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Top 10 Casio G-Shock Watches

David Bernstein has been an online writer for more than 8 years. He particularly enjoys reviewing and writing about watches.

The G-Shock watch brand can be seen everywhere in today's world, adorning the wrists of celebrities and their admirers. The watches (which range between £50-£200, approximately) enable devoted fans to copy their idols' fashion sense without incurring huge bills.

The watches are all really aesthetic and come with a plethora of cool and practical features while still being both light and durable.

The G7900A-4, which is red.

The G7900A-4, which is red.

10. G7900A-4

The Casio G-Shock watch (G7900A-4) has many cool features. These include moon and tide graphs, resistance to low temperatures and a variety of other features. It weighs in at as little as two ounces. In addition to red, it is also available in white (G7900A-7) and in black (G7900-1). All three retail at $99. However, huge reductions can be found in some places.

The GW3500B-1A is the lightest watch in the Aviation Range.

The GW3500B-1A is the lightest watch in the Aviation Range.

9. GW3500B-1A

G-Shock boasts that watches in this range (the Aviation Range) can function properly in forces equivalent to more than 12Gs, the same as felt in an air race—hence the title of the collection. They are also resistant to ice, water, hammers, drops, pistons and vibrations, making them practical in all situations. They retail for between $260 and $360. However, this figure can be reduced when scanning the internet for one.

This watch, the GW3500B-1A, stands out from the others in this collection, since it weighs almost half as much (82g as opposed to 146g) and is the only analogue and digital watch in the range. It is able to keep track of the time in fifty different cities around the world and runs on Solar Power, so there is no need to worry about changing the battery. It is water-resistant up to 200m, has a hugely resolute stopwatch, LED lighting, and many other features. It looks really good as well! In the UK, the cheapest place to buy is on for £160 (or £150 without postage on eBay), and for U.S. residents, it will cost about $240.

The GLX5600-7 has an unusual square dial.

The GLX5600-7 has an unusual square dial.

8. GLX5600-7

This is another great Casio G-Shock watch. Unlike the other nine watches in this shortlist, this particular model has a square dial as opposed to round, which sets it apart from the rest and may be preferential to certain people.

It's shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200m. It has a backlight, a tide graph, moon data and world time for 29 different time zones. Its battery will last for at least seven years, meaning there is no need to worry about changing it for quite a while! It has all these features, plus many more, and only weighs 52.5g.

Casio says that it retails at $99, making it one of the cheapest watches of the brand. According to my research, you can easily find and buy it for about £50/$75 on the internet.

The G9300er-5 is four different watch styles in one.

The G9300er-5 is four different watch styles in one.

7. G9300er-5

The Master of G is composed of 11 different watches which can be categorized into 4 different styles (Riseman, Frogman, Mudman, and Gulfman). This particular model boasts a digital compass, a thermometer, and 200m water resistance. The one pictures is the Mudman variety.

It can be bought for approximately £160-£180 on a variety of websites.

The GWA1000D-1A has a unique metal bracelet strap.

The GWA1000D-1A has a unique metal bracelet strap.

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6. GWA1000D-1A

This is one of the more expensive watches in the brand. It stands out from the rest due to its metal bracelet strap.

This new G-Shock model includes G-Shock's pioneering Smart Access technology. This allows the wearer to switch between time zones simply by pulling the crow out and rotating until the second hand is pointed at the city of choice. The watch can display the temperature at the touch of a button and the hands move to determine the number of degrees that it is.

The watch has a 0.05 second chronograph, making it hugely accurate; it also has a countdown timer.

This beauty is solar-powered and radio-controlled; thus the owner may never worry about battery supply or watch winding. The solar power reserves are 6 months in the dark, and the power reserve can increase this four-fold. The radio control allows the watch to pick up a signal and calibrate with the atomic clock.

The watch has Triple G Resist, an additional protection to the already existing centrifugal force resistance and killer shock.

The GA110C-1A has a striking dial.

The GA110C-1A has a striking dial.

5. GA110C-1A

This watch, the GA110C-1A, stands out from the others in the G-Shock brand. It has accurate time to 0.001 of a second and has the ability to indicate speed. It is resistant to magnets, has an LED, calendar, countdown timer, and the dial is an additional 4mm bigger than the other watches.

It looks really good in all black as shown here, and its counterpart is in white (GA110C-7A) which also looks great. They both retail for $120. Research shows that you should expect to pay £70 in the UK about $110 in America.

This is one of the most strikingly good-looking G-Shocks and is also one of the most popular to buy.

The G6900KG-3CR is the first solar-powered military-style watch in the G-Shock category.

The G6900KG-3CR is the first solar-powered military-style watch in the G-Shock category.

4. G6900KG-3CR

This particular watch was released last year, and is one of my personal favorites. It looks both classy and cool and would fit both more formal attire as well as shorts and a t-shirt. The olive green color looks awesome. It is G-Shock's first Solar Powered military-style watch.

It contains a Moon and Tide Graph, plus water resistance to up to 200m; as well as a plethora of capabilities in world time zones and alarms. It's retail price is only $120, and it can be found easily on eBay for only £55!

The GA110HC-2AER makes a colorful statement.

The GA110HC-2AER makes a colorful statement.

3. GA110HC-2AER

This watch is one of my favourites because it really stands out from the crowd and makes a statement.

This watch is a GA110, much like the watch earlier in the article. Features include the ability to time accurately to within a thousandth of a second. It can also indicate speed. It is magnet resistant, has an LED, possesses a countdown timer, and a calendar. At an impressive 51.2mm, the dial itself has an additional 4mm on the other watches in this brand.

The DW6900FS-8 might be the best-known model.

The DW6900FS-8 might be the best-known model.

2. DW6900FS-8

This is perhaps the most well-known G-Shock, and rightfully so as it is a beautiful timepiece! This famous watch appears on the wrists of Eminem, Justin Bieber, and Dr. Dre to name a few of its celebrity wearers.

This watch find itself at the more inexpensive end of the G-Shock price spectrum (proving that you don't need to break the bank to dress like a pop star) but the price should not be seen as a deterrent, as this watch still has many of the features expected of a G-Shock. These include water resistance to 200m, a variety of alarms, and other clever gadgets.

The GF8250-9 is unusual and striking.

The GF8250-9 is unusual and striking.

1. GF8250-9

I believe this watch to be not only the best Casio G-Shock model, but also one of the best watches ever made.

In striking yellow, this beautiful watch is bound to stand out on any wrist. Furthermore, due to its unusual model (it's not a DW6900, a GA100, or a GA110), it is not commonly seen around, nor worn on the wrists of any famous personalities. It's also not featured in many shops. This makes the wearer more unique.

This watch, as would be expected from such a remarkable brand as this, has many cool features to enhance it. It is water resistant to 200m, solar-powered, and contains moon and tide graphs. You never have to worry about batteries or the watch stopping unexpectedly.

It has a full backlight, so it can be read in the dark. It functions in 31 different world time zones; has a stopwatch with the ability to measure accurately to within a one hundreth of a second; 5 different alarms, and a fully programmed calendar until the end of this century! Despite all these features, it weighs in at a miraculous 112g, hardly noticeable on the wrist.

Naturally, with all these features, such a watch is unlikely to come cheap. Unlike many of the other watches that retail at less than $100, this one is $450. However, with some searching you should be able to find it for £250/$400.

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