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The Best Must-Have Beauty Products for Spring

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Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast who loves sharing her favorite lifestyle tips with the world.

These tips will have you blooming with the flowers.

These tips will have you blooming with the flowers.

It's never too early to get ready for spring. Plus, it's a great way to shed those winter weather blues! I've compiled a list of my beauty must-haves, along with some helpful tips and tricks, so you can shed the bulky winter coat and fleece-lined leggings and step out in that cute, flowy dress with confidence.


It's time to slough off the dead skin cells and reveal gorgeous, glowing skin for spring.

Dry Brush

My favorite thing to do is dry brush. All you need is a simple body brush. You can find an inexpensive one at Wal-Mart or Meijer. Before each shower, dry brush your entire body.

  1. Start with the tops of the feet, working your way in a circular motion up your legs. Then, gently brush the tops of the hands, working again in a circular motion up your arms.
  2. Don't forget your tush and back, ending with the torso.
  3. Always brush in a circular pattern toward the heart. This is a great way to exfoliate the entire body.
  4. Then, jump in the shower to reveal your gorgeous skin.

Pumice Stone

Another important beauty tool is a pumice stone. A simple one is fine; you don't need anything fancy. Use this in the shower to exfoliate the bottom of your feet. This is perfect for those of us who suffer from dry, cracked feet and want a do-it-yourself option.

Body Scrub

Finally, you might consider a luxurious body scrub. I love Dove's Exfoliating Body Polish with Crushed Macadamia and Rice Milk. Not only does it get rid of the dead skin, but it hydrates as it exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

You could also make your own body scrub using equal parts sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Throw in your used coffee grounds to firm and tighten skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

A dry brush and pumice stone are spring must-haves!

A dry brush and pumice stone are spring must-haves!

Dollar Shave Club

Shaving products can rack up a lot of money, and there are almost too many options to choose. Beauty product shelves are littered with specialized products for both men and women, ranging from shaving gels and creams to fancy razors.

My husband and I decided to try Dollar Shave Club back in 2015. At the time, we were spending a lot of money on razors and blades every few months. As a woman, I prefer a man's razor. They have five blades and stay sharp longer than products marketed to women. My husband and I are proud members and recommend it to everyone! It's inexpensive, only $9 for a set of blades. You can also postpone shipments if needed.

In recent years, Dollar Shave Club has expanded its options to include more great products. They have pretty much anything you need, from toothbrushes and toothpaste to hair gel. While it's marketed to men, the products also work well for women. My husband and I both love Dr. Carver's Easy Shave Butter. It softens hair and hydrates skin for a smooth shave.

Dollar Shave Club is a great way to save money on all your shaving and hygiene needs.

Dollar Shave Club is a great way to save money on all your shaving and hygiene needs.


After exfoliating and shaving, it's time to moisturize. Hydrated skin is a must for spring. If you are a busy mom or on-the-go gal, consider an in-shower lotion. These are perfect for capturing the skin's ultimate moment of hydration.

  • My personal favorite is Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil. It leaves skin feeling silky soft all day! All you have to do is apply the product as you would a normal lotion, right in the shower, while your skin is still wet. Then pat dry with a towel, and you are good to go!
  • My current favorite lotion is Neutrogena Hydro Boost with Hyaluronic Acid. This body gel cream is just like their facial moisturizer, giving the entire body hydration and locking it in for soft, supple skin. I've been using it for a month and absolutely love how my skin looks and feels!
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive lotion that will have you dreaming of the beach, try Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter Hand and Body lotion. This stuff is amazing! Not only is it inexpensive, but you get 32 ounces in a bottle. It lasts a really long time! I'm still using the bottle I purchased back in July. It moisturizes your skin and leaves a pleasant coconut scent, which will have you thinking about soft sand and warm water. Bring on spring!
These budget-friendly lotions will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

These budget-friendly lotions will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

Self Tanning

I frequented the tanning salon from ages 21 to 23. Lathering my skin with sexy scented lotion, laying in the warm bed with my cute tanning shades on, and listening to the current hits was my happy place. Nothing was better, especially during the cold winter months.

It became my respite from the stress of my job. It was relaxing and comforting. However, I was a bit of a tanning snob, having to have the package that offered the best technological bed at that time, which also meant a hefty $90 per month. I would go every other day, enjoying the warm radiation for up to 10 minutes at a time. My skin had a gorgeous sun-kissed glow, or so I thought. If I'm honest, it became an obsession.

