Review of the Unbranded VUD63A Watch Display Case

Updated on November 7, 2019
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Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches. His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.


A Case for Your Watches

A large variety of watch boxes exists in the marketplace today. Those that travel with their timepieces will normally choose a small metal box lined with protective foam. These are typically windowless and can handle one or two watches.

Presentation boxes are designed for one item and are often included with the purchase of a new watch. When a timepiece is given as a gift, its value will be perceived at a higher level if enclosed within a presentation box. These containers are generally composed of cardboard, plastic and PU leather, or wood.

The most common form of watch box is the display case. These are usually constructed of wood and include a window through which the timepieces can be viewed. The interior of these boxes is divided into grids, each one with a pillow to which a watch can be strapped. Display cases, depending on their size, normally accommodate between two and twenty-four items.

Although internet-based stores provide photographs of the merchandise they sell, it is important to read the accompanying description. The width of each individual grid is used to judge the size of a watch that can be accommodated. If for example, the grids measure forty-three centimeters across, the box can comfortably fit small and medium-sized timepieces. Larger watches will fit, but the adjoining grids may not be usable.

Also important is the type of material used to construct the box and display window. In cases where this information is not included in the description, it is best to message the vendor for additional information. If you neglect this step, you might purchase a display case similar to the unit reviewed below.



I purchased this watch box from Wish. It arrived well packed, on schedule, and priced at twenty dollars.

The VUD61A, weighing in at 583 grams (20.6 ounces), is the lightest watch box of my collection. It is approximately 25cm (10 inches) across, 20cm (8 inches) deep, and 7.6cm (3 inches) high. Each of its ten grids is 46mm wide, 94mm deep, and 40mm in height.

Unlike other watch boxes I have purchased, the grid dividers of this unit can be removed. This allows the user to modify the interior of the case, accommodating the display of a variety of items.

This case is composed of decent quality faux leather reinforced by cardboard. The interior of the box is overlaid by a velvet-like material. It comes with ten plastic pillows covered with the same material. The display window is made from soft and flexible plastic.

A metal latch is securely mounted to the front and, while the VUD61A’s hinge is hidden from view, I feel that it is composed either of folded cardboard or a strip of faux leather.

If you are uncomfortable with this type of hinge, you might be interested in my review of the Diplomat 31-586 watch display case.

The Manufacturer

I have not been able to identify the manufacturer but boxes of this type often originate from mainland China.


Model: VUD63A

Place of origin: China

Gender: Male

Purchase price: Twenty dollars

Weight: 583 grams (20.6 ounces)

Width: 25cm (10 inches)

Depth: 20cm (8 inches)

Height: 7.6cm (3 inches)

Grid dimensions: 46mm by 94mm by 40mm

Number of grids: 10

Main construction material: Faux leather reinforced by cardboard

Interior trim: Velvet-like material

Composition of display window: Soft flexible plastic

Hardware provided: Metal latch


Visual Appeal

The box itself looks quite good but, unfortunately, my eyes are immediately drawn to the display window. This presents a cloudy and distorted view of the watches stored within. In my opinion, the manufacturer would have been wise to have upgraded the window to one composed of hard plastic.

The velvet-like interior lining is nicely done. The grid dividers, however, are far too flexible, tending to bulge and bend along their length. This problem could have been abated if the individual compartments had been sized to exactly fit the dimensions of the cushions provided. In this case, each grid would have been supported by the surrounding compartments.


The components used in the manufacture of this display case were not chosen for their sturdiness. The flexible plastic window can be easily damaged, and I feel that cardboard has no place in the construction of a box used to display valuable items.

The pillows are of standard size but lack sufficient padding. I have thin, sticklike wrists, and my watchbands are sized to match. Because of the minimal padding, my metal strap equipped timepieces cannot fit around these pillows. Those with larger wrists will not experience this difficulty.

The grid dividers are flimsy. Heavy watches will lean to the side, overcome the resistance of the divider, and protrude into the adjoining grid. If another watch occupies this space, it could become scratched. This box is best used for small-sized timepieces.

The faux leather, interior lining, and latch appear to be of good quality. To improve visual appeal, the outer covering of the rear of the box extends from top to bottom. Every time the display case is opened, a crease appears across the faux leather covering. Over a lengthy period of time, this will cause the material to split.

Note the fold along the back of the box when it is opened.  Over time the material will begin to split.
Note the fold along the back of the box when it is opened. Over time the material will begin to split. | Source
The heavy U-Boat replica protrudes into the adjoining grid.
The heavy U-Boat replica protrudes into the adjoining grid. | Source

Overall Impression

I feel the VUD61A has no place in today’s watch accessory ecosystem. The box’s window provides a poor view of its contents, negating its use as a display case. While this unit could be utilized as a storage container, it is not suitable for the larger watches most often worn by men.

The type of watch box chosen is often decided by the physical size of the timepieces owned by the prospective purchaser. In order to help me select display cases for my reviews, please fill in the survey below.

What size of watch do you normally wear?

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