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Seven Affordable Non-Designer Bags and Brands

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Affordable Non-Designer Handbags

Do you love designer handbags but don't want to pay the price for a brand name? Or do you already have a few designer bags and want to look at some non-designer options to complement your collection?

There are some non-designer purses that look good, cost less, and are perfect for every day. If you love the minimalist design without any logos, this article lists several designer alternatives that are just as good as designer handbags.


1. The Camera Bag by Madewell

Madewell is a trendy fashion brand for teenage and young women. Surprisingly, it has gained a loyal following for its handbag line. Madewell has several handbag designs and constantly comes out with newer purses.

However, its camera bag is one of the most popular and practical purses from Madewell. Available in two sizes, this leather camera bag embraces a minimalist design. With no visible logo branding the bag, it's very understated. Best of all, it comes with two straps. One is a same-colored leather strap, and the other is a wide canvas strap ideal for carrying heavy items.

The smaller camera bag can fit only your essentials. On the other hand, the larger camera bag fits lots of items and is a perfect bag for those on the go.


2. Portland "Almost Perfect" Mini Crossbody

Do you want a cute small tote bag? If so, the Portland "Almost Perfect" mini crossbody is the perfect tote for you. This small size tote comes in two styles, unzipped and with zipper. For those that want a little bit more security, a fully zipped tote is the way to go.

With twelve colors to pick from, you will for sure find your favorite color. Go for the yellow tote for the perfect summer bag. Complete your summer outfit with a sun dress, tan-colored sandals and the yellow mini crossbody tote! Buy the black leather version for a traditional tote that goes with all of your outfits.

Best of all, the price on this little tote is very reasonable even at the regular retail price. This understated versatile bag will stay in your wardrobe for many years to come!


& Other Stories is a popular clothing brand that carries handbags in their regular lineup. Their bag collection is a hit or miss depending on your personal taste.

However, the handbag page is constantly being updated with newer styles. Some of the handbags are definitely going to appeal to you. Best of all, all handbags sold at & Other Stories are reasonably priced even before the sale. But be sure to take advantage of sales to get an even better deal on the bags.


4. Charles & Keith Handbags

Do you love trendy bags? Charles & Keith is a relatively new brand that sells on-trend purses. Although not made from genuine leather, these bags are reasonably priced and designed with current fashion trends in mind. Charles & Keith really leads the way for inexpensive and fashionable accessories.

Founded in 1996 by two Singaporean brothers, Charles & Keith also sells other accessories such as wallets, shoes, sunglasses, and more. They also periodically put their merchandise on sale. So, you can purchase these fashion-forward purses for lower prices.


5. The Perfect Tote Mini in Vegan Leather by Lark & Ives

Are you against the use of leather in handbags? Vegan leather is a good alternative to genuine leather. With more advanced technology in recent times, vegan leather's quality is drastically improved. Now, vegan leather is more durable and almost rivals genuine leather.

Lark & Ives is a Canadian brand founded by two women that specialize in vegan leather products. The tote in the mini size is perfect for every day and is priced reasonably at around $100. Three colors are available in this style and can pair with different outfits.


6. The Cambridge Satchel Company by The Satchel Bags

Do you love a traditional, functional, and well-made leather satchel bag? The Cambridge Satchel company uses genuine leather to craft its signature crossbody satchel bags.

Available in several sizes and colors, the satchel bags can be used by anybody. Go for a smaller bag for a woman that wants to be on-trend and carries only essentials. Buy a medium or bigger bag if you want to carry more than the essentials.

For the price, these satchels are well made and will last you a very long time.


7. The Lightweight Tote by Rothy's

Let's save the best for last! Are you an environmentalist that wants to do good for the earth? But do you also want to enjoy fashion guilt-free? Take a look at Rothy's bags.

Made from recycled polyester, Rothy's totes are environmentally friendly. From looking at the bags, you would never be able to tell that the material is from old plastic bottles. Rothy's prides itself on a circular design model that re-uses throw-away polyester. So, you are definitely supporting a good business by purchasing from them.

The price for these bags is on the higher side due to their environmentally friendly processes. The lightweight tote is perfect for every day because it is not heavy and can fit a ton of daily items. You won't have to pick and choose what to put in the bag. The best part is everything from this brand can be washed and used forever!