How to Buy Authentic Coach on Ebay: 5 Basic Ways to Tell if a Coach Purse is Real or Fake

Updated on March 10, 2018

I love Coach bags, period. I eat, sleep and breathe them. They are my kryptonite. I have a hard time resisting anything Coach! I have been selling Coach items on Ebay and have been doing so for over 10 years. Like I said, I am a Coachaholic! The quality of these bags are irresistible. They are fashionable, a little sassy, and at times just down right classy! And often times the best deals on authentic Coach bags are found on Ebay. Yet not all these "authentic" bags are real. So how can you tell a real authentic Coach purse from a fake? Below I discuss five foolproof ways to determine whether a Coach purse is real.

Foolproof Way 1: The Coach Leather Creed

Coach Ergo Large White Pleated Hobo Purse Style 12235 REAL
Coach Ergo Large White Pleated Hobo Purse Style 12235 REAL | Source

The first way to tell if a Coach bag is real is to look for the Coach leather creed. Every Coach bag has a serial number; it's as simple as that. Inside most Coach purses is a leather patch, known as a Coach creed, which shows a serial number that corresponds to the name and type of Coach purse you are looking at.

Large to medium-sized to large size Coach bags will always have a Coach leather patch with a serial number inside the bag. Some of the smaller bags (such as top-handle bags or clutches) don't have the patch, but they will still have a serial number, and they can be verified. The serial number will be listed on the sales tag. If the sales tag for a small bag is not included in the auction or sale because the bag is pre-owned, then please take this into consideration before bidding or buying.

On a Coach creed, you should see a letter, then four numerals, then a dash, and then more numbers: five numbers for newer bags, three or four for older vintage bags (pre-1990). The last five numerals are the style of the purse. For example, a large white leather Coach Ergo bag has 12235 as its last five digits (see picture). You can take this number and type it into your search bar, either on Ebay or the Internet, with the word "Coach" in front of it, and search it. If your search results come back with similar pictures or descriptions of Coach purses then you know the bag is real. Also, this number can be verified by any Coach store (some will, some won't). So if in doubt, pick up the phone and call, it's worth a try!

Coach Juliete Mini Satchel Bag. Front view. Although the creed is actually inside this purse, many of these small purses do not have them. Some other ways to verify besides the sales tag would be by the hang tags or any hardware on the purse.
Coach Juliete Mini Satchel Bag. Front view. Although the creed is actually inside this purse, many of these small purses do not have them. Some other ways to verify besides the sales tag would be by the hang tags or any hardware on the purse. | Source
Smaller Coach purse with a Coach leather creed patch inside. This is #45524, Coach Juliette Mini Satchel Bag.
Smaller Coach purse with a Coach leather creed patch inside. This is #45524, Coach Juliette Mini Satchel Bag. | Source
This number would be for a Coach Purse Style 5688. But style 5688 does not exist; a search will prove this. FAKE. The stitching on the creed is also messy, and the writing is not raised.
This number would be for a Coach Purse Style 5688. But style 5688 does not exist; a search will prove this. FAKE. The stitching on the creed is also messy, and the writing is not raised.

Foolproof Way 2: Coach Hangtags

Real metal and leather Coach hang tags.
Real metal and leather Coach hang tags.

Coach hangtags are NOT sales tags, but small leather keyfobs adorning the outside of a Coach purse. They are ALWAYS leather and embossed with the word "Coach". The only way a real authentic Coach purse would come with a metal hangtag is if it was a limited edition. The metal hangtag would always be accompanied by one or two leather hangtags, or crystal studded. If you see a purse with a metal hangtag only (often gold-colored), it is fake, or at the very least its authenticity should be questioned!

Update 2018: Some Coach hang tags are being made as Duos with both a leather and metal hang tag set, these will always be embossed with "Coach".

