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How to Spot a Fake Rolex

I love Rolex watches and I enjoy informing others about them.

Movement Gives Away Fake Rolexes

Fake Rolex watches are getting really good—so good that many can pass the eye test. It is getting harder to tell whether a "Rolex" is real or not, but here are some tell-tale signs of a fake:

  • Made in China logo
  • Clear back
  • Weighted improperly
  • Peeling paint
  • Spelled Rollex

These may sound comical, but counterfeiters do make obvious fakes, as well as really good ones. The trickiest forges to spot are in the fine watch category. There is a whole industry out there spewing out knockoff Rolexes and, some of the time at least, they are nearly identical to the real thing.

There is only one way to tell the high-quality imposters from the real thing and that is by opening up the case. At this point, most experts can tell by looking at the movement, but not always. There are books with certification numbers and holograms much like licenses that are much more difficult to copy.

The bad news is that even experts get fooled from time to time. Some counterfeits are exact replicas with serial numbers that match real watches manufactured from the same materials with the same movement. For all purposes, they are just as high quality, just not genuine Rolex.

The Official Rolex Hologram

An official Rolex hologram on the back of a Datejust.

An official Rolex hologram on the back of a Datejust.

It's Easy to Avoid the Low-Quality Replicas

How do you make sure you don't fall prey to scammers? The most obvious answer is that you should purchase your watch only from a reputable Rolex dealer, not from the back of the truck or from Craigslist. Have an expert examine the watch for authenticity.

A good way for a layperson to ascertain the timepiece's authenticity is to take it to a certified appraiser. If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, however, buy a magnifying glass and learn certain tricks of the trade that will shed light—literally and figuratively—on your Rolex. It's never recommended though to open the watch yourself. If it's real, opening it up yourself can void the warranty.

Counterfeit Rolex Watches: How to Know if it's a Fake

One of the easiest ways to spot a counterfeit Rolex is by its clear display, or case back, which allows you to see the inner workings of the watch. The real McCoy does not have such a feature, with the exception of some vintage 1930s exhibition models that were never mass-produced.

Just as Rolex never manufactured clear case backs, it did not engrave them either. Genuine models will have a smooth case back, whilst fakes might feature engraved logos and other designs. The rare exceptions are the pre-1990s ladies' models, which had "Original Rolex Design" or a similar variation thereof, engraved on the case back. Another exception is the Sea-Dweller display, which has "Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve" engraved around the outside of the case back.

A real Rolex has a 3D hologram-encoded sticker on the case back. For models produced after 2002, a Rolex crown can be viewed on the sticker and it changes patterns when you see it from different angles. A replica usually has a repetitious Rolex pattern printed on it and does not change when viewed from other angles.

Keep in mind too that Rolex has introduced a tiny crown logo etched onto the crystal in the area around the six o'clock direction after 2002, so this should not be present in earlier models. This feature may not, however, be applicable to all Rolex watches.

Another sign is that the crystal in authentic current date display models (with the exception of the Sea-Dweller) will have a Cyclops lens attached to the crystal, magnifying the tiny aperture 2.5 times. Fake Rolex watches, however, will offer only 1.5 magnification, though some "better" replicas now feature a larger font date to give an illusion of a bigger magnification. Just how sneaky can these scammers get?

Is my Rolex a Knock-off? Key Things to Look for in a Fake Rolex

Look for the triplock crown seal. What, you never heard of such a thing? It can be identified by three very small dots positioned under the Rolex "crown" logo engraved on the end of the winding crown.

GenuineRolex models featuring the triplock crown (Submariner, Sea-Dweller, and Daytona) use an extra seal within the threads of the winding crown's tube. Most counterfeit models will not feature this seal and will have basic, screw-down threads.

One of the most accurate ways to identify a counterfeit is by locating the Serial and Case Reference numbers engraved on the side of the case between the lugs. Engraving on a genuine Rolex features light-reflecting, very fine lines. A copy has a more "etched" appearance and the spacing in the numbers may be too close. Not only that, fakers will sometimes use the same numbers on all their watches.

This is by no means, an exhaustive list. Trying to spot a fake Rolex might be quite an exhausting undertaking. Let's put it this way: given a choice between a counterfeit Rolex and a Donald Duck watch, I shall opt for the latter. At least if it quacks, I know it's an original!

Checklist of Fake vs. Real Rolex

AttributeReal RolexFake Rolex

Extra seal within the threads around triplock crown


Screw-down threads

Clear display or caseback



Smooth caseback


Maybe. Many have logos

Engraved caseback



3D hologram-encoded sticker on caseback

Yes on models after 2002

Probably not

2.5 magnification on Cyclops lens


No, most fakes have 1.5 magnification

Serial and case reference numbers on side of case

Yes, and is light-reflecting and very fine

Yes, but most have poor spacing and lines are etched

Swiss Replica Rolex: The Unofficial Fake

I have to tell you right off: I am not a fan of companies selling fake Rolex watches.

If you are thinking of buying a Swiss Replica Rolex, be forewarned: Selling fakes is against the law and there are documented cases of legal ramifications for the manufacture and/or sale of counterfeit watches, with perpetrators being indicted on felony charges. Montres Rolex SA has even gone after eBay.

Quite apart from the legal aspect of counterfeiting, there are other points to be considered before you kiss your money goodbye (and yes, when you buy a fake Rolex, you might as well be throwing your money out the window).

There is, of course, no shortage of companies that sell fakes and go out of their way to convince the gullible buyer that their replicas look exactly like the genuine Rolex watches. Yes, dealers are well aware that they are running afoul of trademark laws, but I suppose they are willing to take that risk. Should you? Read on and then decide.

You might have seen the name "Swiss Replica Rolex," however there is no company with that name. If you Google "Swiss Replica Rolex" you will get a slew of listings of distributors offering fake watches, so I am assuming this is a global term for counterfeit watch peddlers. A common denominator of these companies is that none of their fakes is actually manufactured in Switzerland, but mostly (if not exclusively) in Asia.

Why Not Buy a Swiss Replica Rolex?

Here is a reason you should not fall into the trap (aside from the legal ramifications): You don't know who you are dealing with. I've actually gone online, checked some of these companies out, and noticed that none of them provides an address. Surprised? Not really. If I were breaking a law, I'd want to remain anonymous as well. A reputable company will always display its full address as well as the names of its board of directors. So the lack thereof should sound off an alarm in your head.

Another problem with fake Rolexes is the after-sales service. While these companies do offer a warranty, can you really trust a firm that is breaking the law in the first place, and whose exact geographical location is a mystery?

