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10 Elaborate Bun Hairstyles with Tutorials

Updated on March 10, 2016

Rose Bun

This style looks amazing. I'm sure left and right people will look at you and wonder how you did it. It's elegant looking enough to wear it to a wedding or prom but it's not so over the top you can't wear it to work or out with friends. It also doesn't add age to you so young children and people well over 40 can rock this style as well.

Rose Bun Tutorial

Pinwheel Bun

At first glance, when I saw this style, I immediately wondered, "how can that be done?" Of course I immediately thought-sock-or bun maker, whatever you prefer. That is how you do this style. It looks amazing and stays in place all day. Another variation of this style is one Cute Girls Hairstyles on youtube made up called the rope twisted pinwheel bun which is very similar to the regular pinwheel bun style. It also isn't any more complicated. This style does take a while to complete so if you have the time and patience to do it then it's definitely for you.

Pinwheel Bun Tutorial

Flower Bun

As far as I can tell, this is a variation of the dutch flower braid. It still looks amazing, no matter the occasion. Again this looks elegant and pretty enough to be a wedding or prom hairstyle but also low key enough to wear into a job.

Flower Bun Tutorial

Chopsticks Bun

This isn't necessarily an elaborate bun, but it does look elegant even if it is "normal." Most people quickly assume "that won't work on my hair!" Well have you tried it? I haven't and of course a mental voice in my head is telling this won't work on my hair. You can wear this anywhere also. You also don't need to go out and buy specific Chinese hair sticks, you could you pencils, pens, or food chopsticks Chinese restaurants sell (preferably clean ones).

Chopstick Bun Tutorial


Butterfly Braid Bun

Who doesn't like butterflies? This style may not look elegant enough for an extremely formal wedding or prom but it does make a beautiful style for when you don't know what to do with your hair. You can make it look more like a butterfly or less like one.

Butterfly Braid Bun Tutorial

Infinity Bun

No it doesn't go on forever, it just looks like an infinity sign or figure eight. It's a little more complicated to do than you would think (or at least what I thought before I tried to do it). It's not quite elegant enough for a formal occasion but for something like running erens and just going out for an evening it's perfect.

Infinity Bun Tutorial

Firework Bun

Essentially, it's just a waterfall braid wrapped around the head with a sock bun in the middle. Firework bun just sounds like a fancier name. It's a relativly new style (it took a while for me to find a youtube tutorial on it!) so it may be hard to find in other places. This is a great style to walk through the street in since you will get people asking how it's done. The tutorial below is a bit of a more complicated version but it's the best video I could find for now.

Firework Bun Tutorial

Bouffant Bun

To me this bun looks very old fashioned on how women used to wear their hair under hats and so forth. It looks very intracite and complicated but it isn't once you know how to do it. I'm sure this style could also be worn as a wedding or prom style or to a job or even a night out with friends.

Bouffant Bun Tutorial

Looped Bun

This is very often used as a bridal hairstyle in a wedding or other extremely formal events. As you can see the style looks very complicated and intricate and definitely takes some time to get done. This is probably too elaborate and formal for someone to wear at their job or just to go out but definitely something to consider if you're getting married or are planning on being prom queen.

Looped Bun Tutorial

Lace Braid Bun

It looks very similar to the firework bun, but it's not the same! This is another sock/bun maker needed hairstyle. It's a very interesting style and it stays in very well. Also, since it involved braids your hair will be wavy when you take it out.

Lace Braid Bun Tutorial


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