Lone Coach embossed leather hangtag. REAL
Lone Coach embossed leather hangtag. REAL

Foolproof Way 3: The Inside Lining

Coach satin interior lining, solid:  REAL
Coach satin interior lining, solid: REAL | Source

The easiest way to tell whether a Coach purse is fake or real is by the inside lining of the purse. For real purses, it will be a solid-color satin material. There are exceptions to this rule in the Legacy line of purses or the tooth hound lining in certain bags, but since this is a basic guide I am not touching on that. Fake Coach purses may be lined with solid-colored silk (very rarely, only high-quality knock-offs will have this and even then the material will be noticeable different in quality), or much more often with the "signature C" lining shown in the picture below.

"Signature C" Lining: FAKE
"Signature C" Lining: FAKE

Foolproof Way 4: Coach Sales Tag

REAL Coach sales tag. Notice how the tag is looped through the hardware.
REAL Coach sales tag. Notice how the tag is looped through the hardware. | Source

Authentic Coach sales tags are always white. They will list the MSRP price of the purse and the style number that I discussed above under Foolproof Tip 1 (Coach creed), as well as an abbreviated description of the style of purse. For example "Med Mad Met Hip" is Medium Madison Metallic Hippie. Fake sales tags are always red or brown with a white outside border, and these fake tags will be attached to the fake metal hangtag rather than to the hardware or to the inside of the Coach purse.

By the way, Coach bags do not come with Coach booklets, only a small business-card-like Coach care card.

Real Coach Sales Tag
Real Coach Sales Tag

Foolproof Way 5: "Signature C" Material on the Outside

REAL Coach signature C material. The C's can be split right down the middle of the purse.
REAL Coach signature C material. The C's can be split right down the middle of the purse.

This tip obviously will not work on leather Coach purses; for them you need to use the earlier tips. But when it comes to Coach purses made from the "signature C" jacquard material, it's pretty easy to tell whether they are fake or real. The C's in the material will always line up straight down the center of the purse, so if you were to cut the purse in half from top to bottom, through the middle of the bag, each side would have its own C. This pattern will continue throughout the purse and along the bottom of the bag. On fake Coach purses, the C's are usually not lined up and they are often off-center from the middle of the bag.

Also, if they are genuine, these bags with the "signature C" material on the outside have solid inner satin linings. If the inside liner has the "signature C" design, the purse is not genuine.

Questions or comments? Leave them below!

Feel free to contact me via Hubpages with any question, or with pictures, should you be thinking about purchasing a Coach bag from Ebay but are still unsure. I would be more than happy to help you verify its authenticity.

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      • profile image

        Pamela Howard 2 weeks ago

        I sent a request. I'd like to send you photos

      • profile image

        Stephanie 5 weeks ago

        Thanks so much for this article! It was super informative. :)

      • profile image

        Carly Blankenship 5 weeks ago

        Thanks for information how your information regarding serial numbers on the creed is no longer accurate. Coach stopped putting serial numbers on the patch over a year ago. Unfortunately newer bags do not have this information- dumb move on Coachs part IMO.

      • profile image

        Khall 7 weeks ago

        I see Coach at Goodwill all. The time but the body will look good but handles are always messed up.

      • profile image

        Ppp Carter 8 weeks ago

        Can you tell me if this Coach purse is real? I'm not sure but I think it's fake. I don't know how to provide pictures. The label doesn't say made in China & the isn't a serial number. It's a satchel with the C's on the outside. It has purple straps

      • profile image

        RuthaAnne 2 months ago

        hi! I enjoyed your article but did need to disagree with one point. I know for a fact some bags- pre -1990 did in fact come with C signature logo fabric. I own a couple that have been authenticated. You may want to change that piece of this article to help others in their authentication process:) thank you.

      • efeyas profile image

        Elizabeth 2 months ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

        HI Alexa, Yes, its a Coach Signature Reversable tote with included travel pouch which would include the creed number. Id say its Authentic but without pictures I cant be 100% certain. Thanks!

      • profile image

        Jami 3 months ago

        I would gladly help I have over 15 yrs selling experience. :)

      • profile image

        Ark 3 months ago

        I bought a few coach “vintage” bags and now questioning if they are real. If i send you the creed # can you help?