Also, there is always a good chance that sooner or later these operations will be shut down. They will likely re-appear under a different name since they don't want to give up their share of a very lucrative market. In the meantime, you can't be sure they won't skip town with your money in their pockets.

The true enjoyment of owning a genuine Rolex is not merely that it is a status symbol. It is the pleasure you get from knowing that the timepiece around your wrist represents the culmination of years of research, top-quality parts and materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. You will never get this feeling from a fake watch you buy from fly-by-night, dubious dealers.

I understand that what motivates people to buy fakes is that they don't want to spend the money on a genuine Rolex. Keep in mind though, that replicas are not Rolexes, and if you would like to own a real Swiss watch, look into some moderately-priced ones, such as the Tissot line, for example. They manufacture good-quality dresses and sports watches, and I have owned quite a few of these models over the years to my full satisfaction.

Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities to save quite a bit by buying a preowned Rolex (naturally, one that has the certification to prove it's genuine).

So don't be fooled by names like Swiss Replica Rolex and don't fall prey to illicit practices. It may end up costing you more than the price of a fake Rolex.


JUSTIN on December 16, 2011:

One way to tell if someones Rolex is real or fake is to look at what they're driving. 2011 Submariner 2010 BMW 328Xi

Jerry on September 01, 2011:

I have a real presidential, but i never wear it. just don't feel right wearing it as an everyday watch. i have owned it for 25 yrs.

rick Bell on August 31, 2011:

To each his own. I have two fakes of which I use to wear. After getting over the wow factor, pretending to have a real one. I now do not have to wear them, nor spend money on a real one. But then I do own 2 Corvettes. I just like vettes more than rolex's.

Sometimes we buy things for the wrong reasons. Sometimes we buy them for the right reasons. I am poor compared to many. I make 75 thousand a year and it is just me. I can afford to buy one, but haven't. Knowing I can, is worth having a thousand of them!

Micheal Bond on August 16, 2011:

Well I have gotten the chance to read some of these comments. I am 15, and I purchased a fake. Now before you go crazy on me, and tell me I am a poser. Just wait, and hear me out. I purchase this good fake, because I wanted to motivate myself. I am a very good student, and am going for almost a 4.0. I have realized that if I do well in school that I will be able to afford the real one later in life. People might say that it will never be as special as the real one, but I can't say I agree. When I am a successful person, I will look at that watch, and remember how much it went through with me. Now I know that a fake Rolex isn't very orthodox, but it is a constant reminder that one day I will be a very successful person, and that can't be faked.

-Micheal Bond

Harry on July 14, 2011:

I bought my Rolex as a reward for many years of hard work. I know some fakes look as good but I know mine is real and I remember why I got it. IT is something I think it of as beautiful like a classic painting and I look at my watch and admire it. The fakes and showoffs soon show up for what they are.. MY Real Rolex is simply beautiful. and dare I say it, Timeless beauty

johneric8 on July 09, 2011:

Sorry about the above post. Okay, here is one reason I'm sure all of you can agree with here. I'm a up and coming photographer with a very nice business going in the Southlake, Colleyville Texas area. The people that I rub shoulders with all have a large amount of money. Let me start off by saying the love my photography and personality. My fake Rolex Sub has helped me seal the deal on quite a few jobs over the last few months. In fact- one of my clients was a Rolex owner and really wanted to talk watches with me. Kind of a bonding experience. He ended up telling me that because he loved my photography and my fine taste in watches he decided to hire me... LOL... I have been told many times by my clients that I seem like a wise investment- and I can tell you that my $200 swiss movement rolex sub is worth it's weight in gold.

Now ask yourself this- If wearing that fake helps you take care of your wife and kids is it all wrong? Especially if you do great work in your field to begin with. It's kind of a security blanket for certain clients with money. I would feel terrible if I was promising them things I couldn't deliver but I know I can...

Stephen on June 28, 2011:

I have a fake Rolex. I paid $90 for it. I know it is fake but the Rolex dealer near my home could not tell the difference without looking for a serial number. It even has the hologram sticker on the back. What makes mine special (at least to me) is that it was worn by Lindsay Lohan in the movie Georgia Rule. The person I purchased it from is a reputable Hollywood memorabilia dealer that I have dealt with for years so I know it was really used in the movie. I also have a presskit from the movie and you can clearly see her wearing it in photos from the movie. The fake is an excellent knock off. To me it is worth more because it was worn on screen in a movie.

Oliver on June 08, 2011:

If ur earning allot of money all those hard earned pounds needs to go towards something and a watch like a rolex wont devaluate unlike a flash sports car and at the end of the day u cant take ur money with u. As for those who say its disgusting with all the poor people out there, well what have u done for them and would u give all ur money away to them if u had it, so practice what u preach before u criticize other. As for those with fakes stop pretending ur something ur not, ur the ones who r ruining a nice brand by making it look flash and for posers.

Doodle on June 06, 2011:

Well I'm only 14 and I can't say my parents are extremely rich but I can tell you that they own a mercedes clc and a second hand bentley. But my dad loves watches and he only like rolexes, he has a £21000 solid gold daytona and a White gold yacht master 2 and a two toned gmt 2 and 3 date justs two toned all with diamonds on the dial instead of number (2 from grandad) he bought me a £9930 two toned daytona White dial, a matching yellow gold yachtmaster 2 and an airking for daily use and a milgauss gv. Sometimes I wonder why be buys so many watches and I think I would feel very proud of myself if I used even a fraction of all that money to charity. Too bad my mother would kick me out the house >_>


Sean Dobson on May 08, 2011:

I am a retired Sergeant-Major and I have two genuine Rolex watches.One was a retirement present from my battery the other I bought myself,a 1954 Rolex Oyster Precision as it was made in the year I was born.My frend,also retired from the army as a joke asks me what time it is by my six-grand Rolex and when I tell him his reply is:"It's the same time by my £30 watch"I am glad to have both of them in my life.

james on April 15, 2011:

i own a black diamond custom president, i don't like to wear on the daily commute or traveling, so i have bought my exact watch replica, so i can flaunt it the same, but if its lost, or stolen, im only out 300, not the 47,000 for my timepiece in the windbox at home

25048 on April 10, 2011:

My mates Dad found a Rolex in the pub, some say its fake and some say its real. A) It was lost in a pub and no-one came back looking for it B) Most everything on this site about fakes marks it as a fake C) There's no C) apart from the fact I'm off to watch telly.

GoldenOldies on March 23, 2011:

I see all these guys wearing a fake or real rolex trying to be something they are not. In my opinion, a guy wearing a Rolex is just a way of saying...Look everyone, I have a small penis but i've got a rolex!

