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10 Ways to Look Prettier Instantly

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That really is the truth. Everyone has opinions on whether it's better to be short or tall, thin or curvy, blonde or brunette. Some guys like no makeup on girls, while other guys love a dramatic red lipstick and a dark smoky eye.

When it comes to beauty, all that matters is that YOU feel good in your own skin and are able to express yourself in the way that you want to. With all that being said, I have found some tips that will enhance the beauty that you already have, and they're all super easy and quick tips! Try some of these tips below and tell me what you think.


1. Whiten Your Eyes

When you look into someone's eyes, usually the first thing you notice is the color. Are they brown, green, or blue? But what really makes your eye color pop, is the white around your eyes. The long term way to whiten your eyes is, of course, to eat healthily or get more sleep, but the instant way is to use eye drops. This will hydrate your eyes, reduce redness, and immediately make your eyes whiter. Don't use it every day. Just use it when your eyes are dry, red, or you just want to brighten your eyes, when you're trying to look extra good.


2. Whiten Your Smile

A whiter smile can make you look younger, more attractive, wealthier, and even more educated! In fact, having whiter teeth can make you look five to ten years younger than you are! Teeth that are straight and white are signs of good health. While you can't straighten your teeth instantly, you can whiten them by using whitening strips, whitening mouth wash, or getting them professionally whitened at your dentist.


3. Tan Skin

People with pale, white skin can, of course, look attractive, but being tan makes it a lot easier. Having a tan hides acne, wrinkles, veins, and discoloration, which makes your skin seem smoother and healthier. Having tan skin also makes your teeth look whiter. It also makes your skin stand out by highlighting contours and making your skin glow. Having a tan even makes you look healthier because it gives the appearance that you have been out in the sun. Some ways to get an instant tan are, of course, using tanning lotions, bronzer, and spray tans. There's no need to bake in the sun and damage your healthy skin!

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles.

— Audrey Hepburn


4. Wear Red

When you think of sexy, what color comes to mind? If you are like most people, you probably think red. Why is that? Maybe because red is a color that has been linked to love and passion. Think about it, red lipstick, red lingerie, red hearts for Valentine's Day, red roses, red is everywhere when it has to do with love. So when a person wears red, it automatically makes people more attracted to them.

A study was done by Psychology Today. A group of men was shown pictures of a woman. For some men, the woman in the photo was wearing a red shirt. For others, the same exact woman was wearing a blue shirt. The results found that the men rated the woman in red as more attractive than the same woman who was wearing blue. They also were more interested in dating the woman with the red shirt. Surprisingly, when the men were asked if the color of her shirt had any influence on their attraction, none reported that it did. This indicates that color influences our judgments in an unconscious way. We don't even realize we're more attracted to it.

Try wearing red lipstick or a red dress to really stand out in a crowd. Even just having red nails or wearing red earrings can increase your chances of appearing more attractive.


5. Wear Vanilla

It's long been believed that vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac. Guys that were polled on Askmen.com say the sweet, welcoming smell of Vanilla has a euphoric effect that sets a sensual mood. If you are looking for a scent that is sexy, you want a scent that has vanilla as an ingredient. Many studies have been performed on smells that men find most arousing. It has been proven that men prefer scents that remind them of comforting situations. Vanilla is a sweet, warm fragrance that reminds men of their childhoods. Some perfumes that have a vanilla scent are:

  • Byredo Gypsy Water
  • Hypnotic Poison By Christian Dior
  • Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion
  • Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy
  • Krigler Subtle Orchid
  • Pacifica Island Vanilla

6. Wear Nude Heels

You probably already know that wearing heels is supposed to make you look more attractive by making you appear taller, walk with better posture, and even lift your booty. Not to mention that heels make you appear more feminine, which has been known to increase attractiveness. But why nude heels? Well, this will give the appearance of lengthening your legs. When your legs appear longer, you appear to be slimmer as well. You can wear nude heels with dresses, skirts or jeans. Because it is a neutral color, it pretty much goes with everything. Try buying some nude heels today and see how great your legs look!


7. Fill in Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are important because they really frame your face. Having eyebrows that are too bushy or too thin can really hinder the rest of your look. Having your eyebrows in the right shape and color can really make you look younger and even thinner. To make sure your eyebrows are "on fleek," you can try getting eyebrow extensions, using eyebrow gel or powder, or even get microblading, which is where they are essentially tattooing the perfect eyebrows on. I know that sounds scary, but I promise, if you go to an expert, it looks great!

How to Fill Natural Eyebrows


8. Show Off Neckline

A lot of times, when women think about showing off skin to look sexy, they think they have to show a lot of cleavage, but the truth is that you don't! Showing off your neckline or décolletage without showing off too much cleavage can be very attractive. It's feminine, flirty, and leaves you wanting more. To achieve this look, try wearing an off the shoulder shirt or cold shoulder sweater. To emphasize it more, you can actually take a highlighter and highlight your collarbone. Try layering some long but dainty necklaces to really draw your eye.


9. Wear Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Lipstick is an important beauty trick that most women can't live without. In fact, when a woman is running late to something, if they only have time to do one thing, they are most likely to put on a lipstick or lip gloss. Wearing lipstick brings out the beauty in you and frames that gorgeous smile. Also, it draws people's eyes to your lips, which, of course, then makes them think of kissing.

You don't have to wear a dark color to look attractive. Even a nude color with a shimmery gloss will really pull the rest of your look together. If nothing else, wearing a lip product will make your lips look more hydrated and healthy, which is always a plus.

Everyday Lip Look


10. Make Eye Contact and Smile

While making eye contact and smiling may not seem important, it really is. Making eye contact shows that you are confident and giving attention to whoever you are talking to. Smiling makes you seem outgoing and more approachable. If there was someone at a party that you were thinking about talking to, you wouldn't go up to them if they were frowning or always looking at their phone, would you? No. Because it makes it seem like they want to be left alone. Being confident and happy really is the best tip to looking more attractive, so be sure to smile and make eye contact!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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What do I do with my eyebrows if they are super light?

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