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Best Romantic Heart Lockets Gift Ideas

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Heart lockets make for thoughtful gifts.

Heart lockets make for thoughtful gifts.

The History of Lockets

A heart locket is often a cherished piece of jewelry that is handed down through many generations of a family.

A traditional locket is created from a precious metal that is shaped and split into two halves, with a catch to open it. The locket usually opens out and can contain space where you can place photographs of loved ones or maybe a lock of hair or other personal mementos, depending on the size.

The history of making and wearing lockets stretches back many centuries. They were made from many different materials, including gold, silver, pewter, brass, iron and copper and carried many things inside of them such as good luck charms, keepsakes, poisons, or remedies.

The Victorians were especially fond of wearing them because they lived during a very sentimental age, and keepsakes were cherished.

The Victorians often gave them as gifts, as a form of condolence after a loved one had passed away. The era also saw the development of photography, so it became popular to place a photograph inside your locket.

The dawning of the twentieth century saw an improvement in manufacturing techniques that allowed them to be mass-produced for the first time and worn as costume jewelry.

Why Choose a Heart-Shaped Locket?

Although you can get them in many different shapes, the heart-shaped locket is one of the most popular.

These heart necklaces first became fashionable in Victorian times as the distinctive shape was thought to symbolise the beating heart of your beloved resting close to your own.

Hearts have always been associated with love, so they make the perfect romantic gift, especially on St Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year.

Make your romantic locket even more special by putting your photograph inside, so that your loved one can gaze at your picture during the times when you are apart.

The heart shape also had religious connotations for the Victorians, as this shape represents the sacred heart of Jesus.

Simple Heart Locket

You can fall in love with a simple, but beautiful, heart-shaped locket in gold, sterling silver, white gold or platinum. The beauty of this jewelry comes from the gleam of the precious metal, and their clean, classical lines.

This is the special one that you choose if you are looking for a classy piece of jewelry that will go with all your different outfits and that you can wear every day.

There is a huge range of yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum heart lockets available both in the stores and online and you will easily be able to find the perfect design for you within your preferred budget.

Engraved and Personalised Heart Locket

For a really special present, why not look at an engraved heart locket? Again you can choose to have a silver, gold, white gold or platinum one.

You can either opt for a standard engraved message such as ‘I Love You’ or ‘Mom’, or you can personalise your necklace by having a name or short meaningful message engraved into the precious metal.

These beautiful lockets can also be engraved with flowers, with religious symbols such as a cross, and other beautiful patterns.

Heart Locket With Diamonds or Gemstones

Heart-shaped lockets can also be found studded with sparkling diamonds or your favourite coloured gemstones. If you love rubies, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines or topazes, you can find the perfect one set with your favourite gemstone.

If you are buying a special birthday gift, why not find one that is set with the birthday stone for that month? A heart locket set with rubies is especially appropriate, since red is the traditionally the colour of passionate love and romance.

Marcasite Heart Lockets

Marcasite jewelry is made from a form of pyrite or fool’s gold rather than from marcasite itself which is too brittle. Marcasite jewelry is often created by setting small pieces of pyrite into silver to make a beautiful pattern.

Marcasite jewelry has been made since the time of the Ancient Greeks, and its popularity was revived in the eighteenth century, during Victorian times and more latterly by Art Nouveau jewelry designers.

So if you like jewelry with an old-fashioned timeless elegance, why not choose a marcasite heart locket? There is a large range of exquisitely worked marcasite heart lockets available online, and some are set with gemstones or are embellished with brightly coloured enamel.

Heart Lockets for Children and Teens

Heart-shaped lockets can be surprisingly affordable, and you can find a good selection of them online that have been designed especially for children and teens.

A heart locket makes a lovely first piece of real jewelry for a young girl, and can be something that she can wear for many years to come.

They can also be very affordable, so much so that your teen could get one for a friend for a special birthday or Christmas gift.

So whether you are looking for a heart locket as a romantic gift, or whether you wish to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry, or are even looking for that perfect gift for a child, you will easily be able to find exactly the perfect heart shaped locket that you were looking for.

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