I have no problem with Rolex watches and could afford one if i choose to throw money around...However, i sleep good at night knowing i can well please a woman and don't let material items rule my life or as stated...compensate for

a small do you think so many guys

opt for flashy clothes, watches, cars...etc Money

can't buy you 10.5"s..........LOL

Michael on March 11, 2011:

I have always longed for a Rolex Submariner & have just bought a brand new 50th anniversary model. My wife wont let me wear it until my 50th birthday on the 20th. Feel like a child again.

dude on March 04, 2011:

I have both a fake and real rolex day-date. I wear the fake one most of the time. the real one is for special events and such.

JSL on February 12, 2011:

When I was a teenager I was given a fake Rolex from a friend and thought it was the coolest thing. It looked very real, white gold with diamonds all around the face. When my wife and I moved from our condo to our first house the watch was stolen out of a box by the movers. I still often think about that watch and what a score whoever stole it thought he made. A couple years later I bought a real Rolex for my wife when she had our first child. My boss bought me one for my 10th year of distinguished sales earnings. When I was young I thought it was foolish to buy a real Rolex (a real waste of money), now that I am older I have come to the realization that special experiences or milestones in life can be celebrated, acknowledged and remembered by such a beautiful piece of jewelry. Perhaps many of the writers above just are not mature enough or have not experienced the true finer things in life. Sometimes it's not the watch it's the event.

lilly on February 09, 2011:

i am 13 and i got my rolex for my birthday. it is real but i don't see the big deal, everybody at school has one too.

Dee Monik on February 06, 2011:

I just get a real laugh listening to these clowns going on about how much "class" you must exhibit to wear a real Rolex. I'm a trucker and semi-retired pro wrestler and currently own 2 Genuine Rolexes, a 1939 Oyster Raleigh Perpetual and a 2005 Submariner.

I've actually worn the Sub into the ring (forgot I was wearing it, oops) and it has to be the toughest watch I've ever owned. It's seen around 800,000 miles on my wrist in the truck and been in every Canadian province and 48 states.

The real reason to but legit is for the quality, drop your cell phone a few times and it's crap but your Rolex just laughs at the abuse. I'm definitely not rich, Hell, I drive a 95 Lincoln Town Car ( and live in a small lobster fishing town in New Brunswick, Canada, but it doesn't mean that I can't have something nice. I wear My Rolexes when I ride, you should see how they look with a Junebug dripping off the case (eewww) but the idle on the Hog keep the Perpetual work wound

Don't be snobs, us guys wearing jeans, Indian Larry T-shirts, and leather vests wear REAL Rolexes too!

Elvin on January 13, 2011:

I got a real rolex, it was a gift from a a friend like 3 years ago

jonathan on January 04, 2011:

I don't come from a wealthy family but i don't come from a poor family. I'm 14 and i bought my favorite sister a rolex watch for 10,000 dollars I had to save for three years to buy it it was a nicely made one.

Layabout on January 01, 2011:

The majority of you who wrote comments should have saved your money and bought English grammar lessons instead of an expensive watch!

Nick Stone on January 01, 2011:

In spite of being in Shanghai often I would not buy a fake or real Rolex - they brand you as being common! Its true as several above say - you can often see if the watch is genuine by looking at the wearer! The same applies with fake handbags from Burbery or Louis Vuiton - people with uncared caloused hands and feet in cheap sandals are unlikely to be genuine Rolex owners/wearers!

I have several REAL OMEGAs and at least one - the OMEGA Seamaster Titan/Gold is extremly difficult/expensive to fake!

Micheal on December 17, 2010:

That's what I'm talking about Dave, you've got the idea, that's what someone said in one of their posts about cars and things losing value, but Rolex's pretty much gain in Value. To tell you all the truth, you get a better deal when you get a used one, as opposed to a new one, because in most cases, your used one will gain in value. Of course, so will your new, but it will lose value first! Any way, on any level a Rolex is such a great investment. You should always find a good fake one, so you can have insurance on your real one. I know its kind of weird, but its very smart!

Dave on December 12, 2010:

The first post about buying an annuity isn't a bad suggestion, but in the four years since I bought my certified used Rolex GMT it's tripled in value. My stocks and 401K hasn't done that.

Mic on December 11, 2010:

I just picked up a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II for $10.00 and, according to all the data here, it would seem that it's the real deal but it sure shows some signs of age. I'll have to keep searching to find out what year it is.

Ap7 on December 07, 2010:

Hi. I am currently saving for a rolex datejust. I have read most all these post and some are quite entertaining. I am not rich by any means. Deputy sheriff and Iraqi war veteran who gets a partial disability check for injuries in combat. The way I look at it is everyone has different things they like and want in life. I love watches, always have. I can't wait to own a rolex and it gives me something to look forward to in life. I'm aware that 6000 for a watch is insane, but to each his own. Everyone has hobbies and different things that they love. No one should be frowned upon for wanting to work hard for a wanted item. Agreed you should not neglect family or things you need to survive, nor should your priorities be set to personal wants alone. I feel as though a rolex is an investment that can be passed down to your children one day, the same as an old car, gun, or stocks. To me it should not be about trying to impress others to boast or gain respect. Respect is earned anyway, and if you think having an expensive watch makes you better, well your prob lacking in other areas anyway. Owning a rolex should be a sense of self accomplishment that you can reward yourself for hard work and dedication. As far as all these kids on here bragging about being rich etc... Realize one thing, mama and daddy will not always be there, and money will always fade. Chances are nomatter how rich you think you are, you are still spoiled faggots

farkn fakers on November 10, 2010:

timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking...i have a diamond Coca-Cola pulsar...never seen another like it...very thin and comfy...weighs nothing...bought it at a goodwill for 35 bucks...rolex pahh...common as dirt....but a coca cola gold diamond thats rare...i wear it with my tux ..also goodwill...some fun to dress up ...i am not trying to fool anyone ...but i do look really sharp ...and i can still buy lunch...hahaha

Ryan on November 05, 2010:

I purchased a fake SS submariner a few years ago and ended up never wearing it in public, I felt guilty because I could not afford a real one i guess...Since then I have owned a couple authentic TAG's and I would have to say it feels so much better to wear a less expensive watch that is authentic.

I think a good rule for purchasing a watch is the following. If you can purchase at least 15-20 of them cash, you are in a good position to buy it!

NathanBlueskye on October 29, 2010:

I own a daytona arabic face, as featured on the rolex website. And every morning when I put it on it makes me feel proud of how hard I've worked to achieve such a luxury.