I would look at my body in the mirror and freak out if I started to look pale. I had to keep my tan; it was a lifestyle after all. That all changed when one day, my husband noticed three purple spots on my shoulder. They resembled the beginnings of skin cancer, and that promptly ended my trips to the salon. Why would I pay that much money each month just to develop a horrible disease?

While it wasn't skin cancer, it freaked me out enough to get me to stop, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it. It was my 'me time,' a chance to escape whatever was going on in life and just relax. Nowadays, I don't encourage people to lay in a tanning bed, but I completely understand the appeal and desire to do so.

Self-Tanning PREP & ROUTINE | | New PRODUCTS I'm LOVING - Tracy Hensel

Tan Without a Tanning Bed

If you don't lay in a tanning bed, how do you get that beautiful sun-kissed glow? The magical world of self-tanner. Lotions, mousses, and sprays have come a long way in the past decade. There are so many options to choose from. You could spend the cash to go to the salon and get a spray tan, or you could do it yourself in the privacy of your own home.

  • I like the do-it-yourself option best. After you've exfoliated, you're ready to give yourself a treat. In the past, I've loved the convenience of the L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze self-tanning mist. It's easy to apply, and you can get your back on your own. The spray gives your skin a beautiful bronze tint that looks as though you've been on vacation somewhere tropical.
  • I also love Jergens Natural Glow + Firming daily moisturizer. It's easy to apply and gradually builds the color you want, without streaking or looking fake. I also love it because it helps give the appearance of tight, firm skin on the thighs and upper arms, which is a bit of a problem area for me.

Everyone looks good with a sun-kissed glow, and it's the perfect way to get ready for spring!

Put Your Best Face Forward

Now is the time to get into a good skin-care routine for your face. Washing your face in the morning and in the evening is a must. I have dry skin, so I use a cleanser once a day, usually in the evening.

I love Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. It's gentle and leaves a refreshing tingle on the skin. It's perfect for those of us who still have issues with acne. I also love Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub. I use this once or twice a month on my face to exfoliate. I love using this on my back to combat acne from working out.

Best Solutions for Acne

If you are dealing with acne issues, I highly recommend visiting a dermatologist. I spent a lot of money and time on over-the-counter acne creams and serums, trying to get rid of the hormonal acne around my chin and the little bumps that were cropping up on my forehead and temples. It was frustrating because nothing worked long-term.

Finding a dermatologist was the best decision I ever made. My doctor assessed my skin and prescribed two lotions for me. I've been on this regiment for about three years now, and my skin is clear and beautiful again. Do yourself a favor this year and see a dermatologist.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Now that I'm in my 30s, anti-aging skin care is on my mind. I have a few lines around my eyes when I smile, and there are a few lines around my mouth as well. I'm not obsessed with getting rid of them, but I do want to keep my skin plump and hydrated. To combat these issues, I use Olay Pro-Retinol eye treatment twice a day and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream all over my face at night.

This combination has made my face look amazing! In fact, the last time I went to the dermatologist, she was impressed by how my skin looked. Both products keep my face hydrated and fresh. I love them!

Neutrogena is my favorite brand for face cleansers.

Neutrogena is my favorite brand for face cleansers.

Hair Goals

Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my hair. People stop me in the store to tell me that they love my hair color, and are often surprised when I tell them it comes from a box. While my hair is long, it's pretty low maintenance. Over the years, I've learned that when it comes to hair, less is more, and if you have the right products, you're set.

My hair is long and thick, and it is a pain to wash. Each week I play a fun game, how long can I go without washing my hair? Usually, it's four days, but my personal best is six days. How do I do it?

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo: a girl's best friend. I love Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo. Here's my rountine and why I love the product:

  • It absorbs all the oil without leaving a white residue, and it smells like the beach!
  • The secret is to apply it at night before going to bed.
  • I put my hair in a top knot and spray all around my head, focusing on the roots.
  • When I wake up in the morning, my hair has completely absorbed it, looking fresh and ready for the day.
  • I can do this for a few days without it weighing my hair down.
  • Sometimes, I will spray it into my locks to freshen up and give me a beachy tousled look. I don't like my hair to look perfectly coiffed, I like it a little messy and wild.

When I do wash my hair, I am careful of the products I use, especially because I dye it red. Red is the hardest color to keep, as it generally fades quickly to a mousey brown. I've found a way around that. I use Garnier Nutrisse Light Intense Auburn R3. It is the only red that does not fade. As for shampoo, I love a few different brands. TreSemme Color Revitalize is perfect for cleaning your hair without stripping your color. I also love these budget-friendly Suave products:

  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care
  • Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care
  • Suave Professionals Sheer Color Radiance

In addition, I always have Suave Essentials Daily Clarifying shampoo in my shower. I use it a few times a month to get rid of any product build-up and it also can double as a body wash.