      • profile image 4 months ago

        Looking for serial no: LO969-13821 would like to buy at a reasonable price. Thank you.

      • profile image

        Patricia Ann Lawson 4 months ago

        Can you tell me if J0820-f13075 is real and what is it worth? How do I clean the suede on it?

      • profile image

        vivian vazquez 5 months ago

        Hi, i was given this coach purse years ago from my grandmother who has since past just wondering if its real or fake, since i cannot ask her. Inside is the serial numbers N°F04J-6824....i think its fake but my friend thinks it may b real...thank u for your time.

      • profile image

        T. 9 months ago

        Hello there,

        I would like your opinion about this coach purse please.

        Thank you.

      • profile image

        Josie 9 months ago

        How will i know if its an authentic coach bag?

      • profile image

        mycarolinavintage 9 months ago

        I have acquired a large Coach bag with creed patch and serial number that reads:#G1082-16742. Seems like a few rules are broken here? Any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Nellie 10 months ago

        I'm getting ready to purchase one today from a seller not sure if it's a real Coach or not!

      • profile image

        Jo 11 months ago

        My purse has H1049-F15480 is my gift a real coach..

      • profile image

        Kyra Carlos 11 months ago

        Hi I hope you can help me I just purchased a Coach Heritage signature flight back, I would like to know if its authentic can you help me with this?

        Please send me e-amil with

      • profile image

        Vanessa 11 months ago

        Hi. Got a Coach purse. Can't tell if it's real?

      • profile image

        pam 11 months ago

        help me fine value of my purses

      • profile image

        Leeanne 12 months ago

        Have won the second bag and now really questioning whether it is real. Could you let me know what you think before Thursday when I have to pay for it. She seems to have a lot of luxury items for sale.

      • profile image

        Leeanne 12 months ago

        Can you tell me if these coach bags I'm interested in are authentic

        K1373 - F26033

        ebay item number 152552487912


        G 1275 - F20428

        Ebay item number 361978142777

        This one didn't have a serial number on the bag and I couldn't read the tag in the picture.

        Its ebay item number 201903338012

        I would send links and pictures but don't know how to do it. Would really appreciate the help asap. Thanks.

      • profile image

        Pat Schaeffet 12 months ago

        Are bags sold at a Couch Outlet real?

      • profile image

        Alania 13 months ago

        Given a black satchel madison sabrina coach bag #F0821-12937. Is it real

      • profile image

        Sue 13 months ago

        Hi on a red coach city bag it has the #s

        No A7B-9790. It was hand crafted in the United States. Are the Cereal numbers real?

      • profile image

        Sharon 13 months ago

        Thanks I bought a message bag unsure if it's real.

      • profile image

        Lala 13 months ago

        Please help me if my coach purse is authentic No E0878-12358

      • profile image

        Jan 14 months ago

        Will an authentic Coach purse have a small tag on the inside of the bag that says "Made in Vietnam"? And the leather tag on inside has no number on it. Seller says she knows it's authentic because she bought it at a coach store in El Paso....

      • profile image

        Honeylie soriano 14 months ago

        I bought a coach hologram bag. Theres no code and the tag name coach is not embossed... Can u show me original hologram bag? Thank you

      • profile image 15 months ago

        Don't have my purse with me but would like someone to see if it's real when I get him I will send a picture

      • profile image

        Pau 15 months ago

        Please check

        G1457 F32835

      • profile image

        Nadia Schneider 15 months ago

        is a Coach purse with No. co4u-1202 authentic or fake?

      • profile image

        Carolbelle 15 months ago

        Your number 4 is not completely true. Authentic Coach bags sometimes come with Coach booklets! My daughter worked for Coach and gave me several bags, some had a booklet inside!

      • profile image

        Michelle 16 months ago

        Hi I wanted to know how to check the serial number

      • profile image

        Evette 16 months ago

        Why is my coach bag peeling ,I had it for 15 years

      • profile image

        Isvasu (อิสวาสุ) 16 months ago

        I bought a Coach handbag for my sister directly from Coach store in Virginia. My sister said it was Made in Vietnam and her older sister's Made in New York. Her bag was fake...

