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The Best Chanel Classic Flap Handbags

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Chanel Classic Flap History

A Chanel classic flap bag is a dream for most fashion lovers. The legendary designer Coco Chanel first created the classic flap bag to free up her hands. Inspired by straps on shoulder bags, she added thin straps to the classic flap and released it into the market in 1929.

In 1955, Coco Chanel was already famous and decided to update her handbag design. The resulting bag was named the 2.55. Nowadays, only the Chanel mademoiselle lock bags are considered to be 2.55. Even though the classic flap is definitely heavily influenced by Coco Chanel's original design, the interlocking CC bags are now specifically distinguished from the 2.55.

Sizes of the Classic Flap

There are several different sizes of the classic flap Chanel bags, from very large to very small. The current small handbag trend is dominant and is still going very strong as of 2020. However, you should always pick what you like. Fashion has a cyclic pattern and the large handbag trend will almost always come back in the future. Picking a handbag that is proportionate to your figure is really important and can accentuate your looks.



The Classic Black With Gold Hardware Chanel Classic Flap Bag

What is one of the most iconic Chanel classic flap bags? It definitely is black leather with gold-toned hardware one. This handbag makes its wearer very sophisticated. There are two varieties of basic leather in Chanel: lambskin and pebbled caviar leather. The lambskin is more shiny but fragile. Many people say that the lambskin is prone to scratches. The caviar leather is thicker and tougher. This type of leather is perfect for a carefree individual.



Chanel White Alligator Diamond Classic Flap Bag

One of the most expensive Chanel handbags ever made by the influential fashion house, the white alligator diamond classic flap was for sale for $261,000. This bag has 3.56 Karats of diamonds and the strap is made of white gold. You can imagine how heavy the bag is with precious metals and diamonds. However, the use of exotic animal skin for handbags is very controversial and not necessary.



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Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Bag

The classic flap Chanel vintage bag is very sought after. With the interlocking CC logo bigger than the current version, the vintage classic flap is very recognizable with some wear to the leather.

One interesting fact, the interlocking CC logo used to be gold plated. And, of course, the vintage bag's logo is gold plated instead of just gold-toned hardware. Nowadays, the newer ones are all just gold-toned hardware. The Chanel classic flap bag is often a holy grail bag for most handbag lovers, just like the legendary Hermès Birkin. However, Chanel is a lot more "affordable" and attainable compared to the Birkin.

Chanel Square Mini

What is the cutest Chanel classic flap bag? How about the square mini? This little bag is perfect for dates and vacations. Although small in size, it's good for a woman's health because you won't be carrying so much in the purse! Like all Chanel classic flaps, the square mini is hard to find at the Chanel store. If this little bag is on your must-have list, don't hesitate to grab it when you see it at the stores.

Ice Cube Chanel

The ice cube Chanel classic flap is definitely very different. This Chanel is made of vinyl instead of leather; that's why Chanel is able to get this super bright silver color. This shiny bag is for a lady with a huge personality; she wants the world to see her and her handbag. Although hard to wear every day, pull out this special Chanel for an event to show off your amazing taste.

Notice the stitching!

Notice the stitching!

The Classic Flap with Chevron Stitching

Most people think of the classic flap, they think of the diamond stitching. However, Chanel also has chevron-stitched bags. These bags look a little bit different than the ones that you are used to seeing, but have a more modern vibe to them. For women that are considering getting a chevron stitched one, they are usually on their second or third Chanel. Try to pick a fun color to spice up your wardrobe.

Chanel Classic Flap Comes in Almost Every Color

Are you not into the classic black leather with gold hardware Chanel bag? Good news! Chanel had made many classic flap in many different colors in the past. They will surely continue to make the iconic classic flap in different colors each season. If you are a girly girl, pick gorgeous baby pink or bright pink to go with your personality. On the other hand, if you love a red bag, the Chanel classic flap in red is so stunning. Anyways, the possibility is endless with your pick of color!

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