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Review of a Double-Layer, 20-Grid, PU Leather Watch Display Case

Watch box is mainly composed of faux leather reinforced with medium density fiberboard.

Watch box is mainly composed of faux leather reinforced with medium density fiberboard.

To house my ever-increasing collection of inexpensive watches, I needed to purchase a new display case. Money was tight, so I focused on units that could deliver the most bang for the buck. The RW0000701E appeared to be the best deal.

Those with a slightly more generous budget and a need to accommodate a collection of large timepieces will be interested in my review of the Tech Swiss TS5850BRN.


The watch box arrived on schedule.

  • The unit was well packed and cost a total of $39.99.
  • This display case is composed of faux leather reinforced by what seems to be medium-density fiberboard. It weighs 1.4 kilograms (49 ounces). The box is 25.5 cm (10 inches) wide, 17 cm (7 inches) deep, and 15 cm (6 inches) high.
  • Grid dimensions are 45 mm by 75 mm by 45 mm. Ten compartments are fitted to each of its two layers, and the interior covering is composed of faux suede.
  • The grid dividers are removable to allow storage of a combination of watches and other items. However, because these dividers are composed of faux suede covered cardboard and require support from every direction, I recommend you leave them in place.
  • The observation window is glass, allowing a clear view of the items stored within. The two front-mounted latches are silver toned.

As far as I can tell, this case does not utilize conventional hinges. Although the actual mechanism is hidden from sight, I believe a strip of faux leather, running along the back of the unit, simply folds when the box is opened.

The Manufacturer

This display case originates from mainland China. It is unbranded, and I was unable to pinpoint the originating factory.


Brand: Unbranded

Model: RW0000701E

Place of origin: China

Gender: Male

Purchase price: $39.99

Weight: 1.4 Kilo (49 ounces)

Width: 25.5 cm (10 inches)

Depth: 17 cm (7 inches)

Height: 15 cm (6 inches)

Grid dimensions: 45 mm by 75 mm by 45 mm

Number of compartments: 20

Main construction material: Faux leather reinforced by what is probably medium density fiberboard

Exterior coat: Black faux leather with white stitching

Interior trim: Plush beige faux suede fabric

Composition of display window: Glass

Hardware provided: Two metal latches

Visual Appeal

This watch box is small, compact, and neatly covered with faux leather. Two shiny metal latches add a touch of flare. The faux suede fabric is well fitted, and the glass display window allows an excellent view of items stored within.

The cushions are of good quality and, because they fit tightly into their individual grids, timepieces attached to them are held securely. While you cannot fit oversized watches into adjoining grids, there is normally enough space to fit a small or medium-sized watch between two large timepieces.


The combination of thick faux leather and medium-density fiberboard should prove reasonably sturdy.

This box is fitted with cardboard dividers. Because this material is flexible and softens over time, I would normally disapprove. In this particular instance, however, clever design work has minimized this drawback. The grids are occupied by cushions that exactly fit the space they are provided. Each grid reinforces the next, relieving the dividers of the necessity to provide physical support. Please note that, because the space provided to accommodate each watch is cramped, timepieces must be tightly strapped to their cushions.

The latches are of mediocre but sufficient quality. The display window is glass and will not be easily scratched.

As far as I can determine, the RW0000701E lacks proper hinges. My best guess is that a strip of faux leather runs along the back of the case. Each time the watch box is opened, this material will bend and allow access. Over time, creases will develop, eventually deepening to the point where the material will tear. If you switch to a new watch every day, the lifespan of this box can be measured in months. On the other hand, if you wear the same timepiece for a week or more, this unit could last several years.

In order to access watches stored in the bottom half of the case, the top of the unit must be tilted upward and to the rear. Ensure you place this display case in a location that provides sufficient space.

Headroom is limited in the bottom half of this watch box. Thick timepieces or those with heavy straps cannot be accommodated. The upper level does provide sufficient headroom for bulkier watches.

My oversized U1001 replica forced me to leave one grid empty.

My oversized U1001 replica forced me to leave one grid empty.

Overall Impression

If you are searching for an attractive display case at an affordable price, the RW0000701E is worthy of consideration. Note, however, that if accessed on a daily basis, this watch box's lack of proper hinges will ensure a short lifespan.

In order to produce goods competitively, manufacturers will sometimes utilize parts and techniques that reduce the quality of their items. In the poll below, please chose the option that you would be most inclined to accept in order to purchase a watch box at a bargain price.