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What Socks Should You Wear With Vans?

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What Socks to Wear With Vans?

Are you trying to figure out what sock style you should be wearing with vans? If so, you're not alone; this is something that gets asked a lot more than you think. The best answer, though, is that there's no real answer.

As you'll see from the list below, there is a whole range of different styles where you can wear different socks to no socks with Vans, and they all work in the respective outfits.

Ultimately, it is what you feel comfortable with and whatever you want to make work for you. Plus, by no means is this list exclusive. There are plenty of other ideas for what to wear as well.


Striped Socks

This is a classic look for Vans and something that you will see a lot. A pair of alternative colour socks that match the actual colour of the actual Vans trainers as well. You can get experimental with this, where some people wear long and high striped socks, that they accentuate with shorts.

However, the lower tone look here is one of my favorites, as it is not right in your face, but you can see there has been some thought over this and it is a really sweet and more authentic throwback type style look. As said, you get extra style points if the colour of the stripes are matching the actual Vans trainers themselves.


No Socks

This is a look that is becoming a lot more common, where actually you don't wear any socks with your Vans. This can work really well for both guys and gals, especially if you want to give the perception of looking taller and is great for the warmer weather as well and if you want to stay on the cooler side.

Again, you can see from the above that it is actually a great and pretty laid-back look. The only issue is if your feet start to get sweaty, it can cause the shoes to smell a bit, so this is something I tend to shy away from, but if it is a route that you want to take, make sure to look after them.


Slip On Socks

A great alternative to the above, though, if you want that exposed ankle to look without the uncomfortable nature of wearing bare feet in shoes, is simply to get the slip-on socks or sports socks that you can wear. These can be either in pretty much any colour, and you won't really be able to see them.

I'd invest in some good ones with a decent amount of grip, though, as they can have a habit of trailing down your foot and being awkward to put on. So make sure to pair up your outfit properly in that regard.


Funky Socks

For those who are from the skater scene that Vans associates itself well, a great look is to get the rule-breaker sock and those that are just a bit different in terms of style and culture. Whether it is Pizza slices, Flame socks, a sock with a funky pattern is the perfect accompaniment to Vans, as it is somewhat expected with the rule being that there are really no rules.

This is what makes Vans great as opposed to a pair of Gucci shoes; you're expected to wear a certain pair of socks with the latter, whereas Vans, you can literally wear anything sock wise, and most often, it is going to work out great.


Plain Socks

Likewise, though, you don't have to wear a pair of radically different socks either to make it work. A pair of plain White or Black socks with your Vans works perfectly well as well, and in fact, this is probably what most actually opt for.

You can pair them and wear them however you want to as well. High or low, with trousers or just shorts, they are going to the job perfectly well. Personally, I like to opt for the same color as my actual trainers as well, as it just shows that there is some style choice and decision that's gone into it.


Branded Socks

Of course, if you really love Vans. Like really love Vans. Then you can pair up branded Vans socks with your Vans trainers as well. It might be perfect for some people but an overload for others. For me, it works pretty well, especially with the more subtle Vans trainers as per the above picture.

Where it can get a little over the top is where you have Vans trainer logos that explicitly say Vans as well as Vans socks. You can end up looking a bit like a billboard for the brand, which is probably something that you don't really want to be going for.


High Socks

This is another go to look that has come about is to raise your socks high and raise your trousers or even just have shorts to match, so you can visually see the high sock. Pair these with a plain pair of Vans; they can also look pretty smart. It is not something I see myself sporting very often, but it can work out rather well for those who can pull it off.

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