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What Should You Wear to a Comedy Club?

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What to Wear to a Comedy Show

A man walks into a comedy club... hopefully, somebody who knows just what to wear. This is a guide to help those confused about what to wear to a comedy club. For those after a quick answer, generally, the attire is formal casual.

You don't want to overdress, nor do you really want to underdress. Generally speaking, comedy clubs don't have a strict dress code, but they do often have some rules on what to avoid. These are often trainers of some kind or some sort of casual sportswear and even shorts.

However, it is obviously best to check with the comedy club guidelines, if there are any. If there aren't, I'd personally check their social media accounts and spot-check what people are wearing there to get some sense of the occasion from previous events; if not, you can always reach out to them.


Comedy Club Outfit Ideas

This is often my go-to outfit for a semi-casual yet formal outing that a comedy club often requires. Instead of going for a top, I'd opt for a shirt of some kind and then combine that with a plain leather jacket. Bottom that out with a pair of dark denim jeans and a pair of Chukka boots, and I'm ready to go.

So let's break it down top to bottom on what to wear.


On the top half, ideally, you want to be going for a casual shirt of some kind. It can be a top, but I would personally tend to avoid an overly loud shirt in terms of colour or if it has any certain slogans on it. Again, this can give a bit too much of a casual vibe. A good rule of thumb is if it is a T-Shirt or top that you find yourself lounging around at home in, this is not a top you want to be out and about in.


Then weather permitting, you can layer that with a jacket of some kind which also helps to literally cultivate the outfit with layering. I like to opt for a classic leather jacket, but any smart-looking coat or jacket will do the job here.


Then you can opt for a pair of chinos and even jeans if they are darker in colour and fit with the rest of your outfit. The bolder your trousers are, the more likely you might get turned away. Depending on how casual the comedy club is, you might get away with shorts but remember, you don't want to risk feeling underdressed.


Then finally, complete the look with a nice pair of shoes. They don't have to be work shoes, but instead, some casual smart-looking boots like a pair of Chukka's tend to be a great option.

Pretty much opt for a date outfit, then that's kind of the level of dress code that you want to be aiming for with a comedy club. Again, you can overdress as well as underdress when it comes to comedy club attire. Let's take a look at what that looks like.

What Not to Wear to a Comedy Club

There's nothing particularly wrong with the guy's outfit above; at the end of the day, it is a T-Shirt, a pair of shorts and some trainers. The issue a comedy club might have (and this is definitely not all of them) is that they may feel that the outfit is a bit underdressed.

Instead of the T-shirt, he might have opted for a shirt and a pair of chinos or trousers. Then instead of trainers, he could have gone for a pair of Chukka boots or some other form of a smart-casual shoe.

Likewise, a suit is clearly looking dapper. However, it is overdressed for a comedy club; it's too far too formal to wear a full-on tie and blazer to a club. That said, it is much easier to tone this look down than it is to tone an overly casual lookup.

Simply remove the blazer, and opt for a jacket instead if it is a bit on the chilly side. Then lose the tie and undo a button. Even rough up the hairstyle a bit if needed. Then although you're probably on the smarter end of the audience, you're certainly not going to be out of place.

So if you're a little uncertain, it is often safer to edge on the side of being overly dressed rather than undressed for this occasion.

Women Comedy Club Outfit Ideas

Ladies, you can actually follow a lot of the same advice. However, you can also opt for a full-on dress and a range of bodysuits when it comes to comedy clubs. In fairness, there are a lot of options, again, tend to veer on the side of overdressed with a casual slant than an outright casual look. If you're looking like you're heading to the gym, then this is what's going to get a few looks from other customers and potential refusal.

Though in a comedy club, the focus is on the comedian. You just might not want to dress too wacky in case you catch their attention. However, if that's your objective, then go crazy and wear whatever you want to the club. That said, the focus is not on what you are wearing, and some clubs tend to be darker, especially with dedicated seating, so there might not be much chance to actually see what you're wearing anyway.

Comedy Club Attire

Have you got any other ideas on what you think are good options for what to wear to a comedy club? If you have any experience with a lot of comedy clubs and what recommended attire you would go for, we'd love to hear from you. Just reach out in the comments in the comments section that you can find just below. Potential future readers can benefit from your thoughts as well.

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