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750, 585, and 417 Gold Markings on Jewelry and What They Mean


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What do these gold jewelry markings mean?

What do these gold jewelry markings mean?

What Does a 750, 585, or 417 Marking Mean?

Here's the quick answer:

  • 750 means 18-karat gold
  • 585 means 14-karat gold
  • 417 means 10-karat gold

But there's more to know about gold markings on jewelry. These letters and numbers indicate an item's purity. They stand for different varieties of gold, and some varieties are worth more than others.

Isn't your ring or necklace pure gold? If not, how much gold is in it? If your piece is stamped with other markings, then what do they mean? Keep reading to find out.

Your Jewelry Is Not Pure Gold!

Pure gold is illustrious. Yet, it is too soft to be used as jewelry. Not only would it be fragile and prone to damage and breakage, but links and moving parts would wear down quickly.

Therefore, karat gold is mixed (alloyed) with other base metals. Common components of gold alloy include copper, nickel, and zinc, among others. These additional metals impart greater strength and durability to fine gold jewelry.

Are There Other Colors of Gold?

Mixing gold with other metals can change its color. Pure gold is yellow. Yet gold jewelry can be white or silver, red or rose, and green or lime instead.

Can You Guess the Meaning of This Gold Jewelry Marking?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The necklace is a yellow gold color and marked with "925". What does it mean?
    • The necklace is vermeil.
    • "925" is an area code in central CA, so it's the mark of a jewelry manufacturer in Walnut Creek.
    • The necklace is 92.5% gold.
    • It's made of gold from Black Hills, SD, so the government sets a minimum sale price of $925 to protect US gold industry.

Answer Key

  1. The necklace is vermeil.

Karatage, Fineness, and Purity

As you can guess from the markings on gold jewelry, there is more than one gold variety. I'm referring to the purity only, not the color or style. Different varieties of gold jewelry contain a higher or lower percentage of gold, and there are a few standard varieties.

The purity is expressed in karats or fineness. Pure gold is 24 karats and .999 fine. (It's never 100% pure.) So the various fine gold markings, or stamps, tell you the purity of each jewelry item. More karats (the number before the "K") or a higher number means higher gold content.

So, how exactly does all of this fit together?

It's "karats", not "carrots!"

It's "karats", not "carrots!"

Understanding Karats and Karatage

The term, karat, pertains to gold, and so does karatage (confusingly spelled caratage in the UK). In the US, karats are not the same as carats.

A carat is a unit of measurement for gemstones. So most ladies would be thrilled to wear a 1-carat ring (diamond, of course). However, she would sneer if her beau proposed to her with a 1-karat ring, if there were such a thing, because it would be completely worthless.

"I thought our love meant something to you," she would exclaim, tearfully.

Then he would reply, with a quizzical expression, "I must have misunderstood your request, sweetheart."

So, in the interest of saving relationships, it's important to clarify this distinction.

What Gold Jewelry Markings Mean

Okay, back to gold markings. Look at the table below. It displays all common gold jewelry markings, along with their meanings. So for each gold variety, it lists the fineness and karatage markings; any piece of jewelry will only be stamped with one or the other. Then it shows you what percentage of gold each variety of jewelry contains.

Common Gold Markings on Jewelry, and Their Meanings

Table of corresponding gold markings, and the gold purity they signify.

FinenessKaratageGold Percentage


8K Gold



9K Gold


416 or 417

10K Gold

41.6% +

583 or 585

14K Gold

58.3% +


18K Gold


916 or 917

22K Gold

91.6% +


24K Gold


How Can Two Markings Mean the Same Thing?

The chart shows that both 583 and 585 mean 14-karat gold. You'll see the same issue with 416/417 and 916/917 too. The USA allows gold jewelry to be under karat, slightly. In other words, it can be marked 10K when it's only 9.5 karats. So the higher number marking in these three cases means that it's a higher quality gold, and not under karated.

What About Other Markings?

Well, that covers the meanings of 750, 585, 417, and other gold markings on jewelry.

Most fine gold jewelry is clearly marked or stamped. In which case it will display one of the markings discussed here. Some jewelry is marked with something else, instead of, or in addition to, those mentioned above.

