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20 Pros and Cons of Short Haircuts

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Pros and cons of short hair.

Pros and cons of short hair.

Why I Chopped My Waist-Length Hair

For years, I had hair that was gorgeous and long. My long locks were perfectly even with my waistline.

Then came the damage. I used an amazing curling iron daily. The results were beautiful, but the damage took its toll. Soon, those long locks began to break off mere inches away from my scalp.

I instantly quit styling my hair, but it was too late. The breakage continued no matter what I did. Six months later, the large chunks of broken hair had grown down to my chin. The remaining strands were stringy and the opposite of beautiful.

It was tough, but I decided to cut all of my hair in a short, bob-style haircut that was up to my chin. It was the shortest my hair has ever been, but it wasn’t that bad. There were so many great things about having short hair! On the other hand, there were a few downsides too. You’ll need to consider both the pros and cons of short hairstyles before chopping off your hair.

There are quite a few great things about rocking a short haircut that you might not be aware of.

There are quite a few great things about rocking a short haircut that you might not be aware of.

Advantages of Having a Short Haircut

When you opt to get a short haircut, you’re opting for one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles there is. There are quite a few great things about rocking a short haircut that you might not be aware of.

1. You’ll Spend Less Time in the Shower

The amount of time that we spend in the shower is unreal some days. Shaving everything feels like a marathon! Washing waist-length hair is quite a task too. Once you have short hair, you’ll instantly notice how much quicker your showers are.

2. Short Hair Has More Volume

I have naturally thick hair. When it’s long, it instantly appears thinner than it is due to the weight of my hair. The longer your hair is, the more weight there is that is preventing your hair from having a natural bounce. Once you have short hair, you instantly have more volume.

3. Less Shedding

One thing that everyone in my house seemed to appreciate was that I was no longer shedding. We used to find hairs everywhere. There was even one in the baby’s diaper once! I had no clue how they made it everywhere in the house. Shedding was never an issue when I had short hair.

4. Fewer Tangles

Long hair gets tangled all day long. The longer your hair is, the longer it takes to brush. Short hair, on the other hand, is easy to run a brush through in the morning. It instantly looks better as the day goes on instead of worse and takes minutes off your morning routine.

5. Little Kids Don’t Pull Your Hair as Often

Another great thing I noticed about having short hair was that it removed the temptation for my grandson to pull my hair. He barely seemed to notice that it was there! Now that it’s growing out again, he’s become fascinated with it once again. The length seems to really matter when it comes to small children.

6. Short Haircuts Are Easier to Style and Dye

Long hair is more difficult to manage. Short haircuts, by nature, are instantly easier to style. This is because you have less hair to work with. You’ll notice the same thing when you dye your hair. It doesn’t take as long, and it’s a lot cheaper!

7. Short Hair Looks More Stylish

Everyone seems to have long hair, but unless it’s styled daily, it looks the same on everyone. Short hair can make you stand out, which instantly makes you look chic and trendy. You don’t have to do anything to your short hair to get this effect.

8. It Feels Like Freedom

There’s something about cutting all of your hair off that is liberating. It instantly makes you feel free and fabulous. It’s as if cutting all the weight off of your hair is the emotional equivalent to cutting the dead weight out of your life.

9. Your Hair Will Instantly Frame Your Face

Keep in mind that this does not apply to short, Pixie hair cuts. (Three inches of hair will not frame your face.) If your hair is chin-length, it will instantly frame your face in the most adorable ways! You won’t have to style your hair or use certain tools to pull off that look, either.

10. It’s More Cost-Effective

Short hair is cheaper than long hair. Stylists won’t charge you as much for a trim or dye job. You don’t use as much shampoo or conditioner. If you use other styling products, such as leave-in conditioner, you will automatically use less of those as well. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money.

There are many different syles of short hair you can go for.

There are many different syles of short hair you can go for.

Disadvantages of Having a Short Haircut

Short haircuts are packed with advantages. From saving money to looking great, you can trust that there’s a short hairstyle for you. However, there are a few disadvantages that you’ll want to keep in mind before taking the plunge and chopping your hair off.

1. Limited Styling Options

I love to style my hair. Curling it and trying out new hairstyles is always my idea of a fun afternoon. That wasn’t an option with my chin-length hair. In fact, there were almost no hairstyles for short hair that I was in love with.

However, if you don’t care to style your hair, this might actually be a good thing! Styling options are so limited that you don’t have to be bothered by doing your hair.

2. Monthly Trims Are Necessary

If you want to keep your short hair, you’ll need to head to the salon every month for a trim. If you don’t, it’s going to grow back out quickly.

3. You Might Have to Style It Every Day

Styling isn’t necessary if you have chin-length hair. However, there are certain short haircuts that will require daily maintenance. For example, a pixie haircut always looks better when it’s properly styled.

4. You Can’t Pull It Into a Ponytail

There are certain days when you just need to pull your hair up in a ponytail. If you didn’t have time to wash it, and it can’t handle any more dry shampoo, a ponytail is your best friend. The same applies to bedhead, bad hair days, or any situation when your hair is not looking its best.

5. It’s Harder to Look Feminine

You can pull off a feminine look with short hair. However, I think it’s a lot harder when your hair is short. The shorter your hair is, the harder it is.

6. Short Hair Doesn’t Work With Every Face Shape

Long hair is great regardless of your face shape. Short hair is the opposite. If you have a round face with chubby cheeks, it can make your face look fat.

7. People Are Really Judgemental

Unfortunately, no matter what you do, people are going to judge you. Once you have short hair, people tend to judge you more. They think that you’re edgy and don’t listen to anyone.

I don’t think that you should make decisions based on what other people think. You should always be your own version of beautiful. However, I do think you should keep that in mind and be mentally prepared for it before cutting your hair.

8. Depending on Your Haircut, There Might Be an Ugly Grow-Out Phase

We all remember when having hair that was long in the front and a mere one inch in the back was the most popular hairstyle. The one bad thing about that hairstyle was growing it back out. The back of the hair wound up being just long tufts of hair that you simply could not style. Wearing a hat was your only option to cover it up.

Other haircuts, like a Pixie haircut, can land you in the same position. It typically happens when you’re in the middle of growing it out.

If you’re concerned about what your hair will look like when growing it back out, consider a bob haircut. These don’t have an ugly phase.

9. Short Hair Is Colder

You never realize how much your hair helps you keep warm until you don’t have it anymore. Make sure that you pick up a hat and a scarf for the cold weather!

10. The Lack of Options Can Get Boring

For me, this was one of the biggest downfalls to having short hair and still is. You don’t have the same styling options that you do with longer hair. If you enjoy having different looks, it won’t take long for you to get bored with your hair.

Hair Grows Back!

Short hair isn’t for everyone, but there are some people that love it. I’m not a huge fan of it on me, but I think some people look so much better with short hair. Make whatever decision you think is best for you. Remember that it’s okay if you hate it. Hair always grows back!

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