How to Choose Sunglasses

Updated on November 10, 2019
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Which sunglasses suit your style?
Which sunglasses suit your style? | Source

How to choose sunglasses? Which sunglasses should I wear? Which are the best sunglasses for my personality and face? The online marketplace is lined with affordable and cheap sunglasses for men, but it is difficult to decide the type of sunglasses that will suit your personality, style, face, and fashion. This guide helps men choose the right sunglasses by taking examples from some of the most famous brands and products you can buy online.

1. Aviator-Style Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Men's RB3025 Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Men's RB3025 Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses | Source

Aviator style sunglasses are perfect for the laid back dude who is cooler than the word cool. These sunglasses were first introduced in the early 1900s and have gained iconic fame since then.

Aviator style sunglasses have been worn in popular culture by army generals, pilots, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Paul McCartney, Sylvester Stallone, and even Johnny Knoxville. They are definitely for the man of class, composure, calm, and charisma. Not every guy can carry off these sunglasses.

Who Should Wear Aviator-Style Sunglasses?

Guys who drive convertibles or open-top cars can definitely go for aviator sunglasses because they epitomize the image of a hunk cruising along the streets in a low rider. Guys who drive SUVs, trucks, and other 4WD vehicles can also wear Aviator style sunglasses to boost their macho look.

Typical alpha males and guys who command the highest level of popularity among their peers are also typically noted wearing Aviator style sunglasses. These are the men who have a casual yet stylish fashion sense and can rock a jeans and t-shirt look even at a fancy party.

Aviator style sunglasses also suit guys who are typically shown in movies and TV carrying off a rugged and sexy unkempt look with scruffy hair and unshaven beard. This style of sunglasses also suits men with laid back personalities.

2. Colored Aviator-Style Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 3025 11269 Metal Aviator Gold  Brown Orange Mirror
Ray-Ban RB 3025 11269 Metal Aviator Gold Brown Orange Mirror | Source

Bradley Cooper famously wore Aviator-style sunglasses with an orange hue in The Hangover. His personality in the movie is typically portrayed as a guy who knows how to tackle any kind of situation and look sexy even in the simplest of clothes. He is the guy who can look like a rock star anytime and anywhere.

Colored Aviator sunglasses add a loud touch of gangster style to all the assumed personality traits of a guy wearing the original Aviator style sunglasses. To carry these off without making a fool of himself, a guy will need to be super calm and will also need to have a fashion sense of a rock star.

Who Should Wear Colored Aviator-Style Sunglasses?

Colored Aviator style sunglasses will suit macho and tough men who wear the most stylish of clothes and drive the flashiest of cars.

Guys working as models or other flamboyant characters in the entertainment industry will also be able to carry off these sunglasses.

3. Wayfarer-Style Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses
Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses | Source

Limitless style and iconic fashion is what the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are all about. They have been around since the 1950s and have been worn by politicians, celebrities, rock and roll legends, movie stars and pop stars.

These sunglasses have a die-hard fan following who refuse to wear anything else. John F. Kennedy, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jack Nicholson, and Michael Jackson are only some of the names who have been known to fancy a pair of Wayfarers.

Who Should Wear Wayfarer-Style Sunglasses?

The modern-day Wayfarers are somehow associated with a carefree personality or a young guy, typically in his late teens, twenties, or thirties. He is conscious about his clothing style but doesn't like to spend too much on clothes. He would rather spend on accessories, like sunglasses. He is conscious about his choices, he cares for the environment, technology is a core part of his life and he also has a chilled-out attitude. The Wayfarers are simply a must for guys who are keen on pulling off the hipster look.

Wayfarers are also a perfect fit for guys who are either full-time artists and pursue art as a profession or guys who are inclined towards the arts as a hobby or passion.

Men who want to carry off a retro look with a modern twist can also choose to wear Wayfarer style sunglasses. They suit the rich, fashion-conscious male who is typically seen wearing bright t-shirts and skinny jeans.

4. Sporty Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Radar Path Iridium Sunglasses
Oakley Men's Radar Path Iridium Sunglasses | Source

Apart from being high on utility, sporty sunglasses can make a guy look athletic. These sunglasses typically have a sleek design and wrap around the eyes snugly. They are purpose made to handle active environments and provide maximum protection to the eyes from sunlight.

Sports sunglasses make a subtle style statement, but they are not as glamorous as a pair of Aviators or Wayfarers.

Who Should Wear Sporty Sunglasses?

Sports sunglasses are a perfect fit for muscular guys and men who like to play sports. They can be a nice little fashion accessory while a guy goes to the gym or for a manly jog in the park. These sunglasses are also great for men who like to lead an active lifestyle.

Sporty sunglasses will also suit men who drive fast cars and ride bikes. They seem to be the perfect fit for a biker wearing a leather jacket over denim.

These sunglasses look idyllic on men in various forms of service, including the armed forces, police, and other emergency services workers.

Guys who want to wear a classic style of sunglasses but don't find Aviators and Wayfarers complimenting their personalities can choose sporty sunglasses, which are almost universal when it comes to style. They are likely to compliment all types of looks, personalities, and faces.

