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The Best Understated Luxury Handbags

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In need of a new bag? Look no further!

In need of a new bag? Look no further!

Understated Luxury Handbags

Are you tired of gold or silver-toned logos and excessive branding of designer bags? Sometimes, a well-made subtle purse is all you need to define your personal style!

This list of the eight understated handbags will have you running towards the mall!

So chic!

So chic!

1. Celine Classic Box

Celine was a very refined brand before the departure of its creative director, Phoebe Philo. Phoebe is responsible for elevating the brand to its popularity today. With iconic pieces like the Classic Box, belts, and luggage, women everywhere want to get their hands on at least one Celine product.

Out of their entire line, the Classic Box is definitely one of the most understated designer bags with a very simple yet classy design. The Box bag is structured with a little clasp on the front. And that's it! No other unnecessary designs or excessive branding. This is a truly understated designer handbag that you can wear forever!

2. Loewe Hammock

Loewe is a Spanish brand that is known for its understated leather handbags and accessories. The Loewe Hammock is inspired by an actual hammock!

J. W. Anderson is a talented designer who can make a hammock look like an understated luxurious handbag. This purse comes in three different sizes, medium, small, and mini. With a crossbody strap and handles, you can wear this handbag in several different ways. With lots of colors and color combinations to pick from, you will for sure find the perfect Hammock for your lifestyle and needs. But if you don't love this particular bag, you have other options at Loewe.

3. Louis Vuitton Alma in Epi Leather

Do you think of their iconic monogram when you think of Louis Vuitton?

The Alma in epi leather is a leather bag with a tiny embossed LV logo at the bottom. If you don't look carefully, you can't even find this logo. This understated yet classy bag is so perfect for both young and mature women. With the popularity of small bags in recent years, the Alma bb in epi leather is just the perfect arm candy!

So simple!

So simple!

4. A.P.C Grace

Do you love the Celine Classic Box but don't want to spend that kind of money? Well, the A.P.C. Grace bag is an excellent alternative.

This bag is simple and elegant, just like the Celine but at less than 1/4 of the price. With full leather and many different colors to pick from, the Grace is definitely a super understated classic that many women love.

Pick the biggest Grace for a roomy bag that allows you to carry the essentials and many more things. Go for the medium size for women that want to carry all their essentials comfortably. The smallest Grace bag only allows you to carry a small wallet and squeeze in your smartphone.



5. Chloe Marcie

Chloe is a relatively young brand in the world of luxury handbags. However, its designs are on par with established luxury brands.

There are many iconic styles from the house of Chloe. Actually, most bags from Chloe are very understated. With no visible logos that clearly identify Chloe to anyone, Chloe purses are known for their expert use of leather. The Chloe Marcie bag comes in several different sizes for all lifestyles and needs.

Love this!

Love this!

6. Marni Trunk

Do you like structured handbags? The Marni Trunk is a beautifully structured handbag that comes in two different sizes. The large size is more for every day because of its roomy interior. The small size is perfect for those who are either following the current fashion trend or don't have a lot of stuff.

Although not well known in the mainstream, this brand has a very loyal cult following. With no logos or any noticeable designer branding, only a true bag lover will recognize this bag.

This color!

This color!

7. J.W. Anderson Keyts Leather Cross Body

J. W. Anderson is a very talented young designer. He revived Loewe and designed several sought-after bags for the Spanish brand.

Aside from his well-loved designs at Loewe, Anderson created his own brand under his name. The Keyts leather bag is understated with full leather and a delicate metal key and chain as the opening clasp for the bag.

8. Polène Numéro Neuf

Polène is mainly known for their iconic little backpack. However, other styles from Polène are just as cute.

The Numéro Neuf is a handheld and crossbody style bag that is very versatile. Using supple leather, this purse looks very luxurious and expensive, even without any branding or logo. Best of all, the Polène brand's price point is very reasonable. Most of their purses are under 500 dollars.