Dexter on October 21, 2010:

Don is wrong, Most People can't tell A Rolex from a fake... Also Most don't even notice that it is a rolex, becouse there are alot of watches today look like a Rolex... They are Looking at a Ladies Legs, or a mans Butt, not your Watch...

Don on October 21, 2010:

what is the difference any way women buy fake diamonds to look good and why pay for such extravagance when you can look good and not spend a fortune...after all I knew a man who was in his 90's and was a millionaire and drove a 1964 yellow comment wore old suits. he was comfortable wearing his old suits and you could tell they were old..had no need to impress.....that was his choice and so I say this it is your choice to dress and feel like a million bucks wheather you look like it it not...after all dreesing the part is half the game in looking good or great at less than half the price.

Buy your Replica and wear it if good health...many will know yor not wearing a real one for Most of the part as the man said earlier...your action speak for the person your are and 2 words or less will dictate you how you carry yourself in life....again women wear fake boobs..too feel good what it may be insecurity who cares yhou have to feel good about yourself....I wear a high end replica and my friends have real one' so what. The average person can not afford a real rolex any way.Save yourself the money and time....TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE...Right??

Dexter on October 18, 2010:

I own a Rolex... I am not rich!... I do drive a nice sports car... You all have to know that true Rolex watches, ie Datejust are around $2,500.00... and up... Anyone can afford a Rolex, just save up...

Lane on October 17, 2010:

To the ones of above, a person may not have a fake even if their car is like a Toyota or a Ford. I have a real Rolex Yacht Master, and my parents drive those cars, we don't like spending too much on a car because they are not good investments, meaning they won't raise in value, unless you have a good classic. However buying a Rolex is good because they may loose value after a couple of years, but after 10,20,30, etc. they will earn a great deal of value, a car won't. Just saying.

Micheal on October 17, 2010:

I meant my birthday, not Xmas.

Micheal on October 17, 2010:

Its me again, also if a teens parents don't have a fashionalble lifestyle, that doesn't mean that the teens Rolex in question isn't real. Like my parents, they like giving us things, because they want us to have a great child hood. My dad has like three great high end watches, however he always goes back to his timex. He is one of those men who worked hard for his money, so he isn't all about fashion, however I like fashion, I grew up in money and still growing. Also I really don't think that a Rolex is all it is made out to be, of course when I get mine for Xmas I will want to flash it around a little. I am privliged, can't fake my parents jobs or finanial lifestyles. So mine will not be questionalbe.

Micheal on October 17, 2010:

I totally agree with William, you can be a teen and have a real authentic Rolex. If you parents or family get you one it means that they an afford it. Only poor people think that you may have a questionalbe Rolex, because if your with the weathlier class like me and William then their won't be any question. So news for all of you fakers. If you buy a fake rolex, you might as well by a fake wardrobe. If you see a real Rolex then you will see a nice looking person with a wardrobe that consists of good and elegant brands. If you see a teen wearing Armani and a Rolex chances are its real. If you see a Rolex with K-Mart clothing chances are it's a fake. See if you have a Rolex than you like style and fashion, so your clothes will need to complie. I will be getting one for my birthday, don't know which one yet.

William on October 16, 2010:

That part about where it says you won't see a teenager wearing a real Rolex is a bunch of indulgent nonsence. I will be getting a Rolex for Christmas this year and I am 16. Many may not know but, kids who have wealthy family and/or family can clearly afford for their kids to have nice things including Rolex's. So if you see a teenager who has a Rolex; look at the way he is dressed, personality, and their overall look. I think I look great, and so are my parents. So if a teen has all of that than it must be real without a doubt. Parents love to give their kids what they couldn't. So all said a teen can have a Rolex easily, but look at the person as well. Also don't always look at their parents either because even though they have money they may not be intersted in fashion. So again a teenager can clearly have a Rolex. So for you teens don't be discouraged you can have a real Rolex and people don't need to think any different. Good luck! (I am getting the GMT Master II).

James on October 16, 2010:

Accually The newer 2008-Now models don't all have a hologram anymore. They did this to spot counterfitting, but that failed, just as other things did too. You really can't tell a fake from a real unless a good Rolx dealer takes a good look at it, and denfinately the back/case. Just to let y'all know.

Greg on October 14, 2010:

I have a fake. paid about $550 USD for it. I also have a real one. Funny thing the fake one actually keeps better time than the real. I bought it because I wanted one, my father has one and I get it when he dies. but I wanted one. and can not even afford an AirKing so I got a fake. BFD. I like it. And BTW my friend is an authorized Rolex dealer. I took it to him, he could not tell the difference. You are sometimes paying only for a name. Any machinist with a little time and 5 axis CNC could turn out an exact replica the only difficulty would be the case hologram sticker. but I am sure with a little searching on the net oe could find on that was acurate.

Watchman53 on October 06, 2010:

I own Both I have 3 real Genuine Rolexs and one replica.The real ones have to be serviced every 5 years max and it costs 598 dollars plus tax and a replica that cost 35 dollars to service only costs from 200 to 400 dollars and most now have Saphire crystals and are water resistant enough to swim in but not deep dive.So you make your choice it you have money to throw awy get a real one if not a replica is just as good.

god on October 05, 2010:

it doesn't matter anymore once u got it...

airking2010 on September 28, 2010:

i'm very surprised when my lovely wife gave me the present 16234 datejust rolex for my birthday. i knew it's second hand watch but i'm very happy to get that. i have also 2 rolex fake but they are quite different if we compared with the real..

malena on September 28, 2010:

i bought a "Rolex" at a thrift store the other day and I am wondering if its real or not, Either way i only paid $1.25 for it. Yes, only $1.25. I will eventually take it in to see if its real, and if it is, I will piss my pants!!

Dave on September 23, 2010:

I bought a 2 colour rolex sub from an authorised dealer on retiring after 39 years of working hard. The watch is only a watch but what a beautiful piece of engineering and it sure means a lot to me. I'm comfortable not rich and not showy but like things that look good and that 39 years needed something that makes a statement for me not anybody else.

Aaron on August 27, 2010:

I just bought what i thought was a fake but we took it to a really good jeweler and they said it was real!!! haha bargain

nader on August 21, 2010:

hi i want to know is my rolex is fake

i mean is swiss made mean any thing and thx

M on August 09, 2010:

I find that the author stereotypes waitors which is very insulting,especially if one likes the job And can afford it.I know waitors/junior service staff who have real rolexes either from hard saved money or as a gift from their parents.Please refrain from such disgusting stereotyping because it reflects shallowness.Nice info though.

amir kota on August 04, 2010:

dude I'm from England...

