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Review of the Sanda 723 Military-Style Watch

Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches. His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.

Sanda 723 Military Style Watch

Sanda 723 Military Style Watch

Habitually, I hibernate all winter, waiting until the late spring before creeping outside to clean up the yard and replace the bits and pieces of my house that have rotted away.

As fall approaches, I become restless, aware that snow will shortly confine me to my living room and endless hours of Netflix.

I hike, sometimes camping out for days at a time. And because gale-force winds and heavy rain usually accompany me during these excursions, I decided to pick up a cheap watch—one that could handle these less than ideal conditions. I settled on the Sanda 723.

I purchased this timepiece from a vendor on DHgate for $10.80. It arrived on schedule and was adequately packed.


The Sanda 723 is a large but not particularly heavy watch, weighing in at 70 grams (2.48 ounces). It spans 55 mm and is 17.5 mm thick. The watchband ranges from 22 mm to 27 mm in width.

The case is composed of ABS plastic. A blue head of what appears to be a large bolt protrudes from the left edge. Five pushbuttons control the various digital functions, and an oversized plastic crown is used to set the time.

This quartz watch is powered by a CR2016 battery, which the watch’s manufacturer claims will last for up to two years. The stainless-steel case back conveniently notes the battery type and the functions of the various pushbuttons.

The top-left button operates an led backlight. Three other buttons are utilized to select the mode and apply settings. A fifth button appears to be decorative.

A brightly colored metal band circles around the edge of the ABS plastic dial. Depending on the timepiece you chose, this band will be colored black, green, gold, blue, or red. The watch’s hands are painted with a relatively ineffective coat of luminescent paint.

An interestingly labeled decorative subdial is situated in the upper left quadrant of the dial. At the bottom, a digital readout provides the date, timer, and alarm functions.

The Sanda 723 features a polyurethane resin watch strap with a dual pin buckle. Its movement is Japanese in origin.

The Manufacturer

I have been unable to identify the manufacturer of the Sanda 723. More than likely, a marketing company selected this design from a factory catalogue and asked them to brand it Sanda.

This watch was assembled in Guangdong, China. It can be purchased, wholesale, from a number of trading companies. Among those suppliers are Ningbo Spring Smiles Tada Trading Company, and Guanzhou HuaFan Trading Company.


Brand: Sanda

Condition: New with tag

Model: Sanda 723

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Gender: Male

Display: Dual

Movement: Japanese quartz

Style: Military/Sport

Features: Dual display

Functions: Date, day, timer and alarm

Band material: Polyurethane resin

Band width: 22 mm to 27 mm

Band color: Black with stainless steel buckle

Dial color: Black

Dial window material: Acrylic

Case material: ABS plastic

Case diameter: 55 mm

Case thickness: 17.5 mm

Weight: 70 grams (2.48 ounces)

Water resistance: 30 meters

From this angle, you can see the fluorescent green metal band surrounding the dial.

From this angle, you can see the fluorescent green metal band surrounding the dial.

Visual Appeal

Your first impression is one of military specifications on steroids. The head of what appears to be a large bolt protrudes from the left edge of the watch. Four oversized hex screws secure the two halves of the case. The strap is double-breasted and equipped with a built-in wedge to prevent this watch from accidentally slipping from your wrist.

A colored metal band surrounds the dial. It shines very brightly as it is set against a watch that is composed mainly of dull black, light sucking materials.

The dial is flat black and textured with a diamond pattern. Paint is poorly applied with uneven edges.

A rather intriguing decorative subdial livens the upper portion of the dial. The digital display at the bottom includes a subsection in a different color, which indicates the day of the week. I quite like that.

The day of the week is displayed in a different color from the rest of the watch.

The day of the week is displayed in a different color from the rest of the watch.


As with all quartz watches, this timepiece is very accurate. All digital functions performed as expected. There is a fair amount of play when adjusting the time, but the hands do not unexpectedly jump when pressing in the crown.


The crystal is acrylic. This type of material scratches quite easily, but because the case rises far above the dial face, this will not pose a problem.

The Sanda 723 is marketed as a shockproof watch, ideal for extreme environments. It, supposedly, can handle altitudes of 8000 meters, a temperature as low as -60 degrees Celsius, and pressure between 300 and 1100 millibars. I did not test these claims.

Stated water resistance is 30 meters. The manufacturer notes this watch can be used in the shower—providing the water is not hot—and in the swimming pool. Buttons should not be pressed during these activities. This, however, is a ten-dollar watch. I would not advise putting these claims to the test.

The plastic case appears to be reasonably sturdy, and the pushbuttons do not protrude enough to snag. This watch’s strap is composed of polyurethane resin, a form of synthetic rubber that resists abrasions and will not easily tear. Direct sunlight will shorten its lifespan so, if you consistently work outside all day, you might consider another type of watchband.

Overall Impression

Aside from poorly applied paint, the Sanda 723 is well constructed. All functions perform satisfactorily, and the timepiece keeps accurate time. The watchband is very sturdy, although I did find the wedge, designed to prevent the strap from accidentally falling from my wrist, made removal more difficult than necessary.

This watch is extremely bulky, and the design is not to my taste. However, if you do like this style, the Sanda 723 is worthy of consideration.

Watches are styled to attract specific segments of the population. In this particular case, Sanda stressed the appearance of strength and durability. In the following survey, I am attempting to discover what designs appeal to potential purchasers. This information is useful because it helps me choose watches to review that are of interest to my readers. Please take the time to fill in the poll.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you change a watch band?

Answer: I have never tried but there appears to be screws holding the strap to the watch. The strap was specifically designed for this timepiece and replacement would probably be more expensive than purchasing a new watch.