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Anatomy of a SevenFriday Replica

SevenFriday Replica ZL220

SevenFriday Replica ZL220

Daniel Niederer, an experienced distributor of luxury timepieces in Asia, felt there was room for a new watch brand in the 1,000-dollar range. He designed a timepiece that presented a style far different than competing Swiss watches and, in 2012, founded SevenFriday.

SevenFriday timepieces are squarish in shape, lack lugs, and feature a face cluttered with rotating disks. In many cases, the balance wheel can be clearly seen. This style is often referred to as industrial.

SevenFriday manufactures what can truly be called an international watch. They are designed in Switzerland, powered by Japanese movements, and assembled in Hong Kong.

These timepieces are popular with those who desire a watch with a fresh and bold design. Sales of SevenFriday timepieces have increased each year since the company was formed.

The watch under review today is a replica. Most internet-based stores avoid selling replicas because these timepieces are manufactured without regard for copyright laws. The factories that assemble them steal both the originating company’s design and their branding information. These watches are generally of lower quality than the original and, when they fail, the company whose name is featured on the watch is the one that will suffer damage to its reputation.

I was considering the purchase of a SevenFriday watch, but because this brand presents a style I am unfamiliar with, I felt it prudent to try out a cheap replica first. had one available for fifteen-dollars. The price was right, so I ordered the replica. It arrived on schedule and was well packed in bubble wrap.


  • The case is composed of black plastic with a white plastic sheath wrapped around it. It is 13mm thick and 46mm wide.
  • The replica weighs 62 grams (2.2 ounces).
  • This watch features a white dial with what appears to be a label glued to it.
  • The outer ring of this label is silver and used to note the passing minutes. It encloses a black ring which is marked SEVENFRIDAY Industrial Series. Printing is poor, with much of the lettering faded. A silver inner ring marks the passing hours.
  • A rotating white disk positioned at the timepiece’s center completes one turn every sixty seconds. The dial includes two decorative subdials and a depiction of a timing wheel.
  • The ZL220 is powered by a Sukon PE39 quartz movement.
  • Its band is composed of black PU leather that is 26mm wide where it attaches to the watch, slimming to 22mm.


Brand: Replica SevenFriday

Condition: New

Model number: ZL220

Place of origin: China

Gender: Male

Display: Analog

Movement: Sukon PE39 quartz

Battery: 377SE

Style: Industrial

Features: Hours and minutes

Dial color: White, black, and silver

Band material: PU leather

Band color: Black with white stitching

Dial window material: Glass

Case material: Plastic

Case diameter: 46mm

Case thickness: 13mm

Weight: 62 grams (2.2 ounces)

Water resistance: Splash proof only

Visual Appeal

I have reviewed several replicas that faithfully reproduced the external features of the original. Unfortunately, the ZL220 is not among this group.

The old-fashioned television shape of a SevenFriday has been adequately duplicated, and I appreciate the centerpiece, which continuously revolves. It attracts the eye.

The two rotating subdials are clearly stickers, and the manufacturer’s rendition of a fake timing wheel is among the worst effects I have ever seen. The ZL220’s strap is black and features white stitching. It matches well with the overall design of the timepiece.

SevenFriday Replica ZL220

SevenFriday Replica ZL220

SevenFriday Replica ZL220

SevenFriday Replica ZL220


Although I generally disapprove of plastic cases, this one appears to be sturdy.
This replica is powered by a Sukon PE39 quartz movement. I’ve never heard of Sukon, and, after examining this movement, can understand why. Most of the parts, including the gears, are composed of plastic. This movement’s lifespan can be measured in weeks.

The supplied PU leather strap is of mediocre quality. Sadly, it will probably outlast the watch.

Overall Impression

Replicas in this price range are usually purchased as a joke present or used to help the owner decide whether or not to buy the legitimate timepiece. This manufacturer’s attempt to visually copy a SevenFriday watch has failed miserably. The ZL220 should be avoided.

Replicas are available at several price-points. The survey below is meant to determine what price and quality are most preferred by potential purchasers.

© 2017 Walter Shillington


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