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What to Wear to a Jazz Club?

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Jazz Club Attire

When it comes to figuring out what to wear to a jazz club, it can vary quite a lot, and it depends on the club itself.

Sometimes, you can literally wear anything you like that's quite casual in nature, and you will find a whole variety of people who have dressed up or down for the occasion.

Whereas other jazz clubs have a certain level of etiquette and a dress code that might not be explicit per se, but more of an unwritten rule that you have to adhere to. So it's more of a smart casual type of approach you have to go by.

Working Out What to Wear to a Jazz Club

So as we mentioned above, there's a wide range of different jazz club attire that you can end up wearing for both men and women when it comes to figuring out what to wear. However, a great little tactic to employ is to check out your specific jazz club's social media accounts.

Head on over to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube accounts and although they will be usually focused on the jazz bands and artists that are playing. If you pay attention to the crowd specifically, you can then get a really good idea of whether the club is quite formal or casual in their style of clothing.

So you can then start to get an idea of what are the types of clothing people are wearing. Are the ladies mainly wearing skirts and dresses or even shirts with jackets and blazers? Likewise for the guys as well, are they generally wearing quite casual clothing, tops and jeans or is it a more formal affair?


Jazz Club Attire for Men

Now, if you're still a bit unsure, I would tend to go for the smart casual look with a bit of life in the shirt. Something like a colorfully patterned shirt and ideally quite slim fitting with a top underneath (typically white) can work really well, where you have are going to have the option to smarten it up if needs be or tone it down as well.

When it comes to colors, you can tend to keep it on the darker end with blacks, grays, and pinstripes, but going for a more colorful look underneath a single button blazer can work out great too.

Then when it comes to trousers, you can typically get away with dark jeans and chinos, take a look at what the club tends to wear, and that will give you the best indication. Generally speaking, it is pretty laid back overall.

Remember, it is much easier to tone down an outfit in casualness than smarten it up. Pair it with a blazer or a jacket of some kind as well with a smart pair of shoes that matches the rest of the overall outfit, and it will work out great.

Plus, keep in mind that you might end up doing a bit of dancing, so be sure to wear something comfortable that allows you to be flexible while dancing. When it comes to shoes as well, be sure to not opt for something that you can dance in, and spectator shoes with a two-tone look tend to quite be popular amongst jazz clubs.


Jazz Club Attire for Women

Darker shirts and darker dresses with some sort of twist and pattern tend to be quite common as a go-to choice for jazz clubs. However, again you can wear a whole variety of options really to wear at the club.

Whether you want to wear high heels or even clean shoes and trainers can be acceptable, as I say, it really depends on the type of establishment you're heading to. From that, will give you a much better idea of the overall standard you need to be dressing.

If you really want to pay tribute to the historical jazz style, the 'Flapper' style is a knee-length dress with bare shoulders and is often fringed at the bottom. This tends to be a bit more popular for those who are planning on doing a lot of jazz-style dancing as well though.

Whether you want to wear high-heeled shoes or just flats, you will be more than welcome. Different clubs do have different vibes, and you will start to work out also what clubs are more up your street and ones that aren't as well; it's all about taste and what you enjoy at the end of the day (or night at this case).

Don't Worry Too Much!

Really, we wouldn't worry too much about the attire overall. Just dress up and wear what you would usually do to a bar or a night out of some kind in a meal with friends. Often the setting of a jazz club tends to be quite dark around tables that are seated, and all the attention is largely on the music and what they are playing, much less on what you're wearing.

Check out the social media and get second-hand information from friends as well to work out what the set-up is like and see if they can give you any pointers with regards to what to wear. If there is a dress code, they will usually let you know on the site itself, and it is often very rare for a jazz club to insist on a particular type of clothing you have to wear.

Let us know if you have got a better indication from the above about what to wear to a jazz club and if it has helped you at all? If you have been to a jazz club before and the attire is a bit different, or if you have any advice for those who are new, please be sure to share your experiences so that future readers can benefit as well. Be sure to let us know what jazz clubs and nights you recommend as well. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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