Gold Plated Jewelry Markings

Some other markings mean a jewelry item is not fine karat gold. In that case, it's either plated or filled gold, or it's costume plain old jewelry—not real gold. See my other guide to find out more about the different kinds of gold plated jewelry, including their markings.

Vermeil, pronounced "ver-may," is gold-plated sterling silver. The 925 is a reference to sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver.

Hallmarks and Makers Marks

Some other markings convey details about the jewelry's origin. It may signify who made it, or where it was made, or something similar. In these cases, a logo stands for a manufacturer, and a letter may actually stand for the year of production. Google is your best chance at finding information about these kinds of unusual jewelry markings.

Last Tip for Understanding the Meaning of a Gold Marking

As stated, this article doesn't cover hundreds of other obscure markings that you might find on gold and silver jewelry and other precious metal items. However, we've covered the basics about gold jewelry markings here. So you should be able to look at the stamp on your gold ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings and understand what those letters and numbers mean.

If, for example, your gold necklace is marked as 585 or 14K, you know that means 14 Karat gold. Sometimes, that mark may be followed by other letters and numbers. However, those won't have any bearing on the actual gold content, and their meaning is simply a matter of curiosity. The item's purity has already been established by the first marking.

Questions & Answers

Question: What does "au 750" mean when stamped on jewelry?

Answer: Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic table, and 750 means the jewelry is 18 karat gold. So this stamp is just another way of indicating that the jewelry is 18K gold.

Question: I have a Cartier love bracelet I got used. It has a slightly tarnished look to it but has a 750 stamp. Is it silver plated? Do I have to worry about it turning my wrist green?

Answer: A 750 mark on jewelry means 18K gold. So it wouldn't be silver plated and could be white gold, but it shouldn't be tarnished either.

Question: I have a gold chain. The only marking on it is "JH." What does that mean?

Answer: Most likely, the absence of an actual gold markings means that it simply isn't gold.

Question: Does a 975 stamp mean gold or silver?

Answer: I can only guess that a "975" marking means a the item is a higher grade of sterling silver, which is usually marked "925" (92.5% pure silver content).

Question: What does it mean if jewelry is stamped AU750?

Answer: Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic table. 750 means 18K gold. So AU750 just means the piece of jewelry is 18 karat gold.

Question: I have a chain stamped with a DGL. What does that mean?

Answer: If that's the only stamp present, the jewelry probably isn't gold. Otherwise it would be marked with one the the abbreviations above.

Question: What does "14k mk" mean, stamped on a ring?

Answer: The 14K portion of this marking means the ring is probably 14 karat gold.

Question: What does a 750 RJ marking mean on jewelry?

Answer: The 750 means the jewelry is 18K, or 18 karat gold.

Question: There is an "AR" after "14K" on my gold jewelry. What does "AR" mean?

Answer: "AR" may be somebody's initials or something specific to the maker. The "14K" marking obviously means that the piece is 14 karat gold jewelry.

Question: My bracelet has "RJ 585 14k" on it. What could that mean, is it good?

Answer: The "585" and "14K" portions of the marking both indicate that your gold bracelet is 14 karat gold. The "RJ" potion could mean anything.

Question: I have a ring that marked 629 and has diamonds. Is it gold?

Answer: The ring is probably not gold. If it were gold, it should be stamped with one of the abbreviations above.

Question: What does H2 mean when it's stamped on gold-tone jewelry?

Answer: If that's the only stamp, then it tells you the jewelry is not gold.

Question: My bracelet is marked "Italy 750". Is it pure gold?

Answer: No, it's not pure gold; 24K or 999 means pure gold. However, 750 means 18K gold, which is 75% gold and is worth more than both 10K and 14K gold.

Question: What does 450K stamped on a silver pendant mean?

Answer: I have never seen that marking, but a "950" stamp means the jewelry is platinum.

Question: How can I know if the diamonds on my necklace are real or not? It's just marked "750" on one side and "585 AR" on the other.

Answer: There's no way for anybody to determine if diamonds are real without seeing them.

Question: What does a stamp with P6 on gold mean?

Answer: This is not a gold jewelry marking.

Question: What does "700" stamped on the inside of a ring mean? Then, spaced farther down the side of the ring, there is an "S" stamp.

