5 Curly Wigs That Only Look Expensive

Updated on October 31, 2019
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Rosheda started wearing wigs when an illness damaged her hair. To recover, she moved to Jamaica where she opened a wig store.

Curly hair is the hair for carefree days and fun times. This article explores my favorite curl wigs.
Curly hair is the hair for carefree days and fun times. This article explores my favorite curl wigs. | Source

My journey with wigs began with damaged hair. Desperate to fix my broken, dry tresses I embarked on a journey that began with herbal treatments and ended with wigs. Since my own hair was curly, I decided to try curly wigs that would match my natural pattern so that I wouldn't have to damage my hair further with heat styling. I soon realized that not all curly wigs are created equal. My first trial was with the infamous Las Mogan curly wig by Vanessa Wigs. I loved the curls on Las Mogan, but found it to be a tangled mess after only a week of wear. Then I remember trying the Paloma wig by Model Model. Although the colors were awesome and the style beautiful, Paloma looked dry and worn in no time and couldn't be revived. Thankfully all the trial and error led to a few curly wigs that were good quality and stylish. Here are five curly wigs that will make you look good and save you some money at the same time.

Inexpensive Curly Wigs That Look Great

  1. Outre Peruvian Curly Wig
  2. Janet Collection Brazilian Human Hair Blend Mia Wig
  3. Outre’s Hawaiian Long Curly Wig
  4. The Super Diana Curly Wig by Vanessa Wigs
  5. Sensationnel Fendi Wig

1. Outre Peruvian Curly Wig

Believe everything you’ve heard or read about the popular Outre Peruvian curly wig. It’s a synthetic long curly wig that looks and feels like human and comes in both a lacefront and a half wig. Now that my hair has stopped breaking, the half wig is my go to every day wig and it has been making me happy since the first day I tried it.

It blends so well with many curl patterns so it allows me to keep the section of hair that I leave out in it’s natural curly state while still protecting most of my hair. I love it so much that I even sew it in when I go on vacation. Yes, that’s right. You can get the Outre Peruvian wet and it will look good the next day.

As I said before the Peruvian curly half wig has a good curl pattern and comes with a sturdy comb in the front of the wig’s cap and another in the back. There are also adjustable straps in the back and the cap is definitely big head friendly- every time I purchase a new one I have to pull the straps to make the wig smaller.

The hair is synthetic so it won’t last longer than a couple of months. I find that it lasts about two weeks of daily wear before it starts looking dull and developing a few knots in the back - by the nape area. At this point I sometimes wash it gently, condition it with my synthetic wig conditioner by Brandywine or with a laundry detergent and water solution and revive the curls. This gives it life for another two weeks. At this point I either keep reviving it weekly or purchase a new one. The wig costs about $20 on Amazon so really this is more than value for money in my opinion. While doing a review on the Peruvian wig for another article I documented the wig's appearance as I wore it. This is how it looks after one week of daily wear.

Outre Peruvian Curly Wig (Half) After 1 Week Daily Wear

Outre Peruvian half wig is one of the best synthetic  curly wigs you can buy. It looks and behaves like human to make it great value.
Outre Peruvian half wig is one of the best synthetic curly wigs you can buy. It looks and behaves like human to make it great value. | Source

I cannot say enough good things about this curly wig. In the photo above you will notice how my own hair matches almost seamlessly with the wig. With a simple braid at nights the Outre Peruvian half wig blends so well that I sometimes have to tell people its not my own hair. This wig really looks like human, except that it only costs around $20 on Amazon.

2. Janet Collection Brazilian Human Hair Blend Mia Wig

The Outre Peruvian wig may be my everyday protective style now, but in the days when my hair needed total protection, this gorgeous lacefront curly wig was my everyday style. The wig is made of a mix of human hair and synthetic hair so it feels really soft to the touch and the curl pattern is a gorgeous one that mimics real textured African american hair. The addition of human hair also makes the wig feel soft for a long time.

The wig itself is excellent quality. It is a lacefront that already comes with baby hairs on front and with an excellent part that goes far back for a very natural look. My favorite thing about the wig is the cut. Right out of the box the wig frames the face nicely without the need for much cutting or styling. This is ideal as the Mia wig is big hair that only gets bigger as you play with it and style it. The curls do start to get frizzy after a few weeks so bear this in mind. The Janet Collection Mia wig costs about $30 on Amazon.

3. Outre’s Hawaiian Long Curly Wig

If you have been wearing or researching wigs for a while you will immediately notice that the Outre name is a popular one among wig wearers and retailers. There is good reason for this. Outre continues to give excellent value for money with its gorgeous styles in lacefront wigs that come with good parting space and comfortable caps for the most parts. Their Hawaiian wig is all this and more. The Hawaiian is a long curly lacefront wig with a gorgeous curl pattern that somehow seems special. So special that I only wear this one on special occasions.

