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Summer Guide for Alternative Guys

My articles focus on a wide range of topics, including beauty, skincare and fashion.


After writing my ''Summer Guide For Goth Girls'' article, I realised fairly quickly that there are many guys out there who have the same summer struggles as us spooky gals. But, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be the same amount of advice out there for men.

So, with the summer fast approaching, I thought it would be helpful to adapt my original article to suit all of you macabre men out there who are looking for ways to survive the hot summer months without having to forfeit your preferred wardrobe.


Skin Care

Skin care seems like an obvious place to start, but still, so many people seem to forget the importance of regularly applying sunblock throughout the day and keeping themselves shaded when the sun is at its highest.

This is also extremely important for those of you with tattoos, as it will help keep your body art looking great for as long as possible.

I highly recommend using sun cream in the highest available SPF, and Manic Panic offers us spooks our very own Goth Block called ''Vampyres Veil'' which is SPF 45 and is completely cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Though, to be honest, any brand will do.



If you don't wear makeup as part of your everyday look, then feel free to skip this section completely. But for those of you who do, keep reading.

It's a give in that makeup plus heat can equal a total disaster. And as much as we all love The Crow, his makeup look is probably not the one that you're striving for, right? After putting all that effort into getting your makeup just right, it can be disheartening when the sun just melts away all of your hard work.

With that in mind, a good setting spray is going to be your best friend if you want to avoid this from happening to you this summer, and Gerard Cosmetics offers just that with their Slay All Day Makeup Setting Spray. Not only can you choose from seven amazing scents, but you can also be content with the fact that the brand is cruelty-free and that you are getting amazing value for money.

Stocking up on waterproof products, which are widely available, will also increase your chances of keeping your makeup put for longer.


As we all know, black attracts the heat, which is something we most definitely don't want or need on already hot days. So for the summer months, it's time to trade in your black velvets and heavy, knitted sweatshirts for something a little bit more lightweight.


When it comes to trousers in the summer, you will probably want to avoid denim materials or styles that are extremely fitted. Instead, search for lightweight cargo trousers like the ones shown above. You don't have to pay extreme prices; you can buy any cheap, plain ones from your closest retail store or charity shop and add zips, chains and spikes/studs to make them suit your personal style.

Alternatively, if you really want to stick to jeans, then creating rips in the knees and thighs will help you to keep as cool as possible in the overbearing heat.


Loose fitted or baggy t-shirts are an absolute must for any summer wardrobe, and there is no exception when it comes to being alternative.

Plaid and distressed shirts are a great way to keep yourself cool whilst keeping true to your personal taste.


For shorts, I definitely recommend checking out Attitude Clothing for some unique styles. For example, these Zombie Killer shorts will add a badass statement to your summer wardrobe.

Although if you are confident with DIY or know someone who is, it may be in your best interest to purchase a plain pair of shorts and add your own design.


Accessories are going to be the most important part of your look, as I'm sure they are most days. Getting really creative in the summer will massively impact your look and will help you to feel as comfortable as you do normally when the sun isn't an issue.

Metal chains and cuffs can become restricting in the heat, so instead, opt for things that aren't going to hinder your daily movements and comfort.

Things like hats and sunglasses are super easy to source and for very low prices. There are plenty of stores that sell a wide range that can be styled to suit your chosen outfit.


You might be more of a boots kind of guy usually, but unfortunately, the summer calls for more comfortable footwear. Don't worry, though, because you have a huge variety of awesome shoes to choose from!

I hope this guide has helped you out by igniting some ideas on how you can prepare for summer. Us spooky souls can enjoy the hot weather too and still look bad-ass doing so. Feel free to ask any questions and let me know your thoughts on this guide below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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