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The Most Iconic Gucci Purses

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Gucci is an iconic fashion house.

Gucci is an iconic fashion house.

Iconic Gucci Purses

Gucci is one of the most sought-after handbag brands. This Italian Haute fashion house knows how to design beautiful bags. With leather or vivid colored monogram, Gucci purses are highly desirable, especially among young customers. Let's talk about some of the best and most iconic Gucci bags.

The Gucci Marmont bag!

The Gucci Marmont bag!

The GG Marmont

Today, the vision of the new Gucci was created by Alessandro Michele in 2016. Wanting to appeal to all age ranges, Alessandro reinvented Gucci's image of a more modern high-end brand that is particularly friendly to younger people.

Originally a handbag designer at Gucci before becoming the creative director, Alessandro's strong point is definitely in accessories.

The GG Marmont has been the hottest bag from Gucci for several years. Released in 2016, this style quickly became Gucci's top seller almost overnight. Inspired by a buckle used in the 1970s, the GG Marmont line is a mix of classic and modern. Many fashion influencers love Gucci's stitched heart at the back! Best of all, this bag is very practical, with several different styles and colors to pick from for the customer. The most popular flap bag definitely resembles another bag from another famous high fashion brand.

The Dionysus

The Dionysus bag is one of the most beautiful handbags from Gucci. The horseshoe buckle closure is what makes this bag special.

Inspired by the Greek god Dionysus, the handbag makes you think of good things like grape harvests, wine, and fertility. For women that love the understated design, you can go for a full leather Dionysus bag.

If you want to go for something undeniably Gucci with bold colors, pick the larger logo fabric suede combo Dionysus bag with colorful floral print overlay. From very small to very large, the Dionysus is here to please everyone.

Fun fact, Alessandro incorporated the floral prints as an homage to Tom Ford's era of Gucci.

The Soho Disco

Camera bags have been in style for a while now. Why not buy a Gucci one?

They are cute and super functional! With the boxy design, the camera bag can fit a ton of stuff without being very bulky. With the GG logo sewed on the leather, this purse is undeniably Gucci.

This design is also how Alessandro mixed street-chic vibe with high fashion. With this line of purses, young customers are more drawn to Gucci than other high-end brands! It even comes with a tassel that accessorizes the bag perfectly. The tassel is like a free bag charm!

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The Jackie 1961

The name of the bag tells you a lot about its history. The famous former first lady, Jackie Kennedy, loved this handbag. First released in the 1950s under the name "Constance," this purse was immediately loved by the then first lady.

The design is classic, with only the "piston" clasp as the hardware. The clean, classic design is very understated and screams luxury. Today, Gucci makes this bag in several different sizes and color combinations. If you want something more reminiscent of Gucci, go for the Jackie 1961 bag that features the signature colors of the fashion house, green and red, on the Gucci logo canvas. If you want a Jackie 1961 that is more demure, go for the full leather one. You have lots of colors to pick from.

With the current trend for small bags, the Jackie 1961 is also available in the mini size.


The Diana

Incorporating bamboo in handbags is quintessential Gucci. You can't think of another designer that is doing the same thing. This is almost an ethnic touch by the fashion house because bamboo is commonly associated with East Asian culture.

Nevertheless, it is a bold design that screams Gucci. But do you know when the Gucci bamboo bags were created? Surprisingly, these bags were first introduced in 1947 by the original designer, Guccio Gucci. Alessandro paid attention to Gucci's heritage as well as modernizing the brand. He re-introduced many Gucci bamboo bags under his reign.

Inspired by the original Gucci Diana, Alessandro introduced a very simple handbag but done with bamboo handles and fluorescent belts to stay in line with Alessandro's young image of Gucci.

The Sylvie

Another one of Alessandro Michele's designs, the Sylvie handbag, is gorgeous. Gucci is brilliant at using the chain detailing as a main design point for the Sylvie handbag. There are many different styles of the Sylvie bag, but all of them have a gold-colored chain in the front.

One of the most popular Sylvie bags has three colors, red, white, and blue. These three patriotic colors really suit the American gal. Also, this particular bag has a big bow on the top. This is a free bag charm. What's more amazing? You can remove this bow if you want to give it a more understated look. Also, go ahead and retie the bow the way you want to; this provides the bag with more versatility.

Having the Sylvie is like having multiple purses all in one!

The Ophidia

No list of signature Gucci purses can be complete without the infamous Gucci monogram and colors. The GG canvas monogram material is part of Gucci's DNA that can never be erased from Gucci. The red and green color combination is also strongly associated with Gucci.

In the 1930s, leather was scarce. Designers used other materials, and Gucci decided that the combination of red and green colors represented the brand. This tradition continued as Gucci grew into a world-famous high fashion house. All designers, including Alessandro Michele, paid respect to the signature Gucci monogram and color combination.

The interlocking GG monogram and Gucci's signature colors will continue to be incorporated in Gucci. If you love the maximum aesthetic of Alessandro Michele, you have to get a handbag with the signature Gucci monogram and color combination.


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