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Review of the Paidu 58919 Analog Watch

Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches. His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.

Paidu 58919 Analog Watch

Paidu 58919 Analog Watch

Paidu Watches

While browsing Wish online for a set of flashlight batteries, I came across the Paidu 58919. Normally, I purchase bulky, complicated watches, packed with as many features as possible.

Complicated this Paidu is not. It’s a simple analog timepiece, and, except for the trademark painted onto its dial, the only color utilized is silver.

I liked the design and decided to acquire one for review.

Watch Description

The Paidu 58919 features a Japanese quartz movement shoved inside a bright silver metal case. Its case-back is composed of stainless steel.

Twelve tiny studs attached to the bezel are used to represent the hours. The brushed metal dial is bare except for the Paidu trademark. Three bright silver hands stand out against the dial, allowing time to be easily ascertained in low-light conditions. Luminous paint is not utilized.

Like its closest competitor, the North N-6009 Sports Watch, this timepiece features a Japanese quartz movement. In this case, the movement is Citizen’s Miyota 7T35. China is also marked on the movement, indicating that some Miyota products are manufactured in China.

This watch incorporates a stainless-steel mesh strap, which fastens in the same manner as a standard leather watchband. Mesh straps are very durable because their structure is held together by intertwined metal loops rather than pins. The free loops, used to secure the end of the strap, are composed of metal. While sturdy compared to those fitted onto a leather band, these loops are difficult to work with.

I purchased this watch from Wish. The total price, including shipping, came to $7.

The Manufacturer

Information concerning Paidu is difficult to obtain. Several Chinese wholesalers supply this brand, but I have been unable to track down the original manufacturer. More than likely, Paidu is a marketing company that designs timepieces and hires traditional watch factories to construct the final product. According to Tradmarkia, Paidu has not been trademarked.

Paidu designed timepieces fall into three basic categories. Some models, such as the 58919, stress simplicity. Others feature half-hidden hands. Many of their products are similar in style to that of a jump watch.

Paidu 58919 Analog Watch

Paidu 58919 Analog Watch


Brand: Paidu

Condition: New

Part/Model number: Paidu 58919

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Place of origin: China

Gender: Male

Display: Analog

Movement: Miyota 7T35

Battery: Sony SR6S6SW

Style: Luxury

Features: Mesh watch strap

Functions: Time of day

Band material: Stainless steel mesh with standard buckle

Band color: Silver

Band width: 20 mm

Dial color: Brushed silver

Dial window material: Glass

Case material: Silver metal (possibly stainless steel)

Case diameter: 43 mm, including crown

Case thickness: 8.3 mm

Weight: 57 grams (2 ounces)

Water resistance: Probably 3ATM. Splash resistant only

The Paidu watch alongside a similarly priced Skmei product.  This demonstrates the contrast between a simple and a complicated design.

The Paidu watch alongside a similarly priced Skmei product. This demonstrates the contrast between a simple and a complicated design.

Visual Appeal

Despite its low cost, the Paidu 58919 exudes an aurora of elegance. The dial’s brushed metal finish provides an excellent contrast to the shiny surfaces of the hands and case. To complete the color coordination of silver on silver, a mesh watch band is included.

Their design is obviously effective. A vendor on Amazon is advertising this timepiece for four times its normal asking price.

The Paidu 58919 will go well with whatever clothing you should choose to wear.

The band.

The band.

Is It Durable?

The movement, a quartz 7T35 manufactured by Miyota, works well. Time can be adjusted easily, without sloppiness.

The Paidu 58919 features a metal case that appears quite solid. The mesh strap is composed of stainless steel and should last for several years.

Specifications for this timepiece did not include information concerning the crystal. Normally they are composed of scratch-resistant, hardened mineral glass, but, in this instance, that might not be the case. During testing, the crystal suffered no damage.

I could find no data stipulating water resistance. Since an O-ring was secured around the Paidu’s case-back, I suspect a rating of 3ATM would be appropriate. Consider this watch splash-proof.

Because of their rigidity, it can sometimes be difficult to tuck the belt end beneath the free loops.

Because of their rigidity, it can sometimes be difficult to tuck the belt end beneath the free loops.

Overall Impression

The Paidu 58919 is powered by a decent Miyota movement and includes a rugged mesh watchband. If you like Paidu’s elegance through simplicity concept, this timepiece is worth serious consideration.

Watch companies strive to improve sales by upgrading different elements of their timepieces. In the following poll, I am attempting to determine what changes are most likely to result in increased sales.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do I replace a battery in a Paidu 58919?

Answer: This watch comes with a snap-on caseback. If you check closely, somewhere along the edge of the caseback, there is a groove where the edge of a knife, a jewelers's screwdriver, or preferably, a special removal tool, can be inserted. Apply outward pressure and the caseback should snap off. Then replace the battery and snap the caseback back in place. Note that sometimes it is difficult to press the caseback into place. There is also a special tool that makes this process easy but, considering the price of the Paidu watch, you would probably not want to invest in this tool.

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