David Beckham's Top 5 Watches

Updated on March 5, 2016

David Beckham

40-year-old David Beckham made his fame as a football player, debuting with Manchester United, one of the most successful British teams. In his 11 year career at the club, he was part of a team that won the Premier League on six occasions, the Football Associated (FA) Cup twice and the UEFA Champions League in 1999.

He has amassed 115 caps for his country, one of the most capped players of the country's history.

His achievements are plentiful, including an OBE from Her Majesty the Queen. He also holds at least four notable records: Second Englishman (after Trevor Francis), to win a league title in three countries (in Beckham's case England, Spain and the USA). He also has been the first British footballer to score a goal at three separate World Cups and to play 100 Champions League games.

He is an idyllic British sport ambassador. He played a large role in the London Olympics in both the bid back in 2005 as well as the actual games. When the torch landed in the UK from Greece, Beckham lit the cauldron and transported the flame along the Thames to the stadium, marking the beginning and ending of the torch's mammoth journey.

After his marriage to equally famous Spice Girl Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams in July 2009, his life outside of football and sport has been widely publicised. As a consequence of media interest and advertising campaigns, including the notorious Emporio Armani underwear ads, the couple has amassed a fortune of over £100 million.

No wonder Beckham can afford so many luxurious watches! I have selected the best five for this article.

Chef Gordon Ramsay and Beckham, seen exchanging watches at a Laker's game. Beckham appears to have an eye for timepieces.
Chef Gordon Ramsay and Beckham, seen exchanging watches at a Laker's game. Beckham appears to have an eye for timepieces.


David Beckham has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a fantastic Rolex Deep Sea Dweller watch.

This stunning watch has a 44m beautiful black dial. Its case is made from a steel and titanium alloy. It is waterproof to an amazing 3,900m. It is mechanical and self-winding.

Cost: £6000/$9500


David Beckham, the new ambassador for Breitling, sports a stunning watch in this commercial. It suits him well and is a great timepiece.

Breitling has introduced some really great looking watches. In this particular model, the case is made from steel and has a black dial. It has a diameter of 46mm and stands out wonderfully. It is water resistant to 100m, is self-winding, and has a 70-hourbackup power supply. It is officially chronometer-certified as well.

On the Breitling website, you can play around with customising the watch to your own taste. Personally, I prefer the rose gold case, as opposed to steel, with a leather black strap and folding clasp. Breitling informs me that this will cost £21,520.00 so maybe if my HubPages revenue increase by 10,000,000% then it can adorn my wrist at some point in the future!

Second Breitling

Following the previous advert showing Beckham wearing a Breitling, he was spotted at a Laker's game wearing yet another.

Similarly to the first Breitling, this watch has a 46mm case, comes in a steel or red gold case, has 100m water resistance, and has a 70-hour reserve power supply.

The buyer can opt for a barenia leather, crocodile leather or steel mesh strap.

Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co was founded by Jacob Arabo in the early 1990s when his target demographic turned to the celebrities of the hip hop world. He received the nickname "Jacob the Jeweler" soon after. In 2005, the company relocated to a store on East 57th Street, New York. Celebrity clientele include Bono, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Jay-Z, Britney, Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake and Usher. Beckham is a reportedly big fan of the brand, owning a collection of this brand's watches dating back to the late 90s.

The watch modeled by Beckham in the photograph is from the Jacob & Co range: Global. It comprises a 47mm dial encased in a PVD watch case. The strap is a black rubber band with a rose gold JC logo on it. It is also water resistant. Beckham bought this watch from the New York store back in 2011.

Second Jacob & Co

This, a second Jacob & Co watch, highlights Beckham's love for the brand. This model is from the Epic collection. Watches in this range pride themselves on having an automatic 27-Jewel Caliber, complete with chronograph functions. There is also a date indicator and 48-hour power reserve. Beating at eight vibrations a second, the minutes and hours are to be found at the center, and center seconds for the chronograph. The crown has three positions: date, reassembly and time correction. This is finished off with a sapphire crystal and sleek rubber strap. It has a 47mm dial and is water resistant.

This in my opinion, is the best watch Beckham chooses to wear. It is the one watch I aspire to own!

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        Mikeydenny@icloud.com 9 months ago

        I think DB has pure style & what a way to finish it off with a great watch

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        Zaton-Taran 14 months ago from California

        Very, very stylish watches from the soccer great. Every single one of them looks handsome on him. http://pinstor.us/2014/04/22/quality-invicta-watch...

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        Timothy s_. 2 years ago


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        JC Heppler 4 years ago from USA

        David Beckham has some great style. I think that the watches he has are amazing. They are just too expensive for me to buy for my husband.