Review of the Tech Swiss TSAA31-577BUR Watch Display Case

Updated on November 2, 2019
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Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches. His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.


I collect watches, and, over the past year, I have accumulated far more than could be accommodated in my original display case.

While searching through Amazon, I came across the Tech Swiss TSAA31-577BUR. The cramped and contorted grain of its burlwood finish immediately caught my eye.

I really liked the effect but had no idea what the term "burlwood" meant. Searching through Google, I discovered that those ugly humps that sometimes grow on the sides of trees are burls. Burls can also be buried underground, attached to the tree’s root system. In this unusual type of wood, virus, fungus, bacterium, or insect infestation have forced the grain to grow in a twisted and interlocked manner. Because of this, each article composed of burlwood is completely unique.

If you would prefer as less expensive double layer watch box, please check out my review of the Twenty Grid PU Leather Display Case.



The Tech Swiss display case arrived on time and was well packaged. My total cost came to sixty dollars.

This box is a heavy unit, weighing in at 3.26 kilograms (over seven pounds). It is 27 cm (10 ½ inches) wide, 22.5 cm (9 inches) deep, and 16 cm (6 ½ inches) high. Grid dimensions are 43 mm by 98 mm by 39 mm.

The upper level of this watch box is divided into ten grids, and a removable drawer, positioned below, can accommodate up to ten additional timepieces.

This case is composed of wood and finished with a burlwood grain. With the exception of the opening, which houses the drawer, the exterior of this cabinet is well coated with either varnish or a similar substance.

A sheet of glass serves as the display window. The interior is lined with a plush beige lining and, to aid in the prevention of scratches, the bottom is covered with soft velvet. Cushions are standard sized and flexible enough to accommodate straps of various lengths. All hardware is gold-toned and of good quality.


Tech Swiss is owned by Paylak, a privately held company in Reseda, California. Paylak is an importer, employing between one and seven personnel. Tech Swiss’s website features watch boxes, winders, bands, and other watch-related products.


Brand: Tech Swiss

Model: TSAA31-577BUR

Place of origin: Unknown. Imported to USA

Gender: Male

Purchase price: $60.00

Weight: 3.26 Kilo (115 ounces)

Width: 27cm (10 ½ inches)

Depth: 22.5cm (9 inches) deep

Height: 16cm (6 ½ inches)

Grid dimensions: 43mm by 98mm by 39mm

Number of grids: Twenty

Main construction material: Wood—probably medium density fiberboard—with burlwood grain finish

Exterior coat: Varnish or a similar substance

Interior trim: Plush beige faux suede fabric

Composition of display window: Glass

Hardware provided: Drawer knob, metal latch and two hinges

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Very large watches will intrude into neighboring compartments.
Very large watches will intrude into neighboring compartments.
Very large watches will intrude into neighboring compartments. | Source

Visual Appeal

Varnished wood is always appealing, and the distinctive burlwood finish serves to increases this effect. The gold-colored hardware goes well with the design of the display case, and an excellent view of the enclosed timepieces is provided by a glass window.

The grid dividers are thicker than normal, providing extra space for the storage of watches. All but my largest timepieces fit comfortably without the appearance of overcrowding.

The cushions are not quite as long as required to fit snugly within their individual compartment. Over time, due to the weight and bulk of the attached timepieces, they tend to shift slightly. This causes no physical harm, but the watches will appear to be out of alignment.

The compartment occupied by the drawer is unfinished and appears to be composed of medium-density fibreboard. While I would have preferred this cubbyhole to be fully finished, it is a minor issue because the drawer completely hides this compartment from view.


This Tech Swiss display case is very solidly constructed, the sides and back far thicker than the faux leather covered units I have previously reviewed. The grid dividers are robust and will prevent the heaviest of watches from leaning into adjoining compartments.

The glass display window, unlike one composed of plastic, is scratch resistant, and the hinges are designed to—with the assistance of gravity—hold the watch box’s lid in the open position.

Tech Swiss did not equip the drawer with a set of rails. It simply slides in and out of its compartment. While this is not a major problem, care should be taken to ensure the drawer is not inadvertently pulled completely out and dropped.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Interior, normally hidden compartment remains unfinished
Interior, normally hidden compartment remains unfinished
Interior, normally hidden compartment remains unfinished | Source

Overall Impression

The Tech Swiss TSAA31-577BUR is the best of my collection of display cases. It looks great and comfortably holds all but the very largest timepieces. It is slightly pricier than my similarly sized, faux leather-covered unit, but I believe this watch box is worth the additional expense.

Manufacturers provide a wide range of watch boxes, their composition determined by selling price and what they feel the customer would most prefer. The poll below allows you to express your opinion on this matter.

Bearing in mind that costlier materials increase the purchase price, what would you prefer your watch display case be composed of?

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