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5 Ways to Deal With a Bad Short Haircut (That Really Work)

Kristie Leong M.D. is a family practitioner who believes in the power of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to prevent and fight illness.

What to Do When You Get a Bad Haircut

It can be traumatic to cut off a long, full head of hair and even more devastating when the cut doesn’t turn out right, and you hate it!

All it takes is a little math to realize it will take several years to get that long, flowing head of hair back. In the meantime, you must suffer through a string of bad hair days, but put that thought aside!

Maybe the haircut isn’t as bad as you think. If you’ve had long hair most of your life, having short hair is an adjustment, but what if you reassess and still hate it?

Here are some tips on how to deal with a bad short haircut.

1. Get a Second Opinion

Going from long hair to short requires a period of adjustment. It’s hard to be objective after undergoing such a dramatic change.

Enlist the opinion of a friend or family member you can count on to be objective and honest. You may discover that it looks better than you think, and they may have some suggestions for styling it too. If not, at least you know the truth.

2. Get Your Bad Short Haircut Revised

Once you’re convinced your new short “do” doesn’t flatter, make an appointment to talk to your stylist.

Let them know exactly what you don’t like about the new cut. Bring photos of what you were really looking for. In this case, pictures supply more information than words. Together, you may be able to come up with a new way to style your shortcut that will be more flattering.

When you approach your hairstylist, be cordial and polite. Shouting obscenities at your hairdresser for a bad chop job won’t solve the problem. Most bad haircuts are due to poor communication, and that’s a two-way street.

3. Revise Your Makeup

After such a drastic change in hairstyle, you may need to revise your makeup. Are you using the right products for your face shape, skin tone, and eye color?

With short hair, your face is more exposed, so applying flattering makeup matters even more.

If you're unsure, ask a professional at your local makeup counter for help. They can recommend the right foundation, powder, and blush to help you create a more polished look.

Second, pay attention to your eyebrows. Make sure they're well-groomed and shaped. This will help frame your face and play up your eyes. Focusing on the eyes will draw attention away from your hair.

4. Play Up Your Ears

One of the biggest advantages of having a short haircut is that your earrings are no longer hidden by a mop of unruly hair.

Take advantage of this by going earring shopping. Pick out new earring styles that will flatter your face and hair. Go a little crazy and choose artsy or humorous styles that will really catch people’s eyes.

Enjoy the fact that you can make a statement with the earrings you wear when you have short hair. Don’t forget about hair jewelry. Decorative bobby pins, combs, and hair bands can give your short hair a new look.

For a more glamorous look, try a jeweled headband or hair clip. Consider headwraps or hair feathers if you're looking for something funky to make a bad short haircut more attractive. No matter what your style, there is sure to be a type of hair jewelry that will suit you.

5. Change Your Hair Color

If you're stuck with a short haircut that you're not thrilled with, one easy way to change up your look is to switch your hair color. A new hair color can completely transform a short haircut, making it look fresher and more modern.

If you’re not ready for a complete color change, adding some highlights or lowlights can help give your hair more dimension, making a cut look better. If you're stuck in a hair rut, changing your color is a great way to breathe new life into your look.

If you're unsure which hair color to choose, consult with a professional colorist who can help you find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone and style.

If All Else Fails

Keep your chin up! With a little time, you may find that a bad short haircut isn’t as bad as you thought. Bad haircuts are a fact of life. Everyone has one at some point, but the good news is that they don't last forever.

The hair will grow back, and the bad haircut will eventually be a distant memory. In the meantime, try to rock it with confidence. And remember, if you’re desperate, you can always get hair extensions!