Less is more when it comes to hair. A deep conditioner and a dry shampoo are a girl's best friend.

Less is more when it comes to hair. A deep conditioner and a dry shampoo are a girl's best friend.


When it comes to conditioner, I'm picky. Because my hair is so thick, I need a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair. I love Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 3X Moisture. It keeps my hair soft and silky. I also love L'Oreal Paris Elvive Revive. They've rebranded this product a few times. It used to come in a large red tub. It was my favorite deep conditioner and kept my red hair vibrant. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find in stores near me.

Recently, Influenster sent me a complimentary bottle of L'Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner. This is the same product mentioned above, but now in a bottle. They are marketing it as a deep conditioner that you can use every time you wash your hair. I love this product! It keeps my hair soft and silky and keeps my red vibrant, but again, I can't find it in any stores near me.

Aside from that, I highly recommend Moroccan oil. There are several brands that sell this. It's great for keeping hair soft, silky, and shiny, a must for anyone who colors their hair.

With spring coming, you might be tempted to straighten your hair or pull out your curling rod for beautiful waves. Why not give your tresses a break from all that heat? Try a cute side braid. I love doing a combination of a regular braid, a fishtail braid, and a knot braid. It's a simple style that always looks classy!

Kissable Lips

Winter weather is harsh on skin and on lips. Make sure you keep your lips soft by keeping chapstick on hand. I love Carmex. It's a simple, inexpensive lip balm. I always have one for the bathroom, one for the living area, and one in my purse. It keeps lips hydrated and soft, a must for the transition between winter and spring. Be sure to keep your lips exfoliated as well. You can easily use your toothbrush or a simple sugar scrub.


Other Beauty Must-Haves

Everyone should keep Vaseline on hand. It works wonders to keep feet, knees, and elbows soft. It can double as a lip balm or gloss. You can even use it to remove make-up. It has a variety of household uses as well.

When it comes to nail polish, consider a nude, beige, light pink, or white for a classic look on the fingers. Keeping a neutral shade on your nails always looks clean and professional. For the toes, you might want a pop of color to celebrate spring. Consider a peachy pink, coral, or red for a pretty, classic look.

Fragrance is another beauty favorite. Consider finding your signature scent this year. My all-time favorite scent is Calvin Klein Euphoria. It's equal parts mature and sexy. I also love Victoria's Secret Heavenly. It's romantic and sensual, making you feel confident every time you wear it. I also love a great body mist. Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla is my favorite.

Additional Beauty Tips

Aside from products, there are a few things you can do every day to make sure you are feeling your very best for spring. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You will also want to get in some movement every day. You don't always need to hit the gym or do a lengthy workout. Get outside for a refreshing walk or go hiking at your local park. In addition to that, make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.

When it comes to beauty, I've found that simple is always best. It's easier to follow, and you're more likely to stick with it. Happy spring!

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Alyssa (author) from Ohio on April 02, 2019:

Thank you, Dina! Yes, I am passionate about finding budget-friendly products, and in my experience, they are just as good as the high-end ones. As for picking out a brush, I just chose one that was all natural and had soft bristles. It's really up to personal preference. See what the selection is like at your local store and pick the one that feels the best for you. :) Good luck! Let me know how it works out.

Dina AH from United States on April 01, 2019:

I like that you approached beauty from a more mindful point. For example, I found it refreshing that you shared your connection to tanning. I can totally understand the relaxing factor you'd associated with getting a tan.

Plus, I love love, love that you are not necessarily recommending pricey things. In a way, this makes your advice a bit more applicable to more people.

While I have not attempted body brushing before, I feel like your description evoked a sense of wonder, appreciation, and love towards your body. I think that could be so good for me. How do you pick a brush? Anything I should look out for?

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on February 11, 2019:

Thank you, Pamela! I've heard great things about Cerave, but I haven't tried it out. The Dove is great! I hope you like it!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 08, 2019:

I like your beauty routine. As I am older I probably have dryer skin, so I alwys but lotion on wet skin as it sure helps. My dermatologist suggested I use Cerave cream, so I use the clenser and the night cream. It has helped. I want to try The Dove exfoliating product you listed and some other products as well.

Thanks for great spring suggestions. Have a great weekend Alyssa.

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on February 08, 2019:

Hahahaha! Thank you, Bill. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Stay warm!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 08, 2019:

Me and beauty have nothing in common, so I just stopped by to wish you a great weekend. Spring? We have our second snowstorm of the week arriving today, with another one predicted for Monday. I can only dream of spring. :)