        Where/how can I find one Made in USA?


      • profile image

        GAfromCA 16 months ago

        It appears that your rules don't apply to saddlebags. shows them with leather lining or no lining, only the natural suede back of the leather. Also the serial numbers are SD-XXXXX(numbers).

        I have a bag from the 1980's from ebay. I think it may be real because I've been using it continuously for 15 years the damn thing won't die!

      • profile image

        Kay Graham 17 months ago

        I received a gift from a family member last year. A blue Coach tote. According to your article it seems authentic, however, the logo on the front is a silver oval similar to the turnlock style. It also does not have the serial number under the creed which I understand is not always used. There is no tag inside the bag with a serial number, just a clear tag that says MADE IN VIET NAM* VIETNAM.

      • profile image

        Ernie 17 months ago

        I bought 3 Coach Dakotah rivets bags on eBay. They all have a perfume smell . They were labeled new with tags. Do genuine Coach bags smell like perfume?

      • profile image

        Stuart garison 17 months ago

        I am male and no nothing about handbags but the coach bag I have seems to basically all match up to what is authentic but the model I have is F21883 made in China and on the zip mechanism it doesn't say ykk it says ideal so does this mean it fake?

      • profile image

        Mel 17 months ago

        I could you tell me is this one is real or fake.

        COACH NO K1380-F24603

        COACH NO D1059-F15669

      • profile image

        Real or Fake please 18 months ago

        I was given this purse. I'm not sure if it is real. How can I send pics

      • profile image

        Tamara Ekberg 18 months ago

        I have a bag I was wondering if you could tell me if it's authentic or not!?

      • profile image

        VincentLazaro 18 months ago

        ...same goes with bags for men?


      • profile image

        Emilie 19 months ago

        Come on girls!!! This post is olddddd. Somebody notifies the writer to change or update plz? As of today, 30 October 2016, I know for a fact that most of Coach bags don't have ID numbers anymore. I checked in person at department stores like Macys, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom... and also Coach outlet stores in Illinois. Please DO NOT rely on a VERY OLD POST to verify your bag. Go to a store instead!!

      • profile image

        Kathy 19 months ago

        Is it real??? YE-06-1982

      • profile image

        Natasha 19 months ago

        Hi can you please tell me if Coach F36366 (Authentic Coach London Womens Designer Tan Brown Leather Carryall Bag [F36366]) is genuine? item: 331984632561 It looks like a business called and called sarah-hobbs-handbags (402 Feedback score: 402) I live in the UK and want to buy my mum a multi compartment zipped handbag and this one looks quite nice 3 separate zipped compartments, decent size, and can be hand held or put across her body (which is easier for her at the mo as she has to use a walking stick as she has had a problem with her leg for a couple of weeks. I have set myself a budget of £200 (so it is just within) as I have already spent over that on some of her other Christmas presents (already LOL! Better to start early and you only have one mum! Oooops I deviating off the subject sorry) So any help is confirming whether this is genuine would be much appreciated x

      • profile image

        Brittany 19 months ago

        G1282-F20015. It's blue. Please help :)

      • profile image

        Linda 19 months ago

        Where do you go an look up the serial number?

      • profile image

        Irmski 19 months ago


      • profile image

        Alexandria 20 months ago

        Is my coach purse real ? N2F0993-14235

      • profile image

        Michelle 20 months ago

        Hello I purchased a Coach bag A2J-7801 and think its a fake. Any help? I could not find where to send a pic.

      • profile image

        Sabiha Hassan 20 months ago

        I would like to know if this bag is authentic. Attached is the link and pictures. I have not bought it yet. Waiting for yiur advice. Thanks! I cant attach the link, so I am putting in the description. Coach Carrie Crossbody in pebble red authentic leather F36666, sold on by Electro Deals NH and fulfilled by Amazon.

      • profile image

        Calvinj82 20 months ago

        Thanks for the article. I actually just bought a Coach from Ebay and I was wondering if I could send you some pics to help with authentication?

