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A Review of the 40mm SRPE67 Seiko 5 Sports Watch

A review.

A review.

The New Seiko 5 Sports Range

The SRPE67 is one of ten new watches that Seiko has added to their 5 Sports lineup in June of 2020. It is part of a modern and bold reimagining of the 5 Sports line that Seiko rebooted in 2019 when it launched a slew of dive watches that paid homage to the venerable SKX collection. This year, they expanded that collection to include these new SRPE models. They are not dive-watches, but they do offer versatility and style that we have not seen from Seiko for some time. In short, they are a compelling everyday watch. Here's why.

Watch Specifications: Seiko SRPE67

In terms of dimensions, there are not many watches like the SRPE67. The 40mm case makes it a great option for my 6.5-inch wrists, but it is versatile enough to wear well on larger wrists too. Below you will find a rundown of the important specs you need to know:

  • Case Size: 40mm case, 11.5mm thick, 44.6mm from lug to lug
  • Band Size: 20mm
  • Movement: Seiko 4R36 automatic movement
  • Water resistance: 100m of water resistance.
  • Crystal: Hardlex
  • Lume: Seiko LumiBrite on hands & indices

Seiko's Dial Design

The flat black dial on the SRPE67 is simple and uncluttered. It has minimal branding and text. The new Seiko 5 logo that sits proudly at the top of the dial is not universally loved by Seiko fans, but I really like it. I think it's a fresh, modern take that still manages to pay homage to the history and heritage of this popular brand.

The hands and indices are outlined in chrome and filled with generous amounts of Seiko's proprietary LumiBrite to aid legibility in low light. The SRPE67 might not be quite as bright as some of Seiko's mid-tier dive watches, but that's mainly in part due to the fact that dive watches tend to have larger indices. Overall, the lume is still leaps and bounds ahead of most competitors in this price range.

The white day/date complication is a hallmark of the Seiko 5 range. Purists often prefer the day/date complication to be the same color as the dial, but I feel that in this case, the white complication on this watch helps give the watch symmetry and balance that it wouldn't otherwise get from a color-matched dial.

The chapter ring around the outside of the dial has white minute markers to further improve legibility. Unfortunately, Seiko does not always have the best reputation for correctly aligning chapter rings with the dial, but on this particular watch, there are no such problems in that department. Just be sure to check for alignment issues if you purchase a watch like this for your own collection.

Overall, the dial is unmistakably a Seiko. The SRPE67 has all the hallmarks you might expect from the 5 Sports line while also tipping its hat to the design cues of watches like the Tudor Black Bay 36. It's classy, yet versatile, and very easy to read at a glance. You could dress it up or down with a strap of your choice. I decided to replace the included black NATO with a TM Bond strap from The Watch Steward, and I think it works really well with the design language of this watch.

The Seiko 5 Sports (SRPE67) looks stunning on The Watch Steward MT Bond strap.

The Seiko 5 Sports (SRPE67) looks stunning on The Watch Steward MT Bond strap.

Seiko's 40mm Case Design

The case of the SRPE67 is made from 316L stainless steel. The sides sport a high polished exterior, similar to what you would find on the SKX dive watches. However, the top of the lugs and the bezel have a contrasting brushed look that is pleasing to the eye and adds credence to its versatility as an everyday watch. The polished chamfered edge on the side of the bezel adds a flash of elegance to an otherwise low-key case design. The finishing is good for a watch in this price range, but not necessarily great. If you catch the watch in the right light and happen to look close enough, you can see that some of the brushing is a little coarse, but this is a Seiko 5 Sports and not a Grand Seiko.

The crown is handily flanked by two crown guards that help add some protection from accidental bumps and knocks. It's an unsigned crown, but it's a nice size. It feels perfectly proportioned for this 40mm case and is easy to operate when winding or setting the time. The SRPE67 also has a screw-down, see-through case back, and boasts drilled lugs to make strap changes easier.

The 4R36 Automatic Movement

All of the watches in the new Seiko 5 Sports range use the same, tried and trusted 4R36 automatic movement. It has both hacking and hand winding so it is a significant step up from the 7S26 movement found in older Seiko 5 watches. You can also find this movement in Seiko dive watches like the Samurai, Turtle, or Monster. It beats at 21,600 beats per minute, so you get six ticks every second from the second hand, and it has a power reserve of around 41 hours when not worn.

Seiko claims the accuracy of the 4R36 should be between +45 to -35 seconds a day. However, most people will see better accuracy than that. After a week of ownership, my SRPE67 is running at around +6.5 seconds a day, and I am pretty happy with that, especially when the 4R36 is an entry-level movement in the Seiko world.

The see-through case back on the SRPE67 shows the Seiko 4R36 movement.

The see-through case back on the SRPE67 shows the Seiko 4R36 movement.

Are Seiko Watches Good Value for Money?

This Seiko 5 Sports (SRPE67) has a recommended retail price of $275, but most people will pay less. For instance, I got my watch from an authorized Seiko reseller on Amazon for $206. Why the big discount? It's not uncommon to see new Seiko watches sell for less than their sticker price once the supply chain fills up. The price of their watches will often fluctuate, but there are deals to be had if you are patient and look in the right places.

So, is the SRPE67 worth $275? There's no denying you get a lot of watch for your money, but I think that most people will be happier with this watch if they can buy it when the price is closer to $200. The Seiko brand speaks for itself. The modern, automatic movement, coupled with great lume, an attractive design, and very wearable dimensions, make this a great package. However, it is not without competition. There are a plethora of microbrands that are also competing for your money and they may well offer additional perks like a sapphire crystal or better water resistance to try and tempt you in their direction.

Final Thoughts on the SRPE67

Overall, I really like the Seiko SRPE67. I think that this new line of watches is a great addition to the Seiko 5 Sports catalog, not least because they offer very appealing mid-size dimensions. The SRPE67 fits my wrist as well as any watch I have ever owned, and I could easily see myself getting another color in the future for that very reason. If you can find one at the right price, there is a lot of value in this watch, and if looked after properly, it will last you for years to come.

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Jonathan Wylie (author) from Iowa, USA on September 01, 2020:

Thanks for taking the time to read this Danny.

Danny from India on September 01, 2020:

Seiko watches are very durable and have an array of features. This watch also looks rugged. Thanks for the review, Jonathan.