The Hawaiian curly wig has gotten quite popular on youtube because of its glamorous curls. Unlike many other curly wigs, the curls on the Hawaiian start about an inch from the top in a structured manner that says the girl wearing is all about the business of glamour. These aren’t carefree curls for a casual day out in summer. These are the curls you wear on the night you think your guy is about to propose or to a holiday party. If you are looking for a long curly wig for these occasions, the Hawaiian lacefront wig is your answer. Here is how the curls look right out of the package:

The Curl Pattern on the Hawaiian Curly Wig

These curls transform into big glamorous hair when you play with them.
These curls transform into big glamorous hair when you play with them. | Source
The curl pattern on this curly wig makes it popular.
The curl pattern on this curly wig makes it popular.

Because I wear the Hawaiian on nights I want to look special, I separate the curls and lightly brush them. This creates glamorous big hair that is big enough to have presence but not so big that it overpowers like the popular Neesha wig which I have also worn.

The Outre Hawaiian wig is one of the best curly long wigs for many other reasons: the parting space right out of the box is excellent so the wig doesn't take a lot of tweezing to look good, it is a lacefront so the front will look pretty natural, the cap is adjustable and the curls get more glamorous instead of frizzing as you play with them.

The Parting Space Before Tweezing

A good parting with enough space to widen the part will make a wig look natural and more expensive.
A good parting with enough space to widen the part will make a wig look natural and more expensive. | Source

The wig also lasts a fairly long time. I have already worn it at least 5 times without doing much to it and it still looks great. Not bad for a wig that's less than $30 on Amazon.

The Hawaiian Curly Wig- Excellent Style and Value

4. The Super Diana Curly Wig by Vanessa Wigs

If you like your curly wig with bangs then this is probably the best wig you can buy. The Super Diana is big soft, beautiful curly hair that looks natural and comes in a style that make it easy to cut bangs in the front. Since styles with bangs aren’t my cup of tea I do not wear this wig personally but I have admired it on others many times. Apart from the curls, my favorite thing about the Super Diana is the color mixes that the wig comes in. The color called sand is especially appealing. Here is a youtube review of the wig.

If you watched the video, you can see exactly why the Super Diana Curly Wig by Vanessa is such a good buy. Pretty, natural looking curls and amazing colors make the wig one of the best short curly wigs on the market. And if you want to cut natural looking wispy bangs in front, there really is no better curly wig to make them pop.

5. Sensationnel Fendi Wig

I really don’t wear short wigs a lot, but when I saw the awesome colors and the nice curls on the Fendi curly wig I decided to give the short style a try. I am happy I did. Fendi is a synthetic lacefront that is comfortable to wear and comes with a good parting that goes back a few inches for a realistic look. The good parting make the wig look very natural, while the adjustable cap make it comfortable on the head. Here is how the parting on Fendi looks with a bit of tweezing:

Fendi Parting.

The best thing about Fendi has to be the curls. This is a curly wig with big, soft curls that will look cute if you like big hair with tight curls that frames the face nicely right out of the box . The wig is shoulder length and comes with awesome color mixes like dark roots with colored ends and highlights. It can be difficult to find curls in the inventive colors that Sensationnel devised for the Fendi wig and this is probably the wig's biggest selling point. The color I have starts out with a 1B(a natural black) and continues until about the chin before turning a vibrant burgundy.

Fendi does require a bit of upkeep. About the third time I wore it, I had to revive the curls that had frizzed with a curl activating mousse. The wig immediately looked brand new after and there was no tangling at all.

If you love big hair be prepared for some frizz as you play with it to make it bigger, but considering that the hair revives better than most, Sensationnel Fendi Curly Wig is a great value at only $30.

Curly wigs will always be a favorite among women. Curls make us feel carefree and girly, but they can also be glamorous and sexy if done right. These 5 curly wigs are perfect for women who want to look carefree or glamorous while on a budget.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • savvydating profile image


        17 months ago

        Fabulous article, Rosheda. I've never worn a wig, but I have contemplated purchasing a bun/chignon hairpiece. Have you tried any of those, and if so, do you have any recommendations? My hair is slightly wavy. By the way, you look awfully pretty in the half wig. It looks like your own hair. Thanks for writing this interesting and useful piece.

      • nomadspirit profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosheda Stephenson 

        18 months ago

        Thanks so much for reading Dora Weithers!

      • nomadspirit profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosheda Stephenson 

        18 months ago

        Yes Louise Powles. Today's wigs look quite real! Thanks for reading.

      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 

        18 months ago from Norfolk, England

        Them wigs look amazing. They don't look like wigs, do they? They look really good.

      • CaribTales profile image

        Dora Weithers 

        18 months ago from The Caribbean

        Good information for wig wearers. I'd have to find the gray version. Thanks for sharing.


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