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The Top 6 Jewelry Styling Tips

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Wondering how to style jewelry?

Wondering how to style jewelry?

Styling Jewelry

When you put together an outfit, it’s really the small details that pull it all together and make it a cohesive and unique look. One detail that is important to get right for your everyday outfits is jewelry! When adding jewelry to your outfits, there are ways to make it look awesome—and ways that don’t work so well. Let’s go through a couple of guidelines you should follow in order to style your jewelry items correctly with your outfit.

1. Create Layers With Necklaces and Bangles

Let’s start with something exciting and fun! While you put an outfit together and you notice there is room to add some extra bling, it can be a fun idea to layer either your necklaces or bangles that you wear.

Layering means adding multiple elements of the same jewelry type to make a dynamic look. For example, you can try adding a short gold necklace with a medium-sized gold necklace to your outfit to create some sophistication! This creates the illusion that the necklaces work together as one jewelry piece. You can do the same with bangles by wearing a couple of different bangles on your wrist to add some flare to the fit! The trick here is to be consistent with the elements of the jewelry when layering.

2. Mix Metals

If you want to experiment with something new, try mixing metals when styling your jewelry. A good way to start is trying to add together different bracelets, rings, or bangles with different colored metals until you find the right fit. You can also try wearing one combined piece to start (a necklace piece or bracelet piece with multiple metals in it) so that the mixing is done for you. Look out for a store that has a sale on rings or a discount on bracelets to start out.

3. Use Earrings for a Pop of Color

Another great way to style your jewelry is by putting on some earrings for a pop of color. Earrings can really pull together an outfit with minimal effort. When finding new earrings to add to your collection, think about how the different colors can compliment your skin tone and make your outfits pop. Picture your closet in your mind—what types of colors are in your closet the most? If you wear a lot of red, opt for some sparkly red earrings, and you might be surprised with how they level up your look!

4. Know When It’s Too Much

Sometimes it's easy to go overboard with jewelry, especially when trying out new ways to style pieces together. Try to avoid this mishap at all costs! Always check your full outfit in a mirror before you get going to make sure you aren’t overdoing the bling. Make sure that your jewelry is still a compliment to your outfit and not the centerpiece of it. Always go with what makes you feel the most confident, and don’t wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. If you feel good with the jewelry you choose, it will show!

5. Personalize With Statement Jewelry

When wearing a rather simple or neutral outfit, it is a good opportunity to style it with a statement piece. This is a jewelry piece that stands out as unique or a little different, pulls the outfit together, and of course, makes a statement! The trick here is that the outfit will probably feel bland without it. If you are feeling bold, try personalizing your outfit with a statement piece for a fresh new look.

6. Wear Minimal Jewelry With Patterned Clothing

When you are wearing animal print, stripes, stars, polka dots, etc., always remember to wear minimal jewelry. You don’t want to overload your outfit with too much when you are wearing patterns, so leave the patterned clothes as the center of your outfit rather than distracting it with too much jewelry. Styling jewelry pieces should always be a compliment rather than a distraction from your outfit. Yet, with practice, you will get the hang of it quickly!

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