Real on July 31, 2010:

Only fake people who are troubled with their identity in life buy fake everything, including Rolex's and other bling to try and impress others. Even the rich look ridiculous, their nose's higher than the top of their heads while walking around flaunting their look at me jewels. Sick when a large portion of society is poor and starving in the streets.

biboy on July 29, 2010:

i have 2 rolex watches, all real. bought them in Rolex store in Manila. all brand new. am i bragging???? no!! The thing is,,, I promised not to buy Rolex because the price is exorbitant. but after a while... i did bought my 1st rolex. then a year after another one.

basically, the only time my watch is being noticed or glanced upon is if they are also wearing rolex or they love rolex but admits they cannot afford it. Does it make me feel good?? nah!!!! dut i just considered this as a bonus for working, saving, prioritizing what is more important in life, buying a house, trips for my mother while she is still able.

Then..... after saving,attention to my/our needs.... and with luck, extra cash... the rolex just came along. True! it is just a watch that more often than not will not catch the attention of people around you.

it is just an ICING to the cake saying... JOB WELL DONE!!!

brian on July 20, 2010:

Amir, thanks for the retarded comment. I really don't care what they get for people when they turn 15 in abu dabi.

amir kota on June 30, 2010:

I'm 16 and own a real Rolex. My Uncle, who is rich, got it for my 16th. I'm not rich and don't wear cloths that cost loads. So you can't judge whether it's fake or real from what people are wearing or what car they drive.

jozeph on June 07, 2010:

I can't believe I read most of those posts... The individuals that stated if you wear a fake rolex you're a fake seem like they're identity is wrapped up in their money (and they're probably overcompensating and are saddled with debt). Being a financial planner I can say with confidence that wearing a Rolex portrays a certain image, whatever you think of this fact does not stop it from being true; good or bad. Wearing a Rolex my prospects projects wealth so in turn they're more likely to do business with me. This is true regardless of my feelings towards the watch. That being said I'll wear a fake Rolex if I know it will result in more deals being closed for me. It's tough to justify a 10k watch and wearing a fake doesn't make you a fake. The ones who put people down because they can't/won't buy a genuine are ridiculous... Read up Warren Buffett lives in a 250k house and drives an old caddy; his license plate says "thrifty". How much is he worth? is a tool and so is the Rolex brand use it wisely. God Bless.

midget on May 23, 2010:

Bond sounds like a douche-bag! :)

exjunior on May 17, 2010:

Its truth what pauly says, also the motto "go and buy it in an autorized dealer", well the "authorirized dealesr" goes to your house , shows his not in the store stuff, and gives you credit on word,

bond on May 17, 2010:

Do we really need a watch nowadays, albeit an expensive watch like Rolex.

I mean the days of wearing watches is so over. Now everyone has a cellphone. I think watches are so last century.

Ignitron on May 16, 2010: are so wrong with what you commented about re the hands movement...Rolex did make a "quartz" hand movement years ago and that was replace by their sweeping hand movement which actually does tick at 8 times per second.

pauly on May 13, 2010:

The thing is, when you have studied and worked hard and things are going good for you a real Rolex no longer seems expensive at all - because by then you are thinking about Range Rovers and $2m homes .. So stop worrying about fakes and get studying and work hard, and be honest.

leann on May 08, 2010:

the way u can tell if it is fake is if the second hand ticks and the real one dosent tick it just moves around

David on May 07, 2010:

The writer of this article must be pretty proud. Four years later and people are still whining about it.

If someone really thinks more highly of you because you wear a Rolex vs. a fake one, or none at all, then they are incredibly shallow.

Personally, I would never spend that kind of money on a watch. Nevertheless, if someone feels that it the way they want to spend there money, by all means, oblige yourself.

RebelKnightCSA on May 06, 2010:

I have something called a NauTec No Limit dive watch. Looks just like a Rolex Submariner, similar quality construction, and only one tenth the price of the Rolex. Modern watchmakers are capable of producing accurate timepieces at very affordable prices nowadays, and the 'big name' draw is strictly vanity.

Keep your integrity whatever you choose on May 02, 2010:

Some great stories here. And some good points. At the end of the day, it seems that even fake Rolexes have their value, inspiring people to success so that they can, one day, own a real one. To me, it doesn't matter whether or not others are impressed (whether by a fake or real Rolex). But are YOU (the wearer) impressed? What does the watch mean to YOU? If a fake Rolex makes you feel smart for feeling shrewd (you saved a bucket load), then great. If a real Rolex makes you feel great because it signifies a milestone achieved in your life (and YOU know you have the real deal), then that too is great.

But I will also add this caution: it is always important to evaluate, question your goals. If you buy a fake with the intention to deceive for some sort of mischievous gain, then what does it say about your integrity? And if the only reason that you can afford a genuine Rolex is because you always put yourself before others and choose a shady path to becoming successful, then what too, does that say about your integrity?

Anthony on April 27, 2010:

to: revdocjim - buy a fake, and donate the rest.

ex junior on April 25, 2010:

One of my first thoughts is my father wearing his rolex king midas which he wear it prouly,Im from Mexico, In my life I have been raised in a rich family , father gave me my first rolex at 15 gold cellini, and at 18 a white gold piaget, through this time I bought my self for fashion some tags huerer and steel rolex submariner,cartier santos etc. The watch who made the greatest impresion was the Rolex cellini, it made a huge impression in young people and adults (and girls). I agree with a post mentioned here, it is all attached with your backround, of course people new who my family where and with all the stuff attatched to it, the house the cars, the jet etc. Bought in a trip to new york, a fake rolex president for some 100 bucks, use it for some months no noticed it was fake, even people said "wow now a president",. Later on my father found of course a new young wife while i was studying in europe, and bye bye to all that junior life little by little, father had new children too, had a BMW and the end i sold ot to pay my studies and debts. In 1994, the financial crisis made chaos, and people lost millions, my family was severely affected, father sold lot of things including his rolex king midas, so the money was gone. I Kept all the watches, and came back to mexico in the year 2000 with 95.00 Us dollars, and with a wife..! It was very hard in the begining , no job , no money, living with friends . found stupid to wear my watches while traveling by foot and the metro. I was wearing only my tag huer. Some time passed now and my family and me made the way back to the top separately, sold some watches and adquire several ones , from this watches ROLEX , as i said,is the one who makes an impact on people, i have two rolex a president gold white dial and two tone blue dial, while doing bussines, people are talking and cant stop starring at the rolex, stupid to say it , but it gives you an advantage, it doesn't matter you wear jeans and a polo shirt. Three months ago found on ebay a king midas watch in 8000.00 us, of course i bought it inmeadtly , for the obviuous reason. and gave it to my dad last march on his birthday, i said "i have a small present for you" , packed it shitly in a walmart bag, and when he opened you should see his face, of course there where some tears, in life this is one of th moments when you die you will take it with you. life is great.

excuse for spelling,

LARoLeX on April 14, 2010:

Ok here is one way to tell if your watch it real or fake. Look at the glass or the crystal. Now on an older Rolex the crystal will be plastic. Yes Plastic. Ask any Rolex Dealer. On a Fake the the crystal will be flat against the bezel. On a real the crystal is raised and bubbled. Now you may have heard people calling this cyclops, but thats not it. This is referred to as magnification on the date if your watch has one. Is should be magnified by 2 1/2 times. A fake will only be 1 1/2. Then between the lugs on one side should have a ref. # and on the other side should have a serial #. This is just a few things.