5. Round-Framed Sunglasses

Ray-Ban 0RB3447 Round Sunglasses,Gold FrameSky Blue Lens
Ray-Ban 0RB3447 Round Sunglasses,Gold FrameSky Blue Lens | Source

Round-framed sunglasses shout out the words retro and vintage. If carried off properly, they may even look nerdy but in a cool way. These sunglasses gained worldwide popularity after pictures of John Lennon were immortalized by the media. The famous Beatle wore a thick round-framed pair of glasses when he was assassinated.

Round framed sunglasses are retro, vintage and cool but don't necessarily suit everyone. A guy like Hugh Jackman may never be able to pull off round-framed sunglasses while being his usual hunky self.

Who Should Wear Round Framed Sunglasses?

Round framed sunglasses suit the personality of an introvert, geek, or a nerdy-looking guy. The classic look of these glasses is synonymous with intelligence and awareness. On the other hand, rock stars are also known to wear blacked-out round-frame sunglasses. They are a favorite of Slash, who has often been pictured wearing round-framed Ray-Bans to compliment his rock star look.

These sunglasses have the potential of being the perfect accessory to compliment a guy with long and scruffy hair wearing an over-sized coat over a t-shirt and skinny jeans. This style will also look good on older men.

Round framed sunglasses will also suit artists and art connoisseurs. Virtually all guys who find themselves to be opposite of the typically brash, macho, and larger than life action hero will be able to accommodate a pair of round-framed sunglasses in their wardrobe.

6. Colorful, Asymmetrical, and Fashionable Sunglasses

Gucci Men's 1627 Shiny Black Frame Grey Gradient Lens sunglasses
Gucci Men's 1627 Shiny Black Frame Grey Gradient Lens sunglasses | Source

Colorful and fashionable sunglasses are more of a style statement than a useful accessory, which will provide enough shade against the sun. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. These sunglasses are made to look loud and bold.

These sunglasses are a fashion accessory and are not for the average man. Hunky men, petrol heads, alpha males, and athletic guys may find it hard to use these sunglasses to suit their personality types.

Who Should Wear Colorful and Fashionable Sunglasses?

Sunglasses with different color hues will be the perfect accessory to a guy in his twenties who wants to carry off a peppy look with a body-hugging sleeveless t-shirt over denim shorts and colorful slippers.

Men who like to put a lot of thought into their dressing and don't mind wearing bright colors will find themselves gravitating to a quirky and cute pair of fashionable sunglasses. It needs a discerning eye and a strong fashion sense for a man to put together a look consisting of bright colors and such fashionable sunglasses.

Fashion designers, fashion connoisseurs, artists, art connoisseurs, models, and guys in their late teens are likely to be able to carry off these sunglasses with style.

7. Rectangle-Framed Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Men's 0RB3478 Rectangle Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Men's 0RB3478 Rectangle Sunglasses | Source

Sunglasses with a rectangle frame are known to be worn by people who want to set themselves apart from the mob. These are the kind of people who don't always conform to standards and expectations set by society in general.

Charlie Sheen wears sunglasses with a rectangle frame while Johnny Depp has been spotted wearing similarly shaped sunglasses. They have a spark in them, which makes their personalities unique and different.

Rectangle sunglasses also indicate a relaxed personality and are a middle ground between the extremely laid back appeal of the aviators and the look of a pair of sporty sunglasses.

Who Should Wear Rectangle or Square-Framed Sunglasses?

Because rectangular sunglasses have a laid back appeal, they also have the potential to look good in a relaxed setting. The sunglasses are often a hit with middle-aged men who want a cool looking pair of sunglasses to top up a good outfit. Charlie Sheen's look is the perfect example of how a guy in his thirties, forties, or beyond can carry off rectangle sunglasses in style.

Rectangle sunglasses don't always suit younger guys except for those with the attitude and charm to carry them off. They may also be a nice fit for guys with an offbeat fashion sense, eccentric personality, non-traditional choices, and a quirky attitude.

Guys who drive a convertible can wear a nice crisply ironed shirt over denim and top off the cool look with rectangle sunglasses.

8. Square-Framed Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Deviation Square Sunglasses
Oakley Men's Deviation Square Sunglasses | Source

Square framed sunglasses indicate a fashion sense that is ahead of its time. They are peppy, weird, strange-looking, and quirky—the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Not all men will be able to carry off square-framed sunglasses. Only the guys who have a fashion sense way ahead of all the other guys will be able to find the right place to wear square-framed sunglasses and pair them with an equally unique outfit.

Who Should Wear Rectangle or Square-Framed Sunglasses?

Perfectly square sunglasses will work for a guy who has a bubbly personality and has a liking for quirky accessories. He may be a guy who likes nothing but pop music and is an encyclopedia when it comes to knowing the best places to shop. He is also likely to have a taste for fine wine and know how to hold and differentiate between the various types of wine glasses.

Contrary to the kind of personality most suited for perfectly square sunglasses, a stretched-out square frame compliments a hipster look. This is the modern guy who is rugged yet intelligent and fashionable.

Square sunglasses will also suit guys who are stage performers, play music, or practice energetic dance forms.

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    • Charlotte Lenard profile image

      Charlotte Lenard 

      7 years ago from Oak Park, IL

      Ah I LOVE this. I have over 40 different pairs! I love the colored ones the most!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Wow! You've given me something else to think about. Someone gave me a pair of sunglasses as a gift, and ever since, I've bought that style just because I think it looks good one me. Judging from your presentation, it doesn't seem to fit my personality, so I won't mention it.

      Anyway, your article is very interesting, and I'm voting up.


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