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5 Black Hair Color Ideas

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Black Hair Color Ideas

Black hair doesn't have to be boring, nor does it have to look plain. There are many different ways to add an interesting style and vibrancy to your black hair and create a style that is true to your own personality.

By applying any of these black hair color ideas to your look, you can literally transform black hair from dull to amazing.

Black under-layers in pink hair.

Black under-layers in pink hair.

5. Under-Layers

Under-layers are the bottom-most layers of your hair, and it is these layers that frame your face, ears, and neck. Dyeing them a different color adds significant visual interest to your hairstyle and depending on how thickly you section out the layers during color application, you can end up with an effect that is subtle or even extreme.

You can also choose to dye bright colors like red or purple into the under-layers of your hair in your fringe to offset the dark contrast of black hair or go with a more natural shade like brown or blonde for contrast. Because black hair is so dark, the color you choose will always be fairly prominent and will look striking in combination.

This technique can even be reversed, with black under-layers in blonde or red hair. Black and blonde hair is especially interesting because of the dramatic difference between the two shades. If you have trouble wearing red hair because of your skin tone, you may even be able to get away with it by dyeing black under-layers into your red hair so that the black color frames your skin tone and the red doesn't clash so much.

Blue streaks and chunks in black hair.

Blue streaks and chunks in black hair.

4. Streaking

Streaking is one of the best black hair color ideas as it can be extremely versatile. Not only do you have the choice of where you want to place the streaks, but also the choice of how many streaks you want to dye into your hair, how thick the streaks are, and whether they follow a pattern or are seemingly random.

The versatility of streaks allows you to really customize your hair color. You can add chunky streaks of bright colors like pink or blue or blonde streaks for that real contrasted effect in black hair. Styles where your fringe is streaked, or the sides of your hair have chunky streaks can look interesting with black hair, or you can even streak it all over for a dramatic effect.

Like with under-layers, streaking can be reversed, and you can dye black streaks into red hair or any other color you like to make the color look deeper and more sultry. Try adding black streaks to a blonde fringe or to the under-layers at the back of your head for a hair color that looks interesting when worn in an upstyle. Black under-layers in blonde hair are especially interesting when the black is intertwined with ash blonde hair in a french twist style.

3. Bright Chunks

Bright chunks are similar to under-layers and streaking, with the exception that the color is dyed into your hair in panels or thick chunks of hair so that it is really noticeable. Bright colors like blue and purple are dramatic and add a lot of visual appeal to black hair when added to your hair as large chunks.

You can dye bright chunks into your under-layers or anywhere else in your hair. They're best applied to lower layers as they will blend in and be noticeable through the movement and texture of your hair without looking clunky.

If you do want to add them to layers on top of your head, make sure you dye them as close to the scalp as possible to avoid thick un-dyed roots and add them to areas where the movement and style of your hair will help spread them out, so they work with your hair.

2. Two-Toned Hair

Two-toned hair is one of the more subtle black hair color ideas you can use when dyeing your hair. In this case, parts of your hair would be black, whilst the other parts would be a color like dark brown. You could even make it more vibrant by mixing violet black hair with a deep burgundy color.

This effect should usually be kept fairly modest, so it blends well. Try adding the lighter tone to your under-layers or applying the different tones in an aura shape so that it blends into your hairstyle.

1. Fashion Shades

If you want black hair, it doesn't have to be the run-of-the-mill straight black that most people would think of when you tell them your idea. One of the best black hair color ideas is to simply dye it one of the more interesting shades like blue-black or violet-black.

Blue-black hair isn't black in the true sense, but more like a deep bluish color that is such a dark blue that it looks black. In sunlight and other bright conditions, you can clearly see the blue tone, and the shade looks stunning when cut into a bob or a longer asymmetrical style. These hair cuts, in combination with a blue-black color, look trendy and modern.

Violet-black is also a more interesting shade compared to a regular neutral black hair color. In this case, your black hair will look like it has a purple tone in sunlight and other bright light. Unlike neutral black and blue-black hair, violet-black is relatively unknown by most people and can be one of the most unique hair colors due to its rarity.

Either of these shades will look more interesting than a flat black color, but combining them with some of the other black hair color ideas can make for a very edgy style indeed. Try combining blue-black hair with blue chunks or under-layers, or combine violet-black with purple and mahogany streaks for a style that really stands out. Here are some other hair color ideas if you need inspiration.

Unique Black Hair Ideas

After you use any of these black hair color ideas to transform and revitalize your hair, you will need to care for your hair properly to keep it looking great. Even the best hair colors can start to lose their appeal when the color begins to fade, and your hair isn't nourished properly.

Use semi-permanent dyes and color refresher shampoos to prevent and reverse fading, and your hair will continue to look great every single day.

Do you have a question about any of these black hair color ideas or a favourite black hairstyle to share? Leave a comment below for tailored advice and share your insight with other readers.

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