Ren on April 07, 2010:

To Anonymous 4 months ago: I'm not so sure Rolex made a blue Yachtmaster as most of the net searches list them for $100-$150 vs the $10,000 a real YM commands. I love my Blue Sub but now want to trade it in on a model that is not as copied - the real S/S & Platinum Yachtmaster.

Everyone asks if they are real or not, after a while you just ask them 'what do you think?'. You can usually spot a fake and if your eyes can not tell your touch or ears will. Rolex watches shine even when they are quite old and scratched, a real dazzling glint. The edges are very smoothe - a fake has unrefined manufacturing indicators, sharp edges, milling or casting marks. But easiest of all is to have a listen to them - the movement is nearly like a ringing sound (due to the high number of beats per hour 28,800 / 8 beats per second) and definitely not a ticking or whirring sound. Z.

joe Pittsburgh on March 27, 2010:

Most of you guys saying who cares if its real or fake don't see it the same as the one who own the real deal. My dad had a really nice fake when I was growing up and it made me want to do well and get a head so I could some day buy a real one and at the age of 29 I got the DATEJUST i always wanted. My dad is proud and I wear it all the time as a landmark in my business and professional life. I hope to some day buy my father the real rolex like the fake he had. To me it shows goal setting and acheivement and hard work and you must admire the detail and craftsmanship that goes into every rolex. I bought the one I wanted after 10 years of working and providing for my family and wise investments. You only live once and its nice to reward yourself. I have only had 2 people ask about mine. A man that had a submariner on his wrist and a lower iuncome guy who used to have a fake. lol.

Juan on March 22, 2010:

The fake to real Rolex ratio out there is 10:1 and that is a fact supported by Rolex themselves. They are far too easy to fake and nobody really cares anyway. The bottom line is that most people will think your real Rolex is a fake before they think your fake Rolex is real. That is, if they even care at all.

Nobody is going to believe that a teenager is wearing a real Rolex. Especially if he is out flashing it around. If you had a $15,000 watch then the last place you would take it is somewhere that kids get the tar beat out of them for $5 in lunch money. Nobody at work is going to give you credit for wearing a fake watch either. Especially if you aren't working a six figure job. They are going to know it is fake because they know you can't afford a real one. And if you have a six figure job then they won't care about it because they all have real ones that are probably worth more.

I like watches as much as the next guy, but I'm not about to go out and finance one for as much as a car would be. that is just stupid. You can buy a top of the line replica that nobody could tell apart from the real thing without popping the back off for around $300 to $500 bucks. That is the price of a good Citizen with an Eco Drive. So why would I pay tens of thousands for a watch that nobody can see the guts of, and the guts are really what make it worth all that money. That and the fact that Rolex says it is worth all that money. If you can get a replica with an ETA 7750 movement in it, then you are likely wearing a watch that is just as good as the real thing anyway.

Josh on March 19, 2010:

if a fake gets stolen from you its what, $50 dollars gone if a real gets stolen from it its like 10X that. Just my 2 cents

Rolex advice on March 10, 2010:

From experience....The ONLY way to tell a fake is by an expert certified Rolex watchsmith that has been doing this for years.

chris dicintio on February 26, 2010:

I am a different animal, I have the real thing in a vault and wear the fake so no loss if it gets lost or stolen, I have been asked a few times if it is real and state that it is not real but do have the real one to back it up. I do like the old rich people who wear paste diamonds but have the real ones saved.

jakery on February 25, 2010:

im 15 in an avg income house and i looking thru a box of stuff from when my uncle passed away he was a collector of all sorts and i found a rolex watch with a spanish certificate but it has ben signed and it looks offfiacal and it looks old and it only had one holigram and that was on the tag bbut it runs smooth and instead of the holigram on the back it has a sticker of what looks like eyes but when help up to the light u can see the rolex crown and some numbersi would love to know wether this is real or fake

[edited for grammer]

OneLove70 on February 19, 2010:

i recently got a rolex oyster perpetual submariner waterproof up to 200 m but i cant tell if its real or a fake it has the serial numbers and refrence numbers like a real one and it has the triplock crown seal and a seal on the inside of the winding crown a smooth caseback and it doesn't tick is it safe to say that its real or should i still go have it checked by a proffessional

bubbawv1 on February 05, 2010:

My wife bought me a Pulsar for about $200.00 thirteen years ago. It is an excellent watch but has begun to look somewhat worn. I paid less than this for a Replica Rolex with an outstanding 21 Jewel Japanese automatic movement and a Presidential bracelet. My reason: It is a great watch, looks great and has a high degree of accuracy. An outstanding value.

Andy on February 04, 2010:

get over yourselves. too much money people

John on January 28, 2010:

The really good copies you can not I repeat you can not tell just by looking at it or holding it. The only way is to open the case and see the movement I have a real rolex sub and a fake rolex sub with a Swiss movement I put the fake on everyday and the real when I go out. Reason don't want to scare the real one anyway we went to a rolex dealer for my cosin to purchase a real rolex and the sale agent could not tell it was a fake they had to remove case back to see the movement. So why am I telling u this well all these sites that talk about real and fake rolex make you believe that u can spot a fake one yes the really cheap ones but you can not spot a good fake which uses shaphire cystal and a Swiss movement so when you wind it feel like a rolex. Always one case to make sure if you can not open the case do not I repeat do not buy it. Hate these guys with these website on how to spot a fake. There should always be only one answer on how to spot a fake one the case

Fred on January 26, 2010:

Strangely I bought what I figured was a fake in China a few months ago, but it has everything listed in your article as real. In addition, I took it to a watch shop and the guy offered me 1500 for a watch I spent 75 bucks for. Are some of the Chinese copies that passable that a professional can not tell the difference?

Chris on January 14, 2010:

My Dad gave me a Rolex 20 years ago and I wear it every day. I work construction and it has taken its fair share of abuse but still works peferct. There is something to be said for getting the real thing.

