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Is Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Body Mist Fragrance Worth It?

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Is this body mist worth it?

Is this body mist worth it?

Thank U Next Body Mist Review

"Thank U Next," one of the newer flankers in Ariana Grande's fragrance line, is a perfume with the theme of the same-named album. The public views it as one of the key highlight points of Grande's music career.

I ordered this fragrance in the body mist version from an online store instead of a local shop. The delivery took about four days. I ordered the body mist variation of this fragrance; it does not come with a box.

I ordered the body mist instead of the full-sized EDP to save money on a fragrance that I had not tried before. Furthermore, a benefit of trying out a fragrance in a body mist version is that you don't have to spend too much money to try the fragrance out, which is precisely my case.

In this review, I'll be rating:

  • The packaging
  • The scent itself
  • The price
  • My overall impression

The Packaging

Since the one I ordered was a body mist variation of this fragrance, this does not come with a box. Upon delivery, it was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap, preventing any damage caused by the shipping and delivery of the product. I was quite satisfied that the product did not sustain any dents or signs of damage.

Overall, the packaging of this product is a plus!

My personal bottle of the body mist. How cute is it?

My personal bottle of the body mist. How cute is it?

The Bottle

The body mist's packaging comes in a bottle we usually see in fellow fragrance brands such as Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works.

The fragrance came in a tall, bright pink bottle, with the name embossed at the center. The lid is notably translucent when compared to the rest of the bottle.

It also features a heart in the design of the body mist, as well as all the necessary information at the back of the bottle. The bottle's design looks sleek, with a minimalistic style, as it features a "glitchy"-effect on the product name and with its frosted lid.

It is simple yet girly.

Since I am a fan of product design and graphic design, I appreciate the attention to detail of the designers of this product, as they stayed consistent with the look of Ariana's same-named album.

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The Scent

The fragrance is a fruity-gourmand fragrance marketed for women. Once received, I already got a whiff of the fragrance while opening the bubble-wrapped body mist. The scent was feminine and chic.

In the case of the notes of this fragrance, the first thing I noticed is that it smells strongly of raspberry. Since I happen to be a fan of fruity fragrances, I was immediately drawn to that note. It has this cotton-candy scent, sweet and feminine.

Along with the raspberry, you will also notice pear, as these two are both the fragrance's top notes. The pear plays a crucial role in making the fragrance fruity and fresh.

The middle notes include coconut and pink rose. You will definitely smell the coconut slowly peeking in as more time passes as the fragrance evaporate on the wrist. The pink rose provides a floral base and is not as strong as the other notes. In a few hours, the coconut is much more robust, though I still won't consider it a summer-beach scent to wear.

The base notes are macarons and musk. The macarons gave this fragrance a bakery feel, something you would notice when you enter a pastry shop, while the musk provides longevity to the fragrance.

Personally, I think this perfume is similar to one of Ariana's first perfume flankers, "Ari" and "Sweet Like Candy," as they are sugary and girly.

Ariana loves designing new beauty products.

Ariana loves designing new beauty products.

Is It Worth the Money?

In my opinion, the body mist is a great deal. Since body mists are much more inexpensive compared to the EDP variations, you can try this fragrance without hurting your wallet too much.

Furthermore, as the body mist has 236ml of perfume in it, this should last you a long time as well. This is great because if you are unsure if you would like the fragrance, you can simply buy a body mist instead of an EDP, which sometimes can get overpriced.

In conclusion, I recommend this for value-oriented customers who would like to try the fragrance out.

All of Ariana's perfumes have been A+ in my books.

All of Ariana's perfumes have been A+ in my books.

My Thoughts

Overall, "Thank U Next" is a fun, flirty, and feminine fragrance, definitely marketed for the younger ones, though I wouldn't think otherwise if older women would want to wear this too.

Please bear in mind this is a very sweet and gourmand-y fragrance, with a touch of floral from the rose. All in all, this product is essential to my fragrance collection and something I would want to incorporate into the fragrances I wear on a daily basis.

I will absolutely buy the full-sized EDP one once I get to finish this body mist, which I'm sure is not a lot of time, given how I am basically addicted to the scent.


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Ariana Grande is a superstar!

Ariana Grande is a superstar!

Who is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is an American superstar who is widely known in the field of music. Ariana Grande has been in businesses like fragrance and with her upcoming "R.E.M. Beauty," she ventures into makeup as well. Ariana Grande has earned over a whopping $150 million from her fragrance line, as her fragrances managed to be extremely successful. One of her fragrances, called "Thank U, Next" is part of the newer products from her perfume line, and in this article, we will talk about the product.

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