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The Best Small Yet Practical Designer Handbags

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

The Best Small Designer Bags

Small designer handbags are still in fashion. Many fashion bloggers and major designer brands have lots of small purses in their collections. However, many small bags are gorgeous but not practical at all. Some won't even fit a small smartphone. For most people, you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag and never use it. This article lists some of the cutest small yet practical handbags. You will love to use them!


Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 20

This Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière size 20 is the perfect small handbag for fashion and practicality. Louis Vuitton is well known for their Speedy bag, which comes in sizes from nano to 35 centimeters measured length-wise. Smaller Speedy bags are very cute and in style.

However, they are user-friendly because of the top zipper opening. The Speedy Bandoulière 20 has a wider top zipper, allowing the user to access the space easily. Along with the crossbody strap, this small Speedy is the perfect match for a Speedy lover that wants fashion and practicality at the same time. Go with the classic monogram version for a handbag that never goes out of style. This little speedy comes with a wide canvas crossbody strap that is very comfortable to wear. For a more understated lady, go for the full leather version of Speedy Bandoulière 20.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini and MCM Mini Bebe Boo Backpack

Some of the best small bags that are fashionable and practical are none other than small backpacks. Many designer brands offer these backpacks in their lineup. But, Louis Vuitton is the brand that started this fashion trend with the Palm Springs Mini.

This little backpack comes in the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram and reverse monogram. With a large opening, this little bag can fit all of your daily essentials. Best of all, this little backpack can be worn several different ways, handheld, across the chest like a fanny pack, and as an actual backpack.

If the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini is too expensive for you, MCM offers a cheaper alternative but the same size and just as functional as the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini. The MCM Bebe Boo backpack is a very chic backpack that can serve as an everyday workhorse backpack. Although no longer offered in a wide variety of colors, the MCM Mini Bebe Boo backpack is still available in many colors at many second-hand luxury consignment stores.


Celine Luggage in Nano Size

The Celine Luggage represents Phoebe Philo's Celine that fashion lovers know and love. As a creative director, Phoebe is immensely successful by elevating Chloé to new heights with feminine yet bohemian pieces. When Phoebe took over the design house of Celine, she embodied Celine with the image of a sleek feminine silhouette of a smart business-oriented woman.

With a minimalist and no-branding design, Celine is known for its gorgeous handbags. The Celine Luggage is a signature Phoebe with a cute robotic face as a distinctive feature of the handbag. The Luggage in the nanosize is very cute but practical at the same time. You can fit all of your daily essentials and a few more things with no problems. The Celine Luggage in nanosize is the perfect understated designer handbag for a discreet and classy lady.

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Celine Triomphe Bag Teen Size

In 2018, Phoebe Philo left Celine. This left some big shoes to fill for Celine's new creative director, Hedi Slimane. Rather than continuing with Phoebe's design and legacy, Hedi brings a more modern and new logo collection to Celine. Initially, loyal Celine fans were shocked and appalled.

However, some of the pieces at Celine are now loved by fans. One of them is the Celine Triomphe bag. This purse is similar to the old Celine Box Bag. Maybe that's why Celine fans still love it. Unlike the old Celine Box bag, the Triomphe bag is more practical and spacious.

For the teen size, it's still a small bag, but you can fit most of your daily essentials. This little purse really packs a punch not only in the practicality department but is also very pleasant to the eyes. Hedi created the leather and textile Triomphe bag in the teen size, which is more casual than the full leather version.


Chanel Le Boy Small

No designer handbag list is complete without the legendary Chanel. Created in 2011, the Chanel Le Boy is a newcomer to the haute couture fashion house. Edgier than the classic flap, the Le Boy is a good bag for a woman that likes to wear casual and more rock n' roll clothing.

The small size is good as an evening bag and can only fit your essentials. Instead of a traditional continental wallet, you have to use a compact wallet or card case for the small Chanel Le Boy. This small bag can also fit up to an iPhone 8 plus with a slim case. With the space left, you can still pack your keys, lipstick, roller style perfume, and a small hand sanitizer. For such a small bag, the Chanel Le Boy has adequate space for a beautiful evening out.


Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag

You can never go wrong with a small camera bag. It is one of the best styles for small size and practicality. With the boxy shape, even small camera bags can fit your basic daily essentials plus more. Saint Laurent designer bags are on the lower end of the price spectrum for luxury purses.

But, it is still high quality and made of leather. The Saint Laurent Lou camera bag comes in many different colors that you can for sure find the perfect color to fit your needs. Best of all, this small purse comes with a removable tassel. You can even use this tassel to dress up other handbags.


Chloé Mini Marcie

The Chloé Marcie handbag is an iconic purse from the fashion house Chloé. True to its roots as a French brand, Chloé is a classic Parisian style that is bohemian and feminine chic. Created in 2010 by then creative director Hannah MacGibbon, the Chloé Marcie is both bohemian and inspired by the equestrian style. The mini Marcie is very popular because of the small purse trend.

However, don't be fooled by its small size; the mini Marcie packs a punch in terms of practicality. There are two styles of the Chloé Mini Marcie, with or without the top handle. Other than oversized smartphones, this little purse can fit all of your essentials. Go with a compact wallet or cardholder instead of a traditional long wallet. This small purse has thick yet soft leather, so it can stretch a little bit to fit just a little bit more. This purse is free of designer logos and perfect for those who are low-key. Best of all, the Chloé Mini Marcie is priced lower than other comparable designer purses.


Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag

The Gucci Diana Tote bag is a relatively recent addition to Gucci. Under its new creative director, Gucci released the Diana. This tote bag comes in several different sizes. This small tote pays homage to Gucci's love of bamboo material. The handle is made from bamboo and tied with a colorful leather strap to keep its shape.

The Diana Mini Tote is small but packs a punch in terms of everyday usability. Its boxy shape can fit all of your daily essentials if you don't pack the whole kitchen sink. Available in many different colors, the Gucci Diana Mini tote is sure to please everyone. Even though this little tote is available in neutral colors like black and brown, the Diana is really beautiful in brighter colors. You will look your best with this colorful little tote on the beach!

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