Sprout Hair Clips: The Newest Fashion Craze in Town

Sprout Hair Clips are Trending in Town
Sprout Hair Clips are Trending in Town | Source

There’s a new fashion craze in town and it’s as cute and crazy as any craze should be. From ordinary hair pins to fabulous hair clips of all shapes and sizes, what’s taking some parts of the world today (mostly Asia right now) by storm is the latest—Sprout Hair Clip Trend!

I can assure you that you definitely heard it right! Plant-like hair clips are all so trendy nowadays that you’ll just have to believe it. What’s with the craze? Where did this all come from? Why is this a “thing” today? Where can you get these fad-driven items? These are just some of the things I’ll be trying to answer later on this hub. just keep your eyes peeled.

And just so you know, this silly mania may sound crazy and out-of-this-world but, it’s definitely real! Perhaps you haven’t seen anyone sport these cutesy flowery, sprout-y, plant-y hair pins as of yet but, as CNN tried to predict, this craze might possibly bloom soon for the whole world to know and join-in. Just try to make it sure that you'll be there when it happens.

The Germination of a New Craze: When and Where did it all start?

China, yes China! It's the China we all are familiar with. Who knows when all this originally began (time immemorial, maybe?) but, what's certain is this latest fashion craze had its roots in China.

One day, early September of 2015, people were suddenly seen wearing flowers, sprouts, plants, and grasses on their heads. Must be an alien plant-species invasion from space or a new plant-based virus, NO! It's all just a quirky fashion madness born from the whimsical imagination of someone (or something) from Chengdu, China.

For a quick fact, Chengdu is the capital of the province of Sichuan in southwest China, and that's beside the point! What is important and essential is that we know now that this fascination started in Chengdu, Sichuan, China on Early September of 2015. And now you know. Good for you!

Why it happened? Why is it a trend all of a sudden?

I've got my own quirky theories about this. I mean, personally speaking, I've been seeing characters from cartoons, anime, and video games sporting some kind of plant-like object on their heads for years already. That is why I'm wondering why this hasn't become a real-life trend much MUCH earlier. It is long overdue already so maybe that's the reason why it is blooming wildly out-of-control right now.

See what I'm talking about? These critters are from a game called Pikmin.
See what I'm talking about? These critters are from a game called Pikmin. | Source

As to why this craze happened and why it is all HYPE all of a sudden, nobody knows exactly why. There are so many theories as to the "why?" so I'll be listing some as follows:

  • It all started from a Japanese Emoticon (Emotion Icon) or Emoji. Some say that the idea came from a certain "cute" and "adorable" Japanese Emoticon/Emoji with a peculiar sprout on its head.
  • It started because it's a way of life. Wearing these nature-themed head pins feel like you're "one" with nature. This is all is derived from the ancient Chinese teaching of "being in harmony with nature."
  • In Chinese folklore, it is said that putting grass on one's head means selling oneself or one's own children because of poverty. Not that I know what that means. It just goes like that. Try to interpret it yourself.
  • These head pins are very cheap! For a little amount of money (something penny-worth and miniscule), one can find joy and happiness wearing these perky items. After all, it's life's little moments and joys that actually counts. And did I mention that these are really good to pose with on selfies and different kinds of camera shots.
  • Why people wear these things? They're CUTE and ADORABLE, nuff said! There's probably no grander reason than that.

Every theory sounds convincing (some, nope) but they'll actually make you want to know the real reason behind why this became a "thing" and why it's gaining fame in the present time. But well, maybe it was just waiting to happen all this time. Who knows? Maybe the mystery is part of the reason why this mania is gradually gaining followers from all around the world. Or perhaps, there's no real reason at all! Oh I just love how this became an ever-growing frenzy like "there's a specific reason why it came to be" or "there's no reason at all" or "just wear it" and "don't mind what other people will think." It's just so cool! Very VERY COOL!

People buy the clips because they make them joyful. You only need to spend 5 yuan ($0.75) to get joy!

— Zhou Delai (Vendor)

Who's involved? Who's joining the fandom?

Nowadays, it's mostly China and other parts of Asia such as Korea and Japan who's joining the mania but, the rest of the world is gradually following suit and it's just a matter of time before this evolves and become a worldwide phenomenon.

Believe it or not, everyone can become involved in this! Men, women, teenagers, children, old people, pets--everyone can practically become involved in this mania! No one is an exemption! Again, NO ONE! People from all walks of life can be seen wearing these cute pins. And mind you, it's not for girls only! Sprouts, fruits, grass, and plants are for everyone! And that's why this trend is such a huge hit!

Here's a guy wearing one..


This lady is wearing one too...


Even granny over here is joining the fashion mania...


Everyone's part of the "Sprout Hair Clip" Trend!


Where can you buy an get one?

It's not that hard to get yourself one of these cute nature-inspired clips. If you're in Asia, you could easily find and grab them from the local street vendor. Makes sense, because these thing originated from China and is already gaining popularity in most parts of Asia. If you're in other countries (like in U.S., Europe, etc.), you can grab these from major online stores such as Amazon and ebay. These items are more often than not cheap and very affordable. They come in all sizes and shapes and they even make you feel that they're all worth it,

Cuhair(tm) Cute Girl Baby 10pcs manga Bean Sprouts Design Hair Clip Claw Pin Bangs Clip Barrettes Accessories
Cuhair(tm) Cute Girl Baby 10pcs manga Bean Sprouts Design Hair Clip Claw Pin Bangs Clip Barrettes Accessories

They're cute, adorable, funny, wacky, crazy, and cool! These Hair Clips are IN and they're perfect for casual day-to-day activities and fooling around. It looks like a plant just grew on your head! And that's such a cool thing!

Anyone can wear these things. It's just a matter of being self-conscious or confident. Don't worry, just wear them! Yeah, it might look silly, at first of all through out, but that doesn't mean it's not right and just. Wear it, walk around, and show everyone the plant growing on your head.


Or if buying is out of the question, you could just make one yourself! Here's a DIY Sprout Hair Clip Tutorial Video for you!


As explained by sociologist Gao Xuanyang to CNN “People need something fresh to enrich their mundane life,” “Be it a hair clip, a purse or a T-shirt." This reminds us that it's life's little things that can make everyday a happy one. And without these little things, life would be dull and boring.

For now, this is a trend. Who knows what tomorrow's trend will be. What's important is we enjoy the little things that are happening all around us. Hair clips, bags, shows, events, collectibles--let not the worldly problems bother you and just take happiness from the precious little things in life.

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