How to Make Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is produced as an essential oil or an infused oil. Originating in the wild thousands of years ago, lavender has become the most versatile member of the mint family. Learn how to make your own oil; it is easy and requires only two ingredients, a little time and costs very little.


How to Make Homemade Perfume

Your favorite fragrance can tell a lot about your personality: romantic, adventurous, flirtatious, fashionable, sensual, woodsy, or mysterious. So why not try mixing your own signature fragrance?


A Handy Guide to Perfume Bottle Sizes

I occasionally receive questions from online shoppers about the various sizes of perfume bottles. Depending on where you shop, some perfumes are advertised in fluid ounces (fl oz or FL. OZ.), whilst others are advertised in millilitres (mL). This discrepancy can be a bit confusing.