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What Is an Asian Baby Girl (ABG)?

An ex-beautician before becoming a parent and writer. Sharing tips and tricks of the industry. I still do makeup for friends and family.

What is an ABG?

Lastime I was in Chinatown with my sister-in-law we had lots to chat about, and she spurred me to talk about Asian Baby Girl. Like the movie Crazy Rich Asians, I didn't know there was this term called ABG, but actually, I've seen ABGs all around!

It’s about time we familiarize ourselves with these beautiful bold Asian girls that are climbing the trending ladder at an unstoppable pace. These girls aren’t just strong and confident; they aren’t afraid to use fashion to set themselves apart from the crowd. This article is dedicated to all the Asian gaby girls (ABGs) out there. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

ABG is the abbreviation for Asian baby girls. Some of the commonly known facts about Asian baby girls are that they like to party hard, hangs out with Asian B-boys, and go heavy on make-up. They have teased and dyed hair. They are usually really pretty and very, very hot. Finally, they are not shy about revealing themselves with bold clothes.


Is Being an Asian Baby Girl a Bad Thing?

Even though we’re living in the 21st century, there are still people who cannot help but judge others. A girl who is powerful, strong, and beautiful is intimidating to the world; hence some people may associate ABGs negatively, calling them sluts and whores.

It’s extremely unfortunate that the world has made this term just about the appearance when we should applaud them for being unapologetically themselves, bold, and independent.

To put it simply, being an ABG is a choice, not a bad or good one. It is a questioned term because women are still not free to express their bodies without being negatively judged but do strong ladies care about what people have to say? Nope! Go own it and let the dogs bark; they've been doing that for a very long time now.

How to Be an Asian Baby Girl

If you have the desire to become an ABG, what are the things you would need? Well, here is a simple list that I've collated. If you manage to get these on point, you’ll successfully look like an ABG!

Level 1: The Outfit

Fashion is a mode of expression that ABGs take seriously. To look the part of an ABG, ace the following:

  • Lots of tattoos
  • A love for dog filters
  • Highlights and ombre hair
  • Bold, dark, and revealing clothes
  • Branded goods
  • Bougie nails
  • Fake long eyelashes, heavy brows, and smokey eye make-up

Level 2: The Personality

Well, if you’re attracted to the ABGs and are curious enough to read this, chances are that there is a part in you that relates to them.

I think being an ABG comes from within. You’re the free-spirited woman who wants to break free from societal norms. To be an ABG, you need to embrace confidence, swag, and rebellion.

Don’t be afraid of intimidating people because a lot of them will be intimidated when you set out on this journey.

10 Things That All Asian Baby Girls Have in Common

We’ve covered the basics, and now let’s get down to the details. Here are the top 10 things that Asian baby girls are famous for.


1. A Love for High End Fast Cars

Asian baby girls are breaking the stereotype that girls are dumb and know nothing about cars because these ones are famous for their love for cars. This is why you’ll commonly catch them at races or riding with bikers with a black leather jacket on.

2. They Take Care of Their Bodies

These girls appreciate their bodies and work hard for their curves and to stay in shape. This is why almost all of them don’t go easy on work-outs.

Even though, the image associated with them is the type who isn’t focused on life – in reality, a person who appreciates life should be as concerned about their body as these bad-ass girls are. They know life, they know how to appreciate life and they aren’t afraid of taking risks like most people are.


3. They Party Hard

Asian baby girls know how to party. They’re breaking stereotypes again because they aren’t like the Cinderella who runs home when the clock hits 12; they're the ones who party all night long. Maybe this is what gets them under hot water, but they’re too busy having the time of their life to care who is judging.

4. They Wear Streetwear Brands

Another common characteristic shared by ABGs is their obsession with Adidas, Fashion Nova, and Supreme. Even though it is wrongly assumed to be popularized by Kylie Jenner, the real credit goes to ABGs. You’ll spot them owning and rocking quite a few streetwear pieces.


5. They Are Obsessed With Tattoos

ABGs love to get tattoos. Tattoos, for them, are another way of expression. If you ever get to have a conversation with an ABG, notice how every tattoo they have, has a story and a meaning.

Tattoos are another reason why they are considered bold because usually, girls are hesitant about getting pictures on their bodies that are permanent, but ABGs do what people are usually afraid to.

6.They Have Beauty and Brains

ABG are hustlers like all of us, but they don’t flaunt that part much, which is why they are misunderstood just based on their party and chill side. They work hard on their degrees, are passionate about what they love, and have a direction.

An example of such an ABG is Kyla Fajardo, who is a dance instructor, a cheerleader, and a nursing student as well. More accomplished than a lot of people out there.


7. They Have Very Busy Social Accounts

Asian Baby Girls always keep their social accounts updated. They have a deep love for dog filters, and it’s easily one of the most used filters on their stories.

When you come across the Instagram or Snapchat of an ABG, you might mistake them for a model since they keep themselves so well-maintained and usually post photos that look like they are straight out of a magazine shoot.

8. They Are Creative

In my opinion, ABGs are incredibly creative and extremely appreciative of art. In whatever they do, be it makeup, dressing sense, or Instagram Feed, they fill it with good aesthetic and eye-catching colors.

In most of their art pieces, their body is the canvas that gives every piece they create a huge touch of their own character and persona.


9. They’re Obsessed With Boba Milk Tea

This common characteristic is the odd one, and I can’t understand why it’s shared among, but all the ABGs are weirdly obsessed with babe milk tea. You can easily spot these girls at boba places because they cannot function normally without their daily boba dose.

10. They Like Hunks

You’ll never see an ABG dating a man who isn’t fit or have a weak vibe to them. They only are attracted to men who take the gym seriously and are successful. For them, body and brains are both equally important because that is exactly what they offer to their partners.

This is why many guys think ABGs are out of their league, and there is truth to that because you need to get your gym game up and know your cars before you can even think of approaching these gorgeous girls.

Asian Baby Girl Summary

All in all, ABGs are strong, empowered women who are not just fashionable but are passionate, know their value, and do everything their heart desires.

We’re living in an era where if a person isn’t causing harm, they should be left alone to live the way they want to without unneeded judgments being thrown their way. These ABGs are breaking stereotypes and are taking the internet by storm. They don’t just work hard; they take care of their bodies, love cars, and admire men who are strong too.

If you relate to any of these qualities, try out some other activities these girls are into, and you might just be pleasantly surprised!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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