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8 Famous Female Models of India

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Modeling is about exhibiting works of art created by designers. However, the models themselves have become brands and it is not unreasonable


Famous Indian Models

Modeling is all about exhibiting works of art created by designers. However, the models themselves have become brands, and it is not unreasonable to say that they are the backbone of the fashion community. This post takes a look at the top 8 Indian female models who will change the game in the fashion industry.

  • Ujjwala Raut
  • Nina Manuel
  • Deepti Gujral
  • Archana Kumar
  • Noyonika Chatterjee
  • Sheetal Mallar
  • Nethra Raghuram

Ujjwala Raut

One of the few Indian models with no plans to change the silver screen. At one time, Rawat was full of Bollywood offers, but she turned them down for her modeling career and met the demands of becoming a young mother.
She began her career in 1996 when she won the Femina Fresh Luck of the Year, immersed in direct modeling. Now 40 years old, she is the most successful Indian model abroad. Hugo has done shows for everyone, from the boss to Gucci to Victoria's Secret.


Nina Manuel

Nina was voted one of the top 50 stylish people in 50 consecutive years by Elena Magazine (India). Maxim and FHM have also voted her as one of the 100 sexiest women in the world. Not only has she walked the ramp for big names in the Indian fashion industry, but she has also covered some of the country's biggest fashion magazines (Cosmopolitan, Maxim, FHM, Elle, etc.).

Nina Manuel has been at the forefront of the Indian fashion industry for over a decade. In addition to making a name for herself as a model, she also earned acclaim as a performer. She is currently expanding her horizons, integrating into the design, fashion, and events, and adapting to Mumbai and New York.


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Deepti Gujral

Dipti Gujral is an Indian actress, VJ, and a famous model. She has also successfully hosted popular MTV shows. She began her journey with modeling and when she was featured in Kingfisher's famous calendar. Gained fame. She is considered one of the most popular models in India and has endorsed many famous brands through print media and television commercials. He made his debut as a VJ on the MTV show - Pulsar MTV Assistant Mania Underground. Her second show with MTV was MTV Splitsola, Season 3. He hosted a reality series with Nikhal Champa, who has also played small roles in films like Ishq Vishq and Me, Me and Me. Dipti Gujral was born in Calcutta and spent his childhood there.


Archana Kumar

Archana Kumar is from Bangalore. He is a former state-level basketball player and field hockey player. Archana Kumar started modeling in 2008 along with her education, with the full support of her parents. Archana had completed two years of modeling in Bangalore before moving to Mumbai in 2012. She attended Elite Luck of the Year 2011 in Shanghai and was selected in the top 10 models in the world. She has appeared in all major magazines, including Vogue India, Elle India, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire.


Noyonika Chatterjee

Originally from Calcutta, Niwonika started her career at the tender age of 13. Initially, he did small projects as a hobby, but when he entered junior college, he began to take it seriously. Doubled as "India's Naomi Campbell", the shiny-skinned beauty of "5'11 broke the stereotypes and quickly became a ramp favorite. She was incredibly popular in the 1990s and has been modeling for the past two decades. She took a break from modeling after her marriage and the birth of her daughter.


Sheetal Mallar

Sheetal Mallar is an Indian fashion model from Mumbai. The 44-year-old model, who reached 5'10, started her career in 1994 at the age of 16. Her first shoot was for photographer Gautam Rajadhiksha. She was named Femina Luck of the Year and Elite Luck of the Year in the same year. Through Elliott, she moved to New York, Milan and Paris and worked there for two years.


Nethra Raghuraman

Nethra Rahuraman was born into a Tamil-speaking family. She began her career in 1997 and won the Femina Magazine of the Year competition. Shortly afterward, she turned to acting and won Best Female Newcomer at the 2000 Star Screen Awards. Since then, she has also done reality shows.

Nitra has been married to Singaporean businessman Konal Goha since 2011.

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