AL on January 09, 2010:

Ive seen rolexs up close, my dad has a 18k gold presidential beautiful watch.To spot one at the eye is the ticker hand i know some rolexes do this but fake ones are very noticed and u can tell by the craftsmanship just the way its put together.

Joseph Adas on January 08, 2010:

I'm 13 and my dad gave me his omega seamaster proffesional but it's so big that I have to leave it at home all the time because my arm looks weird when I wear it

Jules on January 07, 2010:

I don't know if the Rolex sub I got as a gift from a dear friend is a fake or what. I had it compared by a jeweler..I should not have done that.. to a genuine sub and they are identical in every respect including the mechanism. If this is a fake may God come down and see it.

BO on January 07, 2010:

Well lots of points of views here.

every one can say one thing that owning a Rolex is a nice thing. I am 32 years of age I have a older brother 45 years of age. around 13 years back he bought his first Rolex I had always loved it it was a GMT a few years later I had bought an omega the sub 007 loved that omega but loved his gmt more.. this year I bought my own new GMT in London from the old bond street office. yes it was not cheep but one thing the sales man told me and he was so right see my brother paid 3900 us for it 13 years back and now he will not sell it for 4500 us as i had asked for the new one I had paid 7000 us I'm sure it will hold it price . so not only being a nice watch it is also an investment and I do so love my gmt 2 not the best out there but I love it ..

keenan on December 31, 2009:

frank how much did you pay. i am 15 and i bought my rolex this christmas and i disagree that you can tell by the person if the watch is real. i don't act like a rolex owner i swear a lot and listen to what some people would call tasteless music (but i don't think so)

Frank on December 29, 2009:

I own a Rolex Daytona that i bought used i absolute perfect condition on ebay from a reputable seller, i even had it authenticated in a local jewelry store. I told everyone asking that it is a fake that i bought for $100.0 in my last trip in Tayland. Lol i love it...

Anonymous on December 18, 2009:

I've got a genuine Rolex Yacht Master with a blue dial. I have to say i was really nervous researching how to tell if a Rolex is real or fake but after checking out a few sites, I'm pleased to know it's real. I would still prefer to wear my Casio G-Shock because the chance of Rolex's being stolen are extremely high.

Hank Piring on December 14, 2009:

1. All Chinese (waiter or not) wear real Rolexes if they

appear to wear one.

2. Best way to get one is to win it in a Casino like I did :)

Never wanted one. Only wear it at funerals or weddings.


Love my sub on November 27, 2009:

I've owned 3 Rolex watches. The 2nd was an Explorer I ref 1016 that I bought for $800 and sold for $5000. Not only are these watches, they are investments. There are many other ways I could spend MY money: vacations, cars, flat screen TVs, World Series tickets, etc. None of these would give me the long term pleasure of watches. I plan on passing my down to my children and hopefully grandchildren. You don't have spend a fortune. Check out the following website.

Practical Rolex Owner on October 20, 2009:


I would like to be quick to point out that many of the folks who are posting here have either had a Rolex passed on to them, or they have made an investment in something for themselves to cherish over time. Obviously, we value your opinion and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, however, you should not be so quick to judge others. By donating a year or more, what exactly do you mean? Are you referring to donating time or money? If that be the case, I would not be alone in saying that many of us, myself included, do both. I think you are missing the point here. If you read through many of the posts, you will also notice a common denominator; that being a significant amount of saving and dedication until such a timepiece is brought within an affordable range, therefore, it is would not be fair to indicate that this post is entirely consisted of over privileged folks living over privileged lives. To break it down even further, I would ask you to make a comparison to a perhaps commonality that you could relate to. Example: If you are a brand name cigarette smoker, we could speculate approximately $4.75/pack x 2 packs per day = $9.50. Over the course of a year, that equates to just under $3500. Next, we need to consider something else. By going to the local bar and spending $50 total per weekend (Friday & Saturday) on a few drinks, and assuming that this only occurs for 40 weekends out of the year, that will quickly equate to an additional $2000. That's approximately $5500 net dollars saved per year for someone to kick the smoking habit and give up a considerable drinking habit. This is a nice trade off for an improved healthy quality of life and more time to spend with family. If someone has the strength and discipline to achieve such an accomplishment, that would be grounds to purchase an authentic Rolex from an authorized Rolex dealer and have the back engraved with the date they decided to help themselves. What an accomplishment by the owner. And boy, that would sure make a nice family heirloom to pass on and would certainly speak a milestone about the originator's character. Just a thought. Can you relate?

Lario on October 17, 2009:

Why spending much if you can show that you have the Rolex watch? Even fake or not your image is the same when you're at high gatherings. Always people don't bother to ask you whether it's fake or not. But you've got the same enjoyment. The thing is Rolex is considered as high priced mechanical jewelry and it's subject to damage by long use. So spare the original one for you to keep it for life.

duardonme on October 11, 2009:

OMG...all you over privileged 12 year olds (and those of your that are older). get over yourselves and your over privileged lives. when is the last time you donated a year or more to help someone else?

Arad Rod on September 11, 2009:

I am about 21 and i have gold datejust actually a real one!before that I had a steel oysterdate.In fact those ones who wear a fake rolex are some people that do want to have a real one but they do not afford it.Rolex is the most famous watch in the world and is a big asset that in any time you can change it to money but not other brands as it gets older it will be more fashionable and more expensive.So if you pay 100 USD on a fake one why don't you buy a real Q&Q or Romanson with that money.

Practical Rolex Owner on August 01, 2009:

