15 Tips to Perform a Successful Salon Client Consultation

Updated on November 11, 2016

Importance of Salon Client Consultation

Client consultation is an important process in any business. For every hairstylist, successful consultation plays an important role because it allows you to gather information from your client, understand their goals for hair and makeup, and recommend the right products.

The objective of client consultation is to discover your clients’ needs and concerns by making them feel comfortable so you could offer them with the best help and advice. However, sometimes clients don’t speak up about their concerns, and they may take time to trust you.

In situations like these, you can follow these 15 tips to perform a successful client consultation in your beauty salon and increase their involvement and responsiveness during the consultation process.

Tips for a Successful Client Consultation

1. Listen to your client attentively and maintain eye contact throughout the consultation.

2. While greeting your clients, shake hands with them or feel their hair because touching can create an instant positive connection with the client.

3. While consulting your client, make sure you sit next to them and not talk by looking in the mirror.

4. Keep the position of your chair lower than the eye level of your client. This is important to make them comfortable and also prevents them from getting intimidated.

5. Find out where the client heard about you or your salon.

6. Ask the client what he or she likes about their hair.

7. Ask the client about their expectations of you and the salon.

8. Find out how the client cares for his or her own hair.

9. Ask the client for permission before you begin cutting the hair. This makes the client confident about you and your salon and is the “secret” behind the success of a stylist.

10. If any service is going to take a little longer time, make sure the client knows where the bathroom is.

11. Before starting any service, take them to the shampoo bowl because a quality shampoo can add great value to the client’s visit.

12. After the job is done, make sure you thank your client. You can also send them Thank You cards via email or post.

13. Call clients after making major changes to their hair and inquire about the feedback they received.

14. Always ask clients for referrals. This helps to grow your business quickly.

15. Update your consultations periodically.


Client consultation plays an important part in the growth of your beauty salon business. Ideally, professional managers should perform this process and encourage clients to participate willingly in the process, while understanding their concerns and providing right response. If done right, you can actively engage with your clients and win their trust, influence their decision making and turn them into evangelists of your salon.

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