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5 Simple Ways Women Can Increase Their Attractiveness

Attract Mr. Right

Attract Mr. Right

The word "attractive," according to the Oxford English Dictionary, means pleasing in appearance or having qualities that arouse interest.

Aside from dramatically increasing your ability to attract more interest from people in your day-to-day activities, you will also boost your self-confidence with little to no effort.

Becoming more attractive can give you more energy, improve your relationships, and have an overall positive effect on your health and your life.

While there are many different ways a woman can improve her looks, here are five ways you can walk out your door today being instantly more attractive.

5 Ways to Become More Attractive Instantly

When I say instantly, I mean within a matter of minutes, in some cases, mere seconds. Here is quick breakdown of how it's done:

  1. Smile—be aware of your facial expressions.
  2. Practice good posture—it's all about body language.
  3. Know your body type and wear clothing that accentuates your best features.
  4. Use makeup strategically instead of heavy-handedly.
  5. Know what colors look good on you.

That's all there is to it. It's not complicated and it doesn't matter what size you are or how much money you have or don't have. Any woman can do this. So what are you waiting for?

1. Facial Expressions

It's easy to say, "smile and you will instantly become more attractive," but it is true.

When I say smile, I'm not advocating you walk around with a demented frozen smile pasted on your face. That's scary, not attractive. What I mean by smile is to simply be aware of what is going on with your face.

Do you tend to walk around looking like you're about to take someone's head off?

Do you tend to wear a serious expression on your face most of the time?

Whether you realize it or not, people around you take notice of your expression and it sends a signal to them as to whether or not you are approachable.

A woman who walks around with a sullen or serious expression is less approachable than a woman who looks content and relaxed.

You don't have to smile 24/7, but you when you are out and about, make an effort to relax your face muscles and be aware of what kinds of responses your facial expressions elicit.

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When my face is completely relaxed, I either look tired or pissed off, even if I'm not. It's always been a bit of a problem. Men have come up to me all the time at the clubs to ask if I was upset. This happened enough that I realized I had to actually lift the corners of my mouth and relax my eyes to look less pissed off and more friendly.

If you're not sure what your facial expression is most of the time, get a friend to take a few pictures or take pictures of yourself to see what you look like and if you need to work on relaxing your facial muscles.

It's such a little thing, but it can really have a huge impact. A woman who seems content, happy, and friendly is far more attractive and approachable.

2. Practice Good Posture

Didn't your mother always tell you not to slouch?

Bad posture is not only horrific for you health-wise (just ask my chiropractor) but it sends a message to people around you that you lack confidence and it certainly doesn't accentuate your figure.

There is a really cool thing about walking around with good posture, it has a direct and instant effect on your mood and by simply changing how you carry yourself, you can physically alter how you feel inside.

Don't believe me? Try it right now!

It takes only seconds to correct your bad posture (which typically includes slouched shoulders, head bent down, and slumping muscles, etc.) by rolling your shoulders back and lifting your chin up.

You not only look taller, but also more confident, instantly! Did I mention that by moving your shoulders back your chest naturally comes forward and therefore your breasts will seem just a little bigger and even a tad perkier?

3. Wear Clothing that Suits Your Body Type

Every woman has a unique shape to their body. Some women are pear shaped, others are apple. Some have no curves, and others have hourglass figures.

By understanding what your body type is and wearing clothing that suits it, you will make yourself instantly more attractive.

Wearing the latest fashion will do little to make you more attractive if the style is all wrong for your shape. Those skinny jeans might make you look slimmer, but they also may make you look much heavier or shorter than you really are.

For example, my mother is barely 5'4" and if she wears skirts that have a hemline below her knees, she looks much shorter. Certain styles of dresses look better on certain body types.

You could be completely in love with that new red dress you bought at the mall, but it could make your hips look even wider than they are. Who wants that?

Once you understand whether you are apple, pear, strawberry, rectangle, or hourglass, you can go through your closet and see what clothing works with your body type and what doesn't.

Often, you can have items altered to better suit your shape, so don't worry that you now have to donate or throw away all those clothes that don't suit you.

Never leave the house without a little makeup.

Never leave the house without a little makeup.

4. Use Makeup Strategically

While it's true that men usually prefer the natural look on a woman, there is a world of difference between looking natural and wearing no makeup. Unless we are naturally gorgeous, most of us need a little help to look our best.

For something like running errands, you shouldn't have to spend more than 5 minutes putting on makeup before you head out the door.

A little concealer or foundation where you need it, to hide dark circles and cover any redness or breakouts.

A touch of blush, some neutral lipstick or lip gloss, and a little mascara. There, you're done.

I don't know about you, but seeing myself in the mirror with no makeup on does nothing to increase my self-confidence, if anything it does the opposite. Just a little makeup you will look more refreshed, a little more polished, and certainly more attractive.

There is no need to actually look like you are wearing makeup, the point is to accentuate your natural beauty and give a little boost to your confidence at the same time.


5. Know What Color Clothing Looks Good on You

You can have perfect makeup on and your hair done just right, but if you are wearing the wrong color, it can make you look like you're about to be sick. Wear the right color, and you will instantly look healthy and glowing.

How can you know what colors look good on you? Well, it starts by knowing your skin tone.

Does your skin have a pinkish undertone or is it more yellow? It will also depend on your hair color.

One of the best resources for discovering your colors is the book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. This was the book that changed how I shopped for clothes, forever.

Everyone falls into one of the four seasons and has a palette of colors that suit them best, based on their hair color and skin tone (it has nothing to do with your birthday).

I discovered that I was a "spring" and avoided buying clothing that was grey or black because they just made me look pale and sick.

The next time you are out clothes shopping, hold up the garment so that it's right next to your bare hand and you might be able to see if the color has warm or cool undertones and you will notice that certain colors will look better next to your skin than others.

Overall, women with a pinkish tone to their skin look good in colors with blue undertones. Women with a yellow tone to their skin are better with yellow undertones.

Understanding the Power of Colors

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Carolyn Dahl


vipin kumar on June 13, 2020:

i am looking for a partner who’s got time, money, interest to look exceptionally good and maintain it until the age of 63-64.

iliketokeepquiet at gmail dot com

Spiritdog Casciano on January 02, 2019:

I'm curvy and tall and find clothes that accent my attributes while hide the not so great ones, im in process of getting backk to to my rwgular size but in the meantime, a close mother like friend was a dancer, she has shown & taught me proper posture and it wasnt easy getting my body to start doing naturally, but if your intent on it you will do. She also taught me the correct way of standing & entering & leaving a room like a model or debutante. When walking with confidence it makes you feel very confident. If you walk with your head hanging low slumped over I dont care how gorgeous you are you wont get many 2nd looks.

I also put on fresh face if even going to a quick store. You never know who might run into. And nothing is more embarrassing wearing raggy sweats& sneakers with no makeup & running into sineine especiallyif havent seen them in them in awhile.

I have to give a lot credit to my beloved mother who passed when I was young but she taught me young, things like skin care etc its never to early to take care of preventive aging. Ive been told i look in my 30s, for a 55yr old im quite happy about that, I dont use botix nor fillers as of But I must agree with article, i dont wear much makeup lipstick, airbrush foundation & my brows,l. I don't wear mascara, Ive been using eyelash growth serum for about 7 yrs now! I now have the lashes I once had when I was a teenager I do use a heated curler to make them stand out.& very light liner threw my lashes nothing heavy nor cat eyes just inhance my eyes & lashes. Thats it!

Less is more & better. To much face makeup settles into any lines or creases you may have, plus no man likes a winabs face he take nail gi down face and have glib of fiubdation on finger! YuCk!! Thats my secrets.

lavenderLove from Philippines on June 10, 2015:

I do powder and little lipstick when I go out for groceries and paying bills...I am not a make up lover but lipstick makes me feel more attractive..(smile)

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on December 14, 2013:

These are great tips and I believe following them will make me feel better and it's fun to get a color analysis. Makeup makes me look much much better but in the summer time I don't wear foundation at all because the humidity where I live makes it melt off so I don't bother. I do exfoliate several times a week and use a good moisturizer twice a day and that seems to help my skin look better.

I went to my local Clinique at the mall and they did a color analysis with a new foundation they had, plus blush and I looked fabulous when they were done. Yes I purchased that foundation and blush LOL! This hub is a friendly reminder that I will get all dazzled up for the holidays! Voted up and across.

peter on November 29, 2013:

tips every women know

JPPhilips from SC Piedmont Area on February 18, 2013:

Great hub.

vibesites from United States on November 27, 2012:

Yes, even when I do go out just to do errands or grocery shopping, I still manage to put on even just a simple dab of foundation and a swipe of lipstick. Not necessarily to attract guys but I just want to look good and decent at least (and most of all not looking haggard).

Beautiful hub! :)

Hezekiah from Japan on November 26, 2012:

Interesting Hub, however some women do actually look good with that angry or pissed off look.

Tammy from North Carolina on November 26, 2012:

Great tips. I love wearing purple but every single time I do, someone tells me I look tired. I don't wear makeup every day and definatley not to the gym. These are the times it seems I run into people I know. This is an enjoyable read.

Jessica from Kansas on September 06, 2011:

I definitely don't agree with the makeup one. I'm not a goddess or anything, but I have never worn makeup on a daily basis and I don't plan to. It always makes me look older and more fake. My husband has never seen me in makeup either and he loves me just the same.

Carolyn Dahl (author) from Ottawa, Ontario on September 06, 2011:

I'm married and I try to put on a little makeup and look nice for my hubby when he gets home from work. He's seen me at my worst and without makeup of course, but I know he appreciates it when I make an effort.

Becky Jo Gibson from Downtown San Diego, California on September 05, 2011:

hmmmm...should men always wear makeup when they leave the house too? Just asking.

Debbie Carey from Riverton, KS, USA on September 05, 2011:

Good tips! Good hub! voted up, useful and interesting!

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