Good evening,

When logging on to this site, I had intentions on learning how to identify a fake Rolex. Through years of hard work and dedication, I had finally reached a point in my life and career which enabled me to purchase my first Rolex watch. The purchase was made from an authorized retailer who shared my joy of owning such a fine piece. When considering why I felt that a Rolex was my timepiece of choice, many things crossed my mind. 1. Status: In perspective, my other non-Rolex watch typically catches the eye of most folks. Since wearing my watch in public, I've noticed that with so many replicas in circulation, having a Rolex on my wrist did not draw any unusual amount of attention. Folks were not stopping me in my tracks to ask "Is that a Rolex?". 2. Durability: Face it, if you wear a watch, it will eventually show signs of wear. Oyster bands typically show light scratches from normal wear and tear. While these scratches are able to be polished out by a certified, reputable jeweler, they are part of the beauty obtained by wearing such a fascinating watch through life. It's a bond that any Rolex owner develops with their watch. Although I am meticulous with keeping my watch clean, I have adopted the philosophy that life's wear and tear marks are to be looked upon much like a badge of honor. It's part of wearing the watch through life with me. 3. Reliability: I've got to say, the watch has seemed to be very reliable and will serve me with a lifetime of memories made while wearing it. This brings me to my original purchase reason; 4. Something to pass on: Someone else said it - What not a better heirloom to pass to a son or daughter. While many would interject with the opinion that a watch is just a watch, I tend to feel slightly stronger for what a Rolex signifies to me. With the appreciation I've developed for what a genuine Rolex is, and to each their own, it is something that can be passed from generation to generation with a continual story to tell. In my opinion, if you are wearing a replica, no matter how authentic it may appear, you are only depriving yourself from the sense of accomplishment that can only be achieved by owning an original. In addition, you clearly feel that portraying yourself to be successful will bring you more success. While this may hold true for some areas, such as implying a sense of power or presence at the local bar, being spotted wearing a replica may be more damaging to your image than simply wearing a fashionable, reliable timepiece. Moral of the story: A path to success may come easier for some, but certainly will not be determined by wearing an expensive timepiece. Nothing is impossible if you exhort the effort and work hard to succeed. Do the right things in life; be a respectable citizen and understand that not everything in life will come easy, and not everything will always go your way. Learn and practice a positive work ethic - When thrown a curve ball, stay in the batters box and learn how to hit it. Now, when an authentic Rolex becomes affordable from all of your hard work and commitment, there are few things in life that will bring you the great sense of accomplishment that is achieved when fastening the watch around your wrist for the first time. Just make sure you are making the purchase from an authorized Rolex retailer. Thank you.

josh on August 01, 2009:

Hi I have rolex daytona adition 92'. tryin find out if its real or fake.

Mike A. S. on July 08, 2009:

I have a Submariber (the real McCoy, the wife has a Lady-datejust... we enjoy them, we take vacations the world over, drink Cognac, J.W. Blue and still have a few $$$ in the bank... enjoy life, buy what u want - u cant take it with u, cause if u don't, the kids will sure enjoy it... Cheers mates!

New York on July 08, 2009:

Hey GQ, lighten up man. My girlfriend purchased an Explorer II for my 40th birthday. I came upon this site not because of doubt in it's maker, but just looking up general information during a slow day on Wall Street. Totally unexpected gift and could not be happier. I use to think a Rolex was a sign of status.....not so now. Rolex is a brilliant piece of engeneering sitting on your wrist. You'll know it when you take it out of the box. Go to a dealer, pay the $$$, be happy. Why would anyone want to wear a fake? Rolex and all hi-end watches deserve the respect and hard work it takes to obtain it.

AV8R on June 26, 2009:

I am 15 and I have a ROLEX GMT MASTER II,and it is real. The only thing I get asked or bugged about is if it is real, but other than that i love my watch

GQ on June 24, 2009:

To all you people who left a comment on Rolex watchs(fake or real), I own both, I paid good money for both of them. I hear all the BS on why pay so much money for a watch that only tells time, you all have no clue what it takes to make a fine watch like a Rolex, the craftmenship, and the time to assemble it, and depending on the watch, there is from 150 to 200 parts that are precisely put together by a Master Jeweler. I know that means nothing to you all, people spend hundreds of thousand of dollars on there home...WHY? People spend thousands on a Luxury car...WHY? People spend thousands of dollars on drugs...WHY? People who spend thousands of dollars on stupid baskets(Longaberger)...WHY? It's a basket, I have seen these baskets, I own a few, but there not Longaberger, and they DO the the same thing as the HIGH dollar baskets, they hold things. Spending thousands on a home is ok, it will increase in value, Spending thousands on a Luxury Car...Bad Idea, it will only decrease in value as time goes by. In 10 years your 25K car will be worth 5K, as for the Rolex, in 10 years it will be either worth the same as purchased, or a lot more than he or she paid for it, I'm leaning toward worth more than purchased for. SO get off our backs, it's an INVESTMENT, I know some can't do that kind of investment and wear it, but some of us can. I own two of them, I own my home(nothing fancy), I own my truck(01 Dodge Ram), I have a decent job from going to school(No college), all of which was accomplised from hard work and saving my money. I know people who spend thousands of dollars on guns and scopes...WHY. I own a couple of both that cost me Hundreds and do the exact same thing, so why buy the HIGH dollar guns when the cheap ones do the same thing(put food on the table)?? My watch can't put food on the table right now, but if I was to sell them, I would have double the amount of food I could purchase in 5 years that would last 20 years. Try getting double for the stupid things that you all buy(home and land excluded), and try to invest in things that will help you in the long run. And don't give me that BS that I only make this...SHUT UP, and go back to school and get something that will make you more money. And you say...easier said than done...BULLSHIT, your just LAZY, I don't care what kind of situation your in, it CAN be done. And because I worked my ass off to buy these things doesn't mean you can steal them from me YOU LAZY ASSES. GET A JOB people. They say we are in a ression...BS, all I see where I shop is...Hiring All Jobs, and I live in a small town, if you live in a big town, I'm guessing there a lot of jobs right now. So quit relying on our government, there going broke quick due to your new President, and watch for the NEW energy Tax that they are trying to pass, our Government wants all of your money to fund this, your president will/has put us in debt so far that we will NEVER be able to recover, he has spent more money than all of the presidents put together. Think about it, and Have a Nice Day!

Jason on May 16, 2009:

I have owned an authentic Rolex for about 15 years now, and I love it. Recently while on business in Manila, my Rolex stopped working. The service fee for an authorized repair center in the USA is about $500 - $700. I took it to an authorized Rolex repair ceneter in Manila, and it cost me about $200 for the same service. In the meantime, because I missed my watch, I bought a really good fake for abouy $10 USD that I have grown to love. I alternate between the fake and the authentic, and hands down get more compliments on the fake than on the authentic Rolex.

JToddH on May 09, 2009:

I have a SS Sub and an SS Daytona and will soon (hopefully) have a WG Daytona Meteorite. Funny thing is I am FAR from wealthy. My watches are a personal indulgence and have sparked many a pleasant conversation. All are comfortably understated and to most just look like another cheap tin watch. I'm OK with that. I don't wear them to impress others. That's exactly the reason I don't own a yellow gold or diamond Rolex...too flashy for my taste. But to each his own.

My son will one day inherit a timepiece with a unique history. My SS Sub has seen combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Afghanistan again. It's nice when you are in some of the worst environments imaginable but can look down and see a Rolex on your wrist. I hope my son will appreciate his REAL Rolex as I have.

Covert Hypnosis 1 on April 01, 2009:

I think it's just silly to spend so much money on something that tells the time. The only reason why I spend a little more money on watches than most people is: comfort and reliability.