Answer: I have never seen a "700" marking on gold or silver. The ring could be a type of steel.

Question: My ring has: "WR15", ".625", a sideways anchor, and "T" with a crest. What do these marks mean?

Answer: Oh, these are interesting markings. I can tell you that a "625" marking on gold jewelry means the item is 15K, or 15 karat gold, which was discontinued after 1935.

Question: I have a tennis bracelet marked 750. What does this mean?

Answer: The 750 marking means your tennis bracelet is 18K, or 18 karat gold.

Question: Can I sell 18k gold to a pawn shop?

Answer: Jewelry composed of 18 karat gold is more valuable than 14K or 10K pieces.

Question: If a gold necklace just has "Korea" stamped on it, is it real gold?

Answer: A lot of gold jewelry from Korea is 22K or 22 karat (also shown as 917). I have not seen any other kind of jewelry from Korea, so you might want to have somebody check it.

Question: My necklace says "Ag ltaly 925." What is it?

Answer: "Ag" is the symbol for silver on on the periodic table of elements. "925" indicates sterling silver. So the necklace is sterling silver and was made in Italy.

Question: I have a ring with 7.5 SD 14K. What does that mean?

Answer: The 7.5 that you see on the ring is probably the ring size. "14K" indicates that it is 14 karat (585) gold.

Question: I have a gold necklace that only has a "ghp" symbol on the clasp. I know it means "good high polish", but I don’t know if it’s 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k gold. Any idea?

Answer: Good high polish? That's a new one for me. I've never seen that marking. In the majority of cases, any gold-colored jewelry that does not have the at least one purity marking or stamp (as shown above) is not gold.

Question: I have gold pendant have stamp GGI UAE? The inside of the pendant also shows 916. What is the meaning?

Answer: I assume that UAE stands for United Arab Emirates, but the 916 gold jewelry marking means 22K. This higher purity gold is more common in the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Question: How much can I pawn 18kgp jewelry for in the Phillipines (per gram)?

Answer: You can't pawn it for anything, since a KGP marking on gold jewelry means that it is gold plated.

Question: I have a chain that just has the number "75" stamped on it. Does this mean it's not gold?

Answer: Well, if it said "750", you could hope it was 18K or 18 karat gold. Without the "0," it does not indicate gold.

Question: What is the value of a bracelet with the following markings: "25241 750"?

Answer: The 750 portion of that marking may mean 18K, or 18 karat gold. The value depends on the current market price of gold.

Question: My chain says 14K with GS. What does GS mean?

Answer: GS may be somebody's initials or something specific to the maker. The "14K" marking obviously means that the piece is 14 karat gold jewelry.

Question: I have YL Stamped on the inside of my 10-karat gold ring. What does it mean?

Answer: That marking has nothing to do with whether your jewelry is or is not gold.

Question: What is the best gold carat for strength?

Answer: Gold is a weak metal and bends easily. So the strongest gold jewelry would be the lowest purity, like 8KT gold. But it doesn't look much like gold. 14K gold is the most common as it balances purity (enough to show a nice yellow glow) with durability.

Question: I read somewhere that the 585 marking on gold means it’s forged and not real gold at all. What’s your opinion on this? I saw a diamond ring at a pawn shop I wanted to buy and when I saw the 585 marking and looked it up I was skeptical even though the pawn shop is reputable and stand by it being the real deal.

Answer: Not sure where you read that. 585 simply means 14K gold. It is 585 gold parts per 1000 parts of the alloy. This gold jewelry marking does not indicate how the ring was crafted.

Question: What does a stamp that says "T3" mean on jewelry?

Answer: A T3 jewelry marking means that it is stainless steel.

Question: I own a brooch inherited from my grandmother. It has two markings: one is marked C followed by star sign and numbers 875 or 873. Other marking on the same brooch is 3PC2. Can you tell me what those markings mean?

Answer: If it actually says "575" instead of "875", then that means it's 14K gold.

Question: What does the stamp “ZRW14K” mean on jewelry?

Answer: The "14K" portion probably indicates that your piece of jewelry is 14 karat gold. The rest of the marking has nothing to do with that fact.

Question: I see "14V" on my jewelry. What does the "V" stand for?