      • profile image

        Hi its julie 20 months ago

        I have three coach purses and would like to know if there real or fake please help me ty

      • profile image

        Maria Drummond 20 months ago

        Does Coach make any purses with a print other than the Cs? Do they make an animal print bag? Thank you.

      • profile image

        ceecee 21 months ago

        Hi ijust brought a tablet holder and cant tell if it is fake or not, it has a solid lining inside and the C's line up but no serial number anywhere. not sure how to send pic to this site

      • profile image

        Looneyslady 21 months ago

        I got this coach bag with leather smells like leather NO A2J -7800 is it a fake it has metal tags

      • profile image

        Asiah 21 months ago

        Hey @Jasmin , there are coach factories in Vietnam, China & Phillipines. So it should be authentic.

      • profile image

        jessica chauhan 21 months ago

        Thanks for sharing the information as I was not aware that we can get fake coach purse also.

      • profile image

        Jasmin 21 months ago

        Hi, i bought coach purse in mainland and im suspecting it is fake. The serial number is F28502 and its made in philippines. Is it automatic fake if it's made in the philippines?

      • profile image

        Nikki 22 months ago

        Not all hangtag are leather the poppy collection has a hard plastic hangtag.

      • profile image

        Nikki 22 months ago

        I have one of the poppy bags and a magnet will not stick to the metal on it. Is it fake?

      • profile image

        Nicole 22 months ago

        I am interested in a COACH cardholder. Not sure if it is real.

      • profile image

        Missmariaberns 22 months ago

        Hi i'm eyeing a coach bag online can i email it to you to authenticate? Pls. I need your email pls.

      • profile image

        Joanne 23 months ago

        Hi. Great article. Thanks for helping those of us who are coach novices. I have an affinity for vintage coach bags. I know in your article you said that the lining will never have the sea pattern for handbags. However I have A brown leather wristlet with the coach insignia on the outside and leatherware est. 1941 the inside of it is the "C" pattern lining. I wasn't sure if your rule of thumb applied to wristlets as well. I do not have a serial number for this wristlet . I appreciate any help you might offer. Take care

      • profile image

        Ms Gertie 23 months ago

        I have a sinking suspicion that I bought a fake Coach. The serial number is CO6Q-11495 . According to your blog, this number many not even be in the correct format? It also is lined with the C pattern. The bag is Red with a embroidered design that includes the stage coach, a skull and pink flowers. Do you have an opinion on this?

      • profile image

        ChastitySMoore 23 months ago

        Is there any way I could email you some pictures of a Coach bag I just got for a gift? I haven't a clue whether it's real or fake. I've never seen one in this color... that you.

      • profile image

        Collette 23 months ago

        Hi I need help authenticating a coach gabby tartan bag. Creed is H1040-F1548. This bag is a pink and black plaid. Should an authentic Coach match the c pattern in the back also?

      • profile image

        Emily 2 years ago

      • profile image

        Karen 2 years ago

        Can you tell me if this is an authentic creed for the following coach purse


      • profile image

        Coach 2 years ago

        That is a lie , not all coach purses have the creed numbers , especially after models made in 2014 , or mini bags and a numerous of others , don't post false information

      • profile image

        Sue stanley 2 years ago

        Just bought this Coach purse. Can you please tell me if its real. It has no patch How do I send you photos to you? Thanks Sue

      • profile image

        lyndsey 2 years ago

        Hi i have a ton of purses but don't know if fake or not

      • profile image

        Christie 2 years ago

        Just bought a coach bag and would like to see what you can tell me. F1049-F13732

      • profile image

        kaycee 2 years ago

        Hi i have been wondering if the coach bag i got is real or not but after reading this blog its more on leaning to being fake but he said it was bought in coach online shop :( i need help

      • profile image

        Susan 2 years ago

        I just got 13 Coach vintage leather bags from my mom's church, they have asked me to sell them on Ebay to help them raise money for their charities. Anyways, I have been able to authenticate several of them. There are a few I can not find however. All have the Creed and serial no. in them. Here is a list of the ones I can not find








        I can send pictures also. All of these bags have the correct Creed with the serial number on it and they also all have an attached leather hang tag in the same color as the bag.

