How to Design Ruffles on a Dress

Updated on April 23, 2017
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Have you ever thought about how to design ruffles? In this article, I show you step by step how to design them. Those fluffy ruffles will add elegance and make your skirt considerably more alluring.

1 hour

Tools and Materials

  • 2B Pencil (For Initial Sketch)
  • 2H Pencil (For Iightest Shadows)
  • 4B Pencil (For darker Shadows)
  • Sketches book
  • Colored Pencil

Step 1

Sketch a Trapezoid

You decide how wide and long you need the skirt to be by drawing a straight-line trapezoid. Try not to make the slope excessively steep.

Step 2

Curve it

Twist the waistline down marginally. Twist the hemline also, aside from the spot over the front leg.

Tip: Always twist the hemline up when it's going toward the front leg, along these lines you indicate measurement to the design.

Step 3

Ruffle Lines and Layers

You will need to decide how many layers of ruffles you want. Generally you would need to repeat the way the hemline and waistline are moving. However, as they are distinctive in light of the front leg, attempt to fade the ruffle level slowly.

Step 4


Draw little triangles along the edges of the skirt as shown here.

Step 5


Now you have to sketch the actual ruffles on the guidelines. Then check how ruffles looks like waves and start from the top of the triangle and stand similarly up and down from guideline. Now check the rare side of the skirt which is noticeable under the hemline.

Step 6

Underside and Lining

At this point sketch the underneath of the ruffles. The ruffles from the left show just the left half of the bottom. The ruffles from the right illustrate just the right side and those in the centre show both.

Step 7

Final Folds

It's an ideal opportunity to draw the folds that the unsettles frame. Note that you don't draw the lines impeccably straight and parallel to each other. It is more as they twist towards their upper part in a cone-like form.

Once you understand how to design ruffles you can apply the same procedure at whatever you like in various ways as per your fashion styling.

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