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The 8 Best Compact Designer Wallets

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Designer Compact Wallets

With the popularity of small handbags in the fashion world, most women need to have at least one compact wallet. If you love small designer handbags, then you will want to invest in designer wallets as well. This article lists eight of the most gorgeous and functional compact designer wallets.


1. Louis Vuitton Victorine

This tri-fold Louis Vuitton wallet is one of the most popular compact designer wallets. It comes in the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram, Ebene, and Azur canvas. The best part is that they offer different interior leather colors for you to pick from. Instead of just the traditional brown leather, go for the red or pink leather to complement your fun-loving personality.

If you don't like canvas, pick the full leather Victorine wallet for a more understated look. With six card slots, a money compartment, two flat pocks, and a zipped coin pocket, the Victorine wallet can fit a lot of your daily essentials. However, this wallet is not the smallest. It is classified as a small-medium wallet with considerable thickness, especially when you utilize all the compartments. This wallet is suitable for small to medium size handbags.


2. Louis Vuitton Micro Wallet

Do you love to use a very small handbag? If so, you have to find a wallet that fits in a tiny space. The Louis Vuitton Micro wallet is one of the smallest wallets available from this luxury brand. With three card slots and a bill compartment, this minimalist wallet fits only your bare necessities.

This tiny wallet is much smaller and thinner than the Louis Vuitton Victorine wallet. A word of caution, this wallet will not work for someone who carries a lot of cards. But it definitely looks very cute and matches a super tiny designer bag. Furthermore, the iconic monogram canvas is unmistakably Louis Vuitton and perfect for fans of this legendary luxury brand.


3. Chloé Alphabet Small Tri-fold Wallet

Chloé, a French brand, is known for its classic Parisian style. Clothing and accessories at Chloé are feminine and free-spirited. Even though this French haute-couture fashion house is not a luxury heritage brand, it has a very strong female following. The Chloé Alphabet Small Tri-Fold wallet embodies the brand's design element perfectly. Without knowing the design team's intent, a customer can easily say that this wallet represents a French woman's femininity and free spirit. Do you love the braids at the front of the wallet?

With seven card slots, a bill compartment, and a back pocket, this small Chloé wallet is both cute and functional. Best of all, you can customize this wallet by purchasing letters that represent you! Purchase two or three letters to represent your initials, or go with your full name! Since many color combinations are available for the Chloé Alphabet Small Tri-Fold wallet, you will for sure find the perfect one that fits your needs.


4. Chanel Classic Small Flap Wallet

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is one of the holy grail handbags in the fashion world. However, its price is also extremely high for most women. You can purchase the Chanel Classic Small Flap wallet instead and get a piece of Chanel without paying an extraordinary amount of money.

Like the Classic Flap Bag, the wallet comes in the calfskin or lambskin. The calfskin is the best bet for those who like a more sturdy wallet. On the other hand, go for the lambskin if you love lamb leather's softness and luxurious feeling.


5. Lady Dior Lotus Wallet

A list of designer wallets is never complete without a coveted Dior brand wallet. In recent years, Dior enjoyed a surge of popularity with re-issues of its classic handbags. This French luxury fashion house is known for its dainty and feminine style. The Lady Dior Lotus wallet features the brand's signature Cannage topstitching and a removable charm. Available in eight different colors, you will for sure find the color you like.

This patent leather wallet also packs a punch in the functionality department. A total of four card slots, two pockets, one bill compartment, and a snap closure compartment are available for your daily items. The space in this wallet almost rivals a full-size long wallet. However, remember that the availability of space means that this wallet is on the thicker side.


6. Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Wallet

Do you still love the Balenciaga City bag? Even though the original Balenciaga City is no longer available, it still inspired a compact wallet called the Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini wallet. This small wallet features three card slots, one bill, and one coin compartment. It has enough space for your daily necessities but nothing more. Also, it is one of the smallest compact wallets, you really can't expect it to hold anything more than the bare minimum.

The cute little zipper at the front of the wallet is functional. You can unzip it. Unfortunately, the inside is sewn shut. So you won't be able to actually put anything inside. Go with the fuchsia color for a pop of color inside your handbag. If you like neutral colors, Balenciaga offers this wallet in black, grey, and taupe as well.


7. Valentino Small Rockstud Calfskin Wallet

Valentino is known for its use of studs on its handbags, shoes, and now wallets. This small compact wallet features the signature Valentino studs on both sides. With five card slots, one coin, and one bill compartment, this small wallet can fit your daily essentials.

However, even though the Valentino stud wallet is super adorable, it might not be the best for some designer handbags. Make sure that you don't use it inside of a lambskin-lined designer purse. The studs will scratch the interior of that bag. It is best to use this compact wallet with a handbag lined with sturdy canvas.


8. Ridge Wallet (18 Karat Gold Plated)

Although not a luxury heritage brand, the Ridge wallet is the ultimate minimalist wallet with a no-fuss design. Crafted in aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or stainless steel, the Ridge wallet is essentially two plates that make up an ultra-compact wallet. The Ridge wallet is also available in the gold-plated version with premium customers in mind.

Even though this wallet is tiny, it can still hold up to a dozen cards and cash. This small wallet is the perfect match for very small handbags that most fashional women are using at the moment.