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All About Hermès Handbags, Overview of Different Hermès Purse Styles!

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Types of Hermès Bags

What are the most classic and iconic handbags from Hermès? This legendary haute couture fashion house is particularly known for craftsmanship and exclusivity. Women that love fashion dream of owning at least one bag.

This article lists some of the most beautiful and well-known Hermès handbags. If your pocket is deep and you love handbags, this list will surely have at least one bag that you want to add to your collection.



The Hermès Birkin is the holy grail handbag for many women. Since its creation in 1984, it has been the epitome of designer handbags and the ultimate luxury fashion accessory for many.

Despite its immense success in high fashion, the Birkin has humble beginnings. Created as a carryall for the actress Jane Birkin, this handbag was intended to be a functional piece that can carry lots of daily essentials. Over the years, this design won the hearts of many celebrities and socialites. It has been elevated to legendary status as we know it today. With many exotic animal skins available as raw material for this bag, its iconic status in the handbag world has been solidified. Remember the white Himalayan crocodile Birkin? The Birkin is the most sought-after handbag from the house of Hermès.



Another iconic handbag from Hermès is none other than the Kelly bag. Named after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, this purse is more elegant than the Birkin.

The Kelly is also one of the oldest handbags from the house of Hermès. Initially created in 1935, this bag was called the Sac à dépêches. When Grace Kelly used this purse to hide her pregnancy, the handbag was renamed after the beautiful princess. With a single handle, the Kelly handbag is more elegant and demure than the Hermès Birkin. Also available in many exotic animal skins, this purse is one of the most desirable handbags from the house of Hermès.



Can you name another handbag from Hermès that is as popular as the Birkin and Kelly? Avid handbag lovers will tell you that bag is the Hermès Constance. With the signature "H" logo as the buckle opening for this messenger style handbag, the Constance is more high profile than both the Birkin and Kelly.

Created in 1959 by Catherine Chaillet, the Constance was named after her fifth child. What's even more surprising? The Constance is actually harder to buy than both Birkin and Kelly at the Hermès boutique. The leather craftsmanship of the Constance is really beautiful. Every stitch is perfectly done to create a purse that will stand the test of time.


Do you want the Hermès craftsmanship but not the most popular styles from this haute couture fashion house? How about the Hermès Lindy? This purse is free of any logos and not easily recognized by anyone who is not an expert at designer handbags.

The Lindy is a functional bag that can serve as an everyday bag for women with deep pockets. With small bags dominating the fashion scene right now, the Hermès Lindy 20 and 26 are very popular.



The Evelyne is another very popular Hermès bag that is recognized widely by women. Unfortunately, the Evelyne bag was discontinued in 2019 after over forty years in production.

But, not to worry, you can still find this purse in many second-hand luxury consignment stores. With the "H" letter perforated in the leather, the Evelyne is unmistakably Hermès. This crossbody bag is very practical and pays homage to Hermès' equestrian heritage.


Do you love bucket bags? The Picotin is the bucket bag from Hermès. With different sizes, you can pick the bag that fits your needs the most. Also, this plain bucket can be dressed up with Hermès' many colorful twilly scarves. A relative newcomer from the house of Hermès, the Picotin was created back in 2002.

With twenty years in production, this understated designer bag is perfect for a fashion lover that wants to be discreet. With no visible logo or branding, the Picotin bucket bag is only recognized by diehard Hermès fans. True to its equestrian roots, the Picotin is inspired by the horse's feedbag. This minimalist-style purse is very good for causal occasions. When you add the Hermès twilly scarf, it can also be wore for more formal occasions. Either way, the Picotin is a perfect bag for many.

Garden Party

Although Hermès leather handbags are never known to be cheap, the Garden Party is the most affordable purse in its lineup. With very casual vibes, this tote can accompany you on all of your shopping trips.

All other Hermès bags on this list are lined with leather, the Garden Party is a more casual bag and it's lined with canvas. This is the reason why the Garden Party is more affordable. The canvas lining also makes this tote a lot lighter. This bag is good for your shopping trips; you can add lots of products in this tote before it gets heavy.

For those that are shopping at Hermès for the first time, the Garden Party is often the first bag purchase. It really holds a special place in the hearts of many as the first welcoming bag to the house of Hermès.