        Thank you for any help, Susan

      • profile image

        nena 2 years ago

        Hello, I don't think this is a real coach, I bought it at a thrift store and the zipper was broken, itis a black Ashley with a black interior, and I have one just like it I bought new but the interior on mine is purple. can you let me know if this is authentic? It's Ashley coach bag No. G1476-Z33041

      • profile image

        lmascian 2 years ago

        Hello. Can you help me determine if my bag is an authentic Coach? I can provide pics if needed. Thanks.


        I did reach out to COACH and provide them with the numbers on the creed and their response was this...

        Since there are many determining factors to verify that your bag is a COACH product, we are unable to make that determination with the registration number only.

        Please refer to the link below for authorized distributors:

      • profile image

        Jean Bakula 2 years ago

        You can go online to and get the phone number. Give them the serial number, and a sales rep can verify if it is authentic.

      • profile image

        Sher 2 years ago

        Just wondering if this is an authentic Coach bag number L1048-F16443?

        Thank you!!

      • profile image

        Kayla 2 years ago

        Is mine authentic? D1457-F29362

      • profile image

        lawanda 2 years ago

        I have a small clutch like coach bag.. it all black. There no numbers or letters inside.. how can I tell of it real...

      • profile image

        Rachel Kelly 2 years ago

        I AM, LIKE YOURSELF, A HUGE HUGE COACH LADY, from my bags, briefcase, phone cases, sunglasses, key chains, raincoat, you get the point, lol. Oh yeah, forgot the business card holder! Lol

      • profile image

        Marylou C. 2 years ago

        I'm wondering if a Coach backpack purse that I bought at a Goodwill store is real or a fake, can you help me?

      • profile image

        Sabrina 2 years ago

        I just purchased a leather COACH on Ebay for the first time ever and it's gorgoeus and in same style as the bags I have purchased in NYC. I am curouis if it is real because the Creed has states Made in Italy, L7E-4181, yet the exterior has a stamp that says Coach New York.

        However, the bag has a mildewly smell to it. Is there a way to get rid of it?

        I love the bag, but my gut says return it.

      • profile image

        erika 2 years ago

        hello, i am very sure this COACH diaper bag i purchased on Mercari is fake as evidenced by the following, can you help me? the creed matches the type of bag however the year is 2014 and the word reflect doesnt have the s and apparently they started to use the word reflects as opposed to reflect in 2008? I cannot see any real coach online that say reflect after 2008, or in my own bags. the bag feels like plastic but claims to be leather (chelsea diaper bag) no cloth tag inside with country of where it was made, only a see through plastic tiny one sticking out of side saying made in Vietnam. The creed doesnt state where it was made, and also at the bottom, right before the letter and numbers begin, where the No is, the No has a period after it up next to the o and isnt underlined. there is one spot on the bottom back seam where the piping is it overlaps as though it is pieced together. the zippers do say YKK and the lining is fairly nice,

      • profile image

        Autumn 2 years ago

        How can I send you a picture to tell if mine is real?

      • profile image

        laurab 2 years ago

      • profile image

        Karen 2 years ago

        I have a A3J-7579 coach purse with a leather creed

        It's plaid blue red and tan

        Can you tell me anything about this

      • profile image

        Jennifer 2 years ago

        Hi I don't know if you're still taking questions/comments, I'm pretty sure all my Coach bags are fake anyway (after having, briefly, a real LV & a real Gucci it gets easier to spot low quality anything; I always look at the leather handles, if they're nice and soft and supple, that's an indicator of quality: I have had amazingly nice/expensive knock-offs perfect in every detail but with stiff cheap feeling handles). I just wanted to mention that I'd been perusing the Coach website recently trying to verify if two pairs of glasses I had were authentic, and I read THEIR authentication tips. Simply buy at a Coach store or one of the authorized retailers they have listed (you'd have to double check but I think coach was listed as NOT having to do with them, I don't remember). They also said that they DO NOT VERIFY items by serial number via phone, or authenticate items in stores. Their theory is that if you shop where you should you won't need to worry about buying a fake. I do understand that they need to combat black market knock-offs, and so discourage online aftermarket sales which are totally outside of their control. They can't rightly verify by serial # alone, as you have mentioned, and they can't have their upscale retail stores overrun with people lined up with- mostly- fake bags for their salespeople to inspect. But they are denying economic & consumer reality. Most people can't afford to walk into a Coach store and shell out $300, $600, $1,000+ on a luxury accessory. So many people turn to places like eBay to realize what had been out of reach. They are 1st time owners and so don't often realize what the genuine article looks & feels like. They also don't realize that "amazing deal" they got is utterly unrealistic. Why would someone sell for $25 what they could get $100+ for? There certainly are RARE exceptions. But it's like the people on eBay who leave negative feedback about the "cheap quality" whatever they just bought...for $1. One of the ladies previously asked your opinion on a purse she was considering from a garage sale site. Then said she had been ripped off already buying from a garage sale site was tired of it. With $175 I believe you could actually go into a Coach store and find something, sidestepping the whole question of authenticity. But I f you are hell bent on getting a "deal", well you get what you pay for. Sorry for how long this got; I just really wanted your input on Coach's official stance on refusing to authenticate items.

      • profile image

        LiesaT 2 years ago

        Not all coachs hv serial numbers!! Dont trust everything you read coach

      • profile image

        Nini 2 years ago

        Pls help me find out if this serial is authentic? No G0773-F11519 . it's a glossy coach bag with Creed on top of the serial number. Thank you so much.

      • profile image

        Cheryl2223 2 years ago

        I'm looking at a "Coach" bag, but I can't find this number for this "Coach. This bag is on ebay, with the number "B3K-014" . Is this real? Thank you for your help!!

      • profile image

        debbiedo 2 years ago

        A lady on line through a garage sale site is selling authentic coach purse for $100.00 The serial # is NO 01221-18979. It doesn't have the hole punch looking stamp on the leather tag on the inside. It also says it's made in the Philippines. The outside is the signature c tan pattern, with a pink border around the top and pink handles. It also has no ykk zipper. I got stung a couple of years ago when I bought my daughter one for her birthday. She ended up trying to sell it, and then we found out it was fake. I spent $175.00 dollars for it. So now I'm very weary of buying on-line through garage sale sites. Can you help me. I'm trying to find one for my daughter 18th birthday

      • profile image

        DeHass 2 years ago

        I have been a 100% rated ebay buyer for several years. Recently decided to sell 3 of my Coach items. The second item I listed was a like new Coach bag that I purchased a couple of years ago on ebay but really is not my style. To me it meets every authenticity test. Well a couple of days after she received the bag the buy sent a message saying she took it to a Coach store and they said it was fake. I immediately agreed to a refund upon return of the bag. The reason being there are not 4 complete "C"s on the bottom panel. It is a satchel type bag.

        I have owned a number of Coach bags and I really believe this bag to be authentic. I won't risk listing it again but I sure would like to verify its authenticity. Can you help please?

      • profile image

        Slamp 2 years ago

        Can u please tell me if this is a fake??

        F52657 I would like to send u a picture because it's not a leather patch and see what u think. Let me know how please.

      • profile image

        Krystle 3 years ago

        No one panic! I get a new coach bag every month and I noticed that my serial numbers were nonexistant...I panicced and called my store...she said Coach has started putting the serial numbers in a new nondisclosed location on the bag but will no longer be on the my question is...where is the new serial number hidden?

      • profile image

        Marie 3 years ago

        Hi I brought some bags from an outlet store in Hawaii. They don't have a serial number and are made in Vietnam ??

      • profile image

        ang 3 years ago

        I've bought two park hobo bags from the online sales this month I know they are real ( I've returned one to the store) neither one had serial numbers and the one I just got as a pink leather hang tag and the bag is vermilion. I called coach and they said that bag comes with many different tag colors.


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