nails is a must if you want to look fabulous in leggings and sandals.

For Summer

Sandals are great for outdoor summer gatherings. You can try strappy wedges, gladiators, or flip-flops depending on where you are going.

For a Night-Out

Wear colorful or patterned leggings with simple dark sandals. Dark leggings will go well with glossy or ornamented sandals.

For Casual Day Wear

Choose a relaxed pair of sandals and layer the outfit with a sundress, miniskirt, or a bright and lightweight tunic. If you want a less casual look, choose luxurious sandals like leather or velvet, and complete the outfit with a cute tunic.

Styling Tip

If you must wear sandals with fancy ankle details or tones, make sure they agree with the style of your pants. Also, figure out the theme of the flats and select leggings in that color. For instance, if the details are blue, pair with blue leggings. Mixing and matching animal prints can also create a cool look.

Get Creative and Have Fun

Use these tips as a guideline, but don't be afraid to make your own changes. You can mix colors the way you want provided they don’t clash. To add contrast, wear a bright belt or reveal a lace camisole under a deep V-neck top. This strategy is perfect for spicing up a head-to-toe black outfit.

Also remember to look for your most appropriate length. Ankle-lengths can fit almost anybody, but shorter lengths are better suited for slim girls.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Michaela from USA on October 22, 2015:

I love wearing leggings with a short dress and ankle or combat boots.

Like today, I'm wearing a mini sweater dress, black leggings, and heeled ankle boots. :)

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Thanks for your compliments Ebower.

I feel flattered when any of my tips add value to the lives of other people.

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