Answer: "V" is not a gold jewelry marking.

Question: What is a "03" or "08" marking on a gold bracelet?

Answer: That is not a gold jewelry marking.

Question: What is the meaning of "Au 730 13"?

Answer: "Au" is the symbol for gold on the periodic table and is used in the marking "Au750". The "750" specifies that a piece of jewelry is 18 karat gold. As for 730, maybe it's actually 750 that you see.

Question: My Figaro necklace just has the word “Italy” stamp on both the lobster claw and clasp. It passed the magnet test. Is it real? No other stamp on it.

Answer: The piece may be gold. I have purchased gold jewelry that was only marked with an Italy stamp. However, there's no way to know for sure, from here, if your piece is gold.

Question: I have a clasp on a necklace (pearl) marked 14"/20 and followed by an unusual script L (I think). I know 14/20 is gold-filled. What about the "L" mark?

Answer: Are you saying 14"/20 means gold-filled? Gold-filled jewelry is usually marked with 1/20 and then perhaps a 14K or 18K to show what purity of gold it is covered with. The "L" marking could mean anything.

Question: What does "tps 14k" stand for ?

Answer: The 14K marking on your gold means 14 karat gold.

Question: What does the marking, PA, on a gold chain denote?

Answer: "PA" is not a gold jewelry marking.

Question: What does "14ktfy" stand for on the inside of a gold nugget ring?

Answer: Usually, a "14k" marking, or perhaps a "14kt", means 14 karat gold.

Question: What does 925 Italy marking on a necklace mean?

Answer: It means the item is sterling silver (925) and made in Italy. if the item is gold-colored, then it is vermeil, which is sterling silver jewelry plated with gold.

Question: I have a bracelet that says 925 10K CT and there are about 70-80 diamonds on it. What does it mean though? ( 925 and 10K CT)

Answer: Though you didn't mention it, your bracelet probably has silver parts (925) and gold parts (10K) which would make it a yellow and white bracelet. This is done to give contrast, and keeps the bracelet in a low price range (since it is silver and low purity 10K gold). White gold is never used with silver on a piece of jewelry, because they provide no contrast, they are essentially the same color. Some gold jewelry is composed of yellow and rose gold parts, which is the same idea.

Question: What does GLR stand for on 10k gold?

Answer: GLR is not a gold marking, so it doesn't have anything to do with the purity.

Question: I have a bangle with "1ME J.A" stamped in it. What does this mean?

Answer: More than likely, the J.A. is initials, since it contains periods.

Question: My mother received a gold bracelet sixty years ago from her husband to be (my father). They lived in Italy at the time and the bracelet has a marking of 750, 17VI and the word "depositato" on it. What do these markings mean?

Answer: The gold marking that matters is the 750, since it means the jewelry is 18 karat gold, or 75% pure gold.

Question: What does a 1570 stamp on a gold and diamond brooch mean?

Answer: It could mean anything. If this is the only marking, then the item is not gold.

Question: My grandmother had a ring with a purple stone and lots of diamond-like stones. The marking on the band is "8KMGE". Is this real?

Answer: Was your grandmother from the UK somewhere? The "8K" portion of the marking may mean the piece of jewelry is 8K gold, which is more common in the UK. The minimum gold purity that is allowed to be called "gold" in the United States is 10K gold, of any color.

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I have a gold ring it is 10K, then thesmall symbol with I think a letter A inside followed by A87, what does it mean?

Bev Smith on June 04, 2018:

I have a gold chain with a small cross. There is a small heart at the clasp with 18KBA (that B could possibly be an 8) on it. What does that mean?

lorence on May 31, 2018:

i found ring 585 in a sea in croatia

shopi mendez on May 19, 2018:

I have silver ring stamp 18k 750 is this true white gold

Stephen (author) on May 11, 2018:

In all cases, 750 means 18 karat gold. Other markings can be from the jeweler or assay office. Sometimes a letter may designate what year the jewelry piece was made, whereas a symbol might indicate the country where it was made.

Jonathan Lynn on May 10, 2018:

What dose a necklace with the letter A on it mean?

Sarah on May 09, 2018:

How do you keep gold plating from changing colors or turning your skin. Green?

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