8 Stylish Men's Fashion Accessories


1. Wallets

What are stylish accessories for men? What does a man have to do to look good? Today we will discuss this and look at the options for clothing accessories.

The first thing every man needs is a wallet. Men don't generally carry anything like a purse in today's modern society so we carry our documents, credit cards, licenses and so forth in this little leather pouch.

You should really feel free to splurge on the wallet, because it's an accessory that will last you a long time, and that you carry every day. A really good one immediately separates you and, for men who value this (we all do, to some extent) gets you in "peacock" mode. Ladies will notice.

Besides, there's a lot to be said for exceptional quality, and the great brands of men's wallets have this in droves. So pick up a great wallet as an essential part of your men's fashion ensemble.

Men's messenger bag - actor Ryan Reynolds stylin' it
Men's messenger bag - actor Ryan Reynolds stylin' it

2. Messenger Bags

Another fashion accessory if a man is in business is called a messenger bag.

This can be an attractive accessory that shows a man can be important looking and sharp at the same time. It is a place to put your larger documents, folders, notebooks and even a computer tablet.

It of course is not so much for personal items the way a purse is but for business items. It can be a handy "extra pocket" for a variety of things you need, such as a Tablet or ultra-book.

A large leather bag packed with documents can speak volumes about you; it is also quite fashionable.

3. Leather Belts: Make Sure It's a Good One!

A good leather men's belt with a belt buckle will also say a great deal about a man.

Of course it is there to hold up a man's trousers but it also can be a fashion statement of its own.

Belt buckles come in endless varieties of designs and value.

They can be bold, reserved, or transmit a personal message depending on the man's occupation and status.

The alternative which is not usually worn for business is suspenders, generally worn by farmers and rural men. Make no mistake, though - the right ensemble using suspenders can make for a dazzling appearance and an exemplar of men's fashion

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4. Neckties

Another obvious item that men wear that is a fashion statement requirement is the necktie.

Often the most given item for presents, the necktie is a must for business.

A subdued style of necktie is generally preferred for a formal business environment, but for a more relaxed, open environment one might wear a less formal, colorful tie.

It all depends on the setting and the setting, plus personal preference of course. To go along with it, a good tie clasp will hold it to your shirt and keep it neat.

5. Socks

Socks are a necessity. A white cotton tube sock is fine for the gymnasium but may not be be appropriate for the office. It is wise in a formal environment to wear more formal socks, perhaps brown, black or gray. The color should match or compliment the shoes, which again are fancier in a business environment.

6. Hats

Hats for men are generally less showy than the ones for women are. There is also a larger variety as they serve different functions for different people.

The ball cap is worn in less formal environments, with its adjustable headband if it has one. A hat can be religious, such as the top-hats that Orthodox Jews wear, for example.

The fedora was very popular in the 1930's, and is still in use today It is that peculiar hat with the band and the straight brim that is often seen in the movies of that era.

Cowboys are still very much alive and the iconic cowboy hat is worn in states where the sun shines often and its function is to shield the face and neck from the merciless sunshine and ultraviolet rays.

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7. Shades/Sunglasses

To keep one's eyes shaded, let's not forget sunglasses or eyeglasses for those who need vision correction. Generally sunglasses are for outdoors applications but they are still an important item for a man's wardrobe, and, as such, an important element of men's fashion.

Of course there is the option of eyeglasses that have a special glass which will automatically darken in sunlight, thus eliminating the necessity of actual sunglasses.

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Invicta Watch
Invicta Watch | Source

8. Watches

Now let's talk about a fashion must, which is the common wristwatch. One brand in particular stands out. It is the Invicta watch.

Invicta is a sporting watch company for the most part. Their watches tend to be large and showy with rather colorful dials in metallic colors. They frequently come with smaller inset dials is a common Invicta style.

They can trace their company back to 1837 with the original company being bought by an American firm, forming the Invicta watch group. These colorful watches should go great with a formal or informal outfit and make a fashion state that you can be proud of.

Their venom reserve watches are very popular accessories. Another is the Bolt Zeus series of watches, also by Invicta. They generally retail for a little over $1000.

So dress up. Get that fedora. Wear a nice necktie and an Invicta watch. You will be attractive and sexy. Here we have listed some of the items that make a man fashionable. The rest is up to you - the good news is that your men's fashion ensemble is really just an expression of how you perceive yourself, and can be entirely unique, or a mish-mash of styles that suit your taste.

Don't be afraid to explore by checking out some high-profile magazines.

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