Review of the Tech Swiss TS5850BRN Large Watch Box

Updated on November 6, 2019
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Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches. His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.


I collect watches, and, since I am very proud of these timepieces, it is important to display them in the best possible light. I decided to purchase a display case that exuded luxury and was capable of handling the largest of the watches I have accumulated.

Most watch boxes compromise. While they can accommodate large watches, often, the adjoining grids must be occupied by smaller watches in order to avoid physical contact. Sometimes these grids must be left empty. What I desired was a box with wider than normal grids.

When purchased through retailers such as Amazon or eBay, photographs of their merchandise are supplied. While these pictures are helpful, the most important information is provided in the description.

You need to know the material used to construct the box and whether the display window is composed of plastic or glass. And, as previously noted, the width of each individual grid can be vital. If this information is not provided, it is best to message the vendor.



I purchased the Tech Swiss TS5850BRN from Amazon. It arrived on schedule and well packed. This display case cost me 60 dollars.

It is very heavy, weighing in at almost two kilograms (70 ounces). The case is 39 cm (15 ½ inches) wide, 21 cm (8 inches) deep, and 10 cm (4 inches) high. Grid dimensions are 58 mm by 90 mm by 35 mm.

This watch box is constructed of wood and covered with padded leather. It includes a display window made of glass. The interior is lined with a plush beige faux suede fabric and each compartment is equipped with a soft removable cushion. The lid is mounted with two silver-toned hinges and a lockable latch.

The Manufacturer

Tech Swiss is owned by Paylak, a privately held company in Reseda, California. Paylak is an importer, employing between one and seven personnel. The Tech Swiss’s website offers for sale a variety of watch boxes, winders, bands, and other watch-related products.


Brand: Tech Swiss

Model: TS5850BRN Large Watch Box

Place of origin: Unknown. Imported to USA

Gender: Male

Purchase price: $60.00

Weight: 2 Kilo (70 ounces)

Width: 39 cm (15 ½ inches)

Depth: 21 cm (8 inches) deep

Height: 10 cm (4 inches)

Grid dimensions: 58 mm by 90 mm by 35 mm

Number of grids: Twelve

Main construction material: Wood

Exterior covering: Padded leather

Interior trim: Plush beige faux suede fabric

Composition of display window: Glass

Hardware provided: Lockable metal latch and two hinges

All of these large watches fit nicely into the display case  without intruding into adjoining grids.
All of these large watches fit nicely into the display case without intruding into adjoining grids. | Source

Visual Appeal

The espresso-colored, padded-leather covering looks and feels great, and the glass window provides a clear view of the enclosed timepieces. Interior trim is rich and luxurious. Large, soft pillows provide an excellent backdrop for the timepieces they support.

The lockable latch is larger than most, and, as does the assembly designed to hold the open lid in place, provides an aura of sophistication.


The Tech Swiss TS5850BRN is constructed of wood. The grid dividers—also composed of wood—are sturdy and will provide excellent support. The glass display window presents a scratch-resistant surface.

Pillows are large and soft enough to hold any watch, regardless of its size or the length of its band. The cushions appear to have a spring inserted within, forcing out the sides. This ensures they fit snugly inside their respective compartments.

The largest timepieces I own fit comfortably within the grids without danger of contact with an adjoining watch.

The included latch is lockable and of sufficient quality to perform well for many years. This box incorporates latches designed to hold the lid safely in the open position.

This display case is well constructed and should enjoy a lengthy lifespan.

Hinges (with the assistance of gravity) are designed to hold the lid open.
Hinges (with the assistance of gravity) are designed to hold the lid open. | Source

Overall Impression

While the Tech Swiss TS5850BRN is priced higher than other watch boxes I have reviewed, it is luxuriously appointed and was built specifically to accommodate large watches. This display case is recommended.

To enhance the value of their merchandise, manufacturers will often include features which improve convenience, security, and visual appeal. In the poll below, I am attempting to determine which of these amenities are most important to potential purchasers.

Which of the following features would be most likely to persuade